Waiting for Forever: Finally Time for the Prom!

Hey, seniors! Our classes are wrapping up, we’re reviewing for exams, we’re making our plans for next year, and of course, we’re dying to get out of school. Senioritis is kicking in, hard. Unless you’re like me, and senioritis was at its maximum on the first day of school.

I’m pretty sure everyone is just about ready to drop everything, call it a year, and have the best summer ever. At least once a day, I say “I just wanna sleep. Wake me up on the first day of summer vacation.”

But we’ve made it this far without losing our minds (maybe), and we can’t give up yet. Know why?


Girls, we’ve been waiting for prom since, like, the beginning of time. Gorgeous dresses. Hair, nails, makeup. And shoes! Obviously. It’s like a girly-girls dream come true!

You may act like a princess on a normal day…but how often to you get to dress like one?

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Spend an entire day at the mall, try on a bazillion different dresses, and don’t stress. We’re all gonna look perfect. I promise.

Now, I don’t really know how boys feel about prom. but apparently, they make perfect dates! Cute pictures, corsages, someone to slow dance with. Got a prom date? Congratulations.

But if you’re dateless. Who cares! Don’t spend your special night watching the movie Prom while wearing your dress, and crying into a giant ice cream sundae. Suck it up, go out with your friends, and have a good time. Plus, no date means no limit on who you can dance with!

Prom is one of the last nights we have to spend with our senior classes. Do it for yourself! Make it super special and don’t ever forget it.