The Modern Modification Lifestyle: Ahead of the Game in 2014

keeping your new year

It’s official; 2014 has begun. For a lot of us the new year marks not only the end of one natural cycle, but more notably the beginning of another. This one time of year, at the very beginning, it’s as if the entire past can be truly put behind us. Reflecting on our triumphs and our losses, there’s a feeling that we can actually mold the coming months; almost like being completely reborn.

The modified, along with everyone else, are busy right now making plans for the twelve-month future. But before you go admitting resolution defeat ere the work has even begun, take a minute to think about what makes you you. If there’s anything pierced and tattooed people are great at, it’s building habits. Scheduled aftercare, modification appointments: we’re definitely good at keeping a routine.

Habitual tea drinking, skating, guitar practice, organic gardening, sewing, video games, road tripping, painting, workouts, pet care… If you do any of these things, then chances are you’re already ahead of the game. Research suggests that it takes the average person (at minimum) four weeks to build a new habit, so give yourself one month and prepare to be amazed at what you can do.

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pierced and tattooed lifestyle habits

Whether it’s toning up, tuning in, or learning something new, we were pretty much made to take on this challenge. Just set small goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Then, before you know it, we’ll make 2014 ours. Never underestimate the power of modified mojo, and happy 2014 to us all.