The Modern Modification Lifestyle: Making Tattooed Easter Eggs

making Easter as cool as we are

Want your Easter eggs to be as gorgeously modified as you are? We’re going to show you exactly how they can be, with this quick DIY decorating project: tattooed eggs!

making cool tattooed eggs

You’ll just need some eggs (we used brown for a cute retro feel), some cool temporary tattoos, scissors, and a washcloth. Here’s what you do:

1. Boil your eggs like you normally would and allow them to cool, making sure that your shells are dry.

hard boil your Easter eggs

2. Cut out your tattoos, leaving just a little extra around the edges.

cut around the edge of your temporary tattoos

3. Press the tattoo (face down of course) firmly against the egg, and hold a wet cloth against the back, being sure to wet the paper thoroughly.

apply your temporary tatts with a washcloth

4. Wait at least thirty seconds, and gently peel off the paper backing.

5. Fix any frayed or turned up edges on your image, working quickly while the tattoo is still wet.

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6. Enjoy your efforts!

finished tattooed eggs

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can purchase some stick-on gems at your local craft store and place them strategically throughout your tattoos for some awesome Easter bling!