The Photographic Dictionary of Modern Piercings: Oral Piercings

different piercings of the lingual tissues

Dental, Tooth Piercing- More of an implant, this “piercing” is a piece of jewelry afixed into a hole drilled in the tooth, and can be performed on both natural teeth and veneers.

Frowny, Lower Lip Web, Lower Lip Frenulum, Lower Scrumper- A piercing of the “web” of flesh between the lower lip and lower gums.

Gum Piercing- Any piercing made through the gums themselves, generally near the meeting point between two teeth (such as the canine and bicuspid), where the gums soften.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing, Snake Eyes- A Piercing performed horizontally through either the full width of the tongue, or acting more as a surface piercing with both entry and exit points visible atop the tongue.

Smiley, Lip Frenulum, Lip Web, Scrumper- Piercing of the flesh that connects the upper lip to the upper gum plate at center, underneath the filtrum (the skin between the lip bow and the nasal septum).

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piercings inside the mouth

Tongue Piercing- Any standard piercing of the tongue performed vertically.

Tongue Web, Tongue Frenulum, Lingual Frenulum- A piercing of the strip of flesh underneath the tongue that holds it to the mouth’s floor.

Uvula Piercing- Often touted as somewhat dangerous, this is a piercing of the fleshy bulb at the back of the throat that rests between the tonsils.

Vampire Piercing, Vampire Bites- The piercing (on both sides) of the thin flesh or frenulums that connect the sides of the upper lip to the gums above the canines.

Venom Piercing, Venom Bites, Double Tongue- A double piercing of the tongue in which the two piercings are placed next to one another at the front of the tongue rather than linearly.