United Nations Day

October 25 th, 1945 was a day that will forever go down in history. It was the famous day that the United Nations approved its’ official charter with signatures from countries all around the world. A couple decades later, in 1971, the General assembly declared October 24 th United Nations Day to mark the anniversary of its founding. This international holiday is a day dedicated to honoring the great achievements of the United Nations and reflecting on its accomplishments.

This year, United Nations day is focusing on 8 UN Millennium Development Goals. These include, achieving universal primary education, improving maternal health, ensuring environmental sustainability, reducing child mortality, eliminating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality and combating diseases. The General Assembly has adopted a global action plan to conquer these goals by 2015!

In addition, many schools around the world celebrate this day in regards to the diversity of their student body. The schools have celebrations including cultural performances, food fairs, and other fun festivities in honor of United Nations Day. What a wonderful way to celebrate our world and its history.

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United Nations Day is simply about bettering humanity and making the world a safer and more pleasant place. If you want to show your support for any of these serious problems occurring in today’s society or simply want to support world peace, then October 24 th is a perfect day to do so. You can even incorporate this amazing holiday into your everyday fashion by adding world flags and culturally inspired jewelry to your wardrobe. Not only will you be looking good, but you’ll be feeling good too.