Tongue in Cheek: a Tongue Ring Style Overview

Today we want to show a few of the most common basic styles of tongue rings. All of these styles include a straight barbell of standard length (12 to 19 millimeter), and some type of decorations or ball tips on one or both ends. These are the standard barbell tongue ring, half ball barbell tongue ring, logo tongue ring, 3-D tongue ring, and functional tongue ring.

Standard tongue rings are generally made from surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, bioplast, or acrylic, and have simple ball shaped tips on either end that may be embellished with designs, gems , or glitter. This is the most common, most readily available type of tongue ring, and is generally what most piercers use when they perform a tongue piercing.

Next is the half ball tongue ring. These will have a dome or “half ball” on one or both sides and are composed of the same materials as a standard tongue ring. Those with the dome shaped tip on one side are often worn for comfort, with the dome on bottom and a regular ball or decoration on the top, while tongue ring with two half ball tips sit close to the tongue surface and make good retainers.

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Logo style tongue rings are like a standard tongue ring, with a logo printed embedded, or etched into either one tip or both. These items will sometimes have a large cylindrical end to showcase more complex logos or graphics, and are great tool for self-expression (especially for those who enjoy sticking their pierced tongue out!)

Then there’s 3-D tongue rings, for which the name sais it all; a tongue ring in which the top “ball” or visible decorative piece isn’t really a ball at all, but a three dimensional shape or insignia. These type pf tongue rings are normally made from steel or titanium, but some simpler 3-d shapes may be found in acrylic or silicone material.

That brings us to the funnest member of the tongue ring family: the functional tongue ring. A functional tongue ring is a tongue ring that performs a function other than just keeping your tongue piercing open and looking neat. This grouping includes tongue rings that tickle, vibrate, and light up or blink. Most of these items will be powered with one or more batteries like those found in a wrist watch and because of their weight (and sometimes movement) are only able to be used in tongue piercings that are completely healed.

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There are many different styles and types of tongue rings available on the body jewelry market, but snap up at least one of each of these five types and your tongue ring wardrobe will be nearly complete.