Video Firsthand Look: Septum Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Recently we had an amazing opportunity to follow BodyCandy friend, Lulu, as she embarked on a mission for her first septum piercing. Here’s how it went:

“Alright, we ready?” the piercer asks.

“I think I am ready,” Lulu answers, getting excited for her new piercing.

“Is there anything I should expect?” she asks.

“Ummm… it’s gonna tickle your nose a little.”

“Noooo!” she yelps, poking fun.

The piercer begins cleaning the nasal area.

“Is a clown gonna like, come out of the cabinets?” Lulu continues.

“Maybe,” the piercer smirks.

“And start making balloon animals?”

“That’d be awesome.”

Now we come to the final prep for the piercing itself.

“Piercings in general,” sais the piercer, “as far as pain tolerance, like, girls handle it way better than guys do.”

“I’ve never known, I mean I’ve never heard that before.”

“Yeah,” he explains, “it’s just like, the septums , or nipples, or, they just, they handle it way better, ya know?”

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Lulu’s piercer asks if she’s ready one final time, grabs hold of the piercing needle, and does the deed, allowing the hollow needle to show for the camera.

“Okay just hold still,” he instructs.

Lulu giggles as a tear runs down her cheek.

“You talked about the eye ducts filling up afterwards right”…

“Yep, that’s for sure,” the piercer agrees.

“That probably happens.”

Now, septum retainer jewelry at the ready, the piercer carefully lines up the curved end with his needle, and expertly pushes it through into place.

“Whoo!” Lulu squints and adjusts to the feeling of her new nose jewelry .

And now the finishing touches.

“Gonna close it up?”

“Yeah, I’ll close that up for ya,” the piercer says, grabbing a tool.

“Thank you,” Lulu smiles.

The piercer squeezes the retainer into the perfect position with a pair of special pliers.

“So I can still kind of tuck it up tonight though?” Lulu questions.

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“Yeah, you should be able to.”

“It’s gonna cause a little pressure to first get it up there,” the piercer warns, “so what you might wanna do instead of having to take it out, put it in, whatever up and down, up and down, up and down; while it’s healing, put it in one position, let it heal.”

“Okay,” she agrees happily.

And off Lulu goes with her amazing new septum piercing.

Want to steal Lulu’s look? Try a curved septum retainer like the ones below. These little beauties are thin and stylized enough to be worn down as jewelry, but in a pinch they flip up into the nostrils for easy and carefree camouflaging capabilities. No one will even know they’re there!

And for more cool videos about piercing and aftercare, don’t forget to check out the Body Candy Body Jewelry YouTube Channel .