Video: Kaitlyn’s Industrial Ear Piercing – Up Close and Personal

We’ve got a treat for all of the body piercing fans out there: a sweet little video of our team member Kaitlyn’s spankin’ new industrial piercing. Not only does her left ear look absolutely amazing, but the piercing goes so smoothly, you can tell it was well worth the long and weary wait.

Here’s what Kaitlyn had to say about her awesome piercing adventure:

steps of industrial ear piercing

I lay quietly upon the piercing table, breathing slowly and evenly.

“Okay,” says James in that soft, soothing voice that could ease any trouble, and convince anyone to get a crazy new piercing, “when I tell you to, take a deep breath.”

I know what that means. While I’m breathing in, he’ll push the first needle through.

“Deep breath,” he coaxes.

I breathe deeply, trying to keep my breath steady, and feel the hollow needle enter the cartilage of my left ear. The feeling is both terrifying and exhilarating. After the first puncture is completed, I gradually breathe out and prepare myself for the second piercing. I’m not sure if my eyes are open or closed.

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“Breath in,” the piercer urges as he pokes the needle through my cartilage again. He repeats the process, sliding the barbell through the new holes in my ear. “There you go. How are you doing?”

“Good,” I reply, my heart hammering.

“Take a look,” Cat tells me as she holds up a camera that’s recording my every movement.

It looks good, fantastic even. Just the way I’ve imagined it would look for the past five years.

new industrial piercing

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