Video: Micky’s Madison Chest Dermal

Follow along as the lovely Micky gets a Madison dermal piercing. Look for the money shot at around 47 seconds.

Before doing the piercing, Micky’s neck and upper chest are thoroughly cleansed. Then a small mark is made as a guideline for placement, and a hollow piercing needle is poked through at an angle, creating a pocket-like puncture in the skin. Next, a microdermal anchor is inserted and twisted into place. After a little final cleanup, Micky and her new Madison piercing are ready to shine.

dermal neck piercing being performed

Piercings that fall at the front of the neck near the center of the clavicles were first popularized in the early 90s by former adult star turned tattooist, Madison Stone. This of course, is how they got the name “Madison.” Originally these were performed using small curved barbells or circular jewelry like horseshoes, which made for some difficulty keeping them healthy in this high-traffic area. Since that time though, piercings of the neck, clavicle, and chest have evolved into primarily microdermals and surface piercings, vastly extending their wearability and shelf life.

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permanent dermal neck piercings

In general, dermal piercings heal well with proper aftercare, which often includes gentle cleansings and sea salt soaks, much like standard piercings. They can be performed in almost any location on the body, opening a massive array of piercing possibilities up to modification artists and enthusiasts.

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