Video: My Dermal Experience – Up Close and Personal

Dermal piercings, or microdermal implants, are a permanent method that involves making a single point perforation in the sub-dermal skin layer of the body. Professional piercers use either a piercing needle or a biopsy punch; our piercer uses the needle. First the piercer massages the area to help prevent excess bruising and pain. Then the area is thoroughly cleaned and the spot is marked where the piercing will occur. After the client has ok’d the position, the piercer uses a hollow piercing needle to create a pocket under the skin where the dermal anchor is then implanted. It’s a small, surgical grade titanium anchor with s holes in the sort of oblong shaped base. The bottom is a flat plate that’s only around a quarter inch long, which is placed in first and then the smaller end is affixed. The anchor is put into place by the piercer with the dermal top already secured on. It makes a distinct snapping noise when this happens. The embedded jewelry remains under the skin’s surface and the visible threaded end emerges from the skin so the decorative portion can be changed. Healing time can take up to 3 months; not so bad.

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how dermal bases and decorations sit

The idea of getting a microdermal implant piercing was honestly a little scary. I have watched my friend Jojo get dermals on her chest ( see it here ) and it looked rough. Dermal implants always reminded me of the Bedazzler, a gun that you used to decorate denim or fabric with rhinestones that was popular in the 1980’s and 90s. But, just like any body piercing or tattoo, it is all just anticipation and nerves. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience. My piercer is absolutely incredible; he has a sweet calming voice and explains everything that is going to happen to reassure and comfort you. The worst part was the pressure when he put the actual jewelry in. The initial stab was nothing; it didn’t even hurt when the pocket was being made. My piercer expertly inserted the needle and it caused no more pain than a simple pin prick. I bled a little (he even commented that I was a bleeder, haha) but nothing too crazy.

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For aftercare I did the recommended salt water soaks, and used H2Ocean when on the go. My piercer explained why H2Ocean was so awesome, it is made out of purified ocean salt water and contains natural enzymes that promote growth of new skin cells and make piercings happy. The first few nights I was told to wear a bandaid over the new piercing just to make sure it didn’t snag in my sleep. I experienced some bruising for the first few days, but there have been no bad reactions so far and it feels healed. It feels like it has always been there, and I often forget I have it and have to check that its there. I have not had any instances of it snagging. However my kitten, Lola, really loves to try and swat it off of my face. Sparkly things tend to have that effect on kittens, unfortunately. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from my friends, my mom (believe it or not), and even random people in the street.

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my beautiful new dermal piercing

The placement of my piercings is very important to me. I love the under eye dermal because it is a classic. It reminds me of the beauty mark that Dita Von Teese got tattooed onto her upper cheek. There are so many awesome dermal tops that I imagine I will be changing them often. My Monroe is obviously to represent Marilyn Monroe’s signature mole. I’m a burlesque dancer that is obsessed with mixing old Hollywood glamour with modern aesthetics, such as body piercings. Why do you get pierced? Do your piercings have sentimental meanings? Comment below!