What’s That Called?: Amazing Oral Piercing Index

names and locations of oral piercings

Tongue: the standard tongue piercing is fairly well known and consist of a single piercing vertically through the center of the tongue. Because of its location, this piercing is worn with a barbell, sometimes containing a “half ball” on one or both ends to allow for a more comfortable fit.

Multi Tongue: the standard tongue piercing can be done in multiples of up to three or even five, and the piercings can be made in a variety of shapes including a line lengthwise, a shorter horizontal line, a small circle, or a triangle.

Snake Eyes: the snake eyes piercing, also known as a venom piercing, is a horizontal piercing through the tip of the tongue. Occasionally this piercing may be attempted slightly further back as a surface style piercing, but for the most part it’s seen through the tongue’s tip worn with a straight or curved barbell.

Tongue Web: the part of the tongue that we call the “web” is actually the frenulum linguae, and as such this type of piercing may be referred alternatively as a “tongue frenulum piercing.” Most use a small curved barbell or a circular barbell of some type, as these are a better fit for the anatomy of the area.

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Smiley: this fun, somewhat secretive piercing is hidden for the most part until the mouth opens to laugh or smile. It is actually pierced through the center upper lip frenulum (the strip of flesh connecting the upper lip to the gum plate). Regionally this type of piercing may also be called a “scrumper.”

Frowney: the frowney piercing is essentially the opposite to the smiley, being pierced through the lower lip frenulum, and even harder to spot when worn with the right size jewelry.

Gum: although very rare, piercings of the actual gums have been performed, both as a standard piercing through the soft part of the gums, and as a dermal with an anchor placed inside. These piercings are usually temporary in nature, due to the constant movement of the mouth, and are most often placed where the gums dip between the upper surfaces of two adjacent teeth.

Uvula: though it may come as a surprise, the uvula has actually been pierced in many different ways. Most piercers who are willing to attempt this piercing will sit with their client prior to the actual procedure and do several dry runs to be sure both they and the client are comfortable.

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Vampire: sometimes also called a canine piercing or upper frenulum piercing, the vampire is pierced through the thin strip of flesh that connects the gums to the upper lip just above the canine area. Vampire piercings can be done on one or both sides and are primarily worn with circular barbells.

Dental: the dental piercing is less of a piercing and more of a dental implant. Rarely, the tooth can be drilled completely through and a small piece of jewelry dangled from the hole (much like a pierced decorative fingernail), but usually the tooth is drilled just enough to bond in a gem, or a veneer already containing a decoration is used.