Wait Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes

sclera tattooing

It’s official; it is the creepiest time of the year. That means the celebration of the weird and horrific, the twisted and shocking. Typically this celebration only lasts a few nights around the days of the 31st, but this is a warning on why you might think you’re seeing a blood sucker long after this Halloween.

vampires after Halloween

Sure, we’ve seen the record holders’ for most piercings on a face, or on a body. We have seen the people with more metal on them than Optimus Prime. We’ve seen a man cover his entire body in tattoos. We’ve seen a man cover his body with tattoos to appear more like the jungle cat that he was “born to be.” We have seen teeth modified, from typical human omnivorous, to gravely sharp, to appear more beastly, like those of a flesh eater. We have seen human tongues surgically split to appear more reptilian. We’ve even seen humans begin to appear demonic, with surgical procedures to insert implants into their foreheads that resemble satanic horns.

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There’s a new form of modification which brings an entirely new scare to anyone who witnesses the madness. As I have mentioned before, creepy contact lenses are a truly transformational addition to any Halloween costume or character. There is something remarkable about looking into someone’s eyes. Whether it’s someone you know and trust, or a stranger in public, there’s a certain level of non verbal communication which passes through eye contact. The eyes have even been called the “windows of the soul.” Well, good luck looking through the windows of anyone who has gone to the lengths of scleral tattooing.

blackened corneal tattoos

The sclera is the outer white part of the eyeball. Yes, THE EYEBALL.

The process began with a Shannon Larratt of BMEzine and the heavily modified Pauly Unstoppable allowing a modification artist to tattoo the whites of their eyeballs with a syringe. As you can imagine, seeing someone with the whites of their eyes darkened to any color, black, red, or blue, is quite shocking. Now the trend has hit the public, with more and more modifiers having no fear of looking less human, and more like an immortal.

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the superhuman look of cornea tattoos

Like any tattoo, the results are long lasting, but for most the ink will naturally clear out over time. So, next time your Mom asks you how your tattoos are going to look when you’re old, ask her to take a few minutes to imagine what someone with their eyes tattooed will look like when they’re wearing diapers again. Whether we see this trend continue to spread, or it fizzles out faster than silly bands, let it be sure, you won’t ever forget the first time you see someone with blacked out eyeballs.

It doesn’t hurt to make eye contact with these people, but before you go looking through their soul windows, if at all possible, try to be sure they’re human.