Video: Kalea’s Double Belly Piercing

Follow along as pierced beauty Kalea gets a double belly piercing (look for the needle insertion at about 28 seconds).

After thoroughly cleaning the area, our piercer marks two tiny dots, reflecting where the piercing itself will be placed. Kalea approves, and a pair of forceps are clamped over her lower navel rim, followed by the insertion of a hollow piercing needle. Our piercing enthusiast takes it like a champ, and the needle is chased with a barbell belly ring. A couple finishing touches, and she’s ready to rock her fun new look.

belly piercings being performed

Although less common than standard top rim belly piercings, bottom navel mods are becoming a popular addition or alternative. For many, piercings can be performed at numerous angles around the navel’s rim, and pairing an upper and lower piercing creates a cool and interesting aesthetic. Belly piercings performed in any area will require proper aftercare, and should experience initial healing by around the twelve week mark.

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double navel piercings

For more up close views of real piercings being performed, check out our awesome YouTube channel, and stayed tuned.