Interview Series: Firsthand Look – Nose Piercings

Next in our interview series is a wonderful video interview with our multi-tasking, retro styled Body Candy team member, Cat. Check out her cheeky coming of age tale featuring fruity libations and feminine nose rings, as told to us in a soft, lady-like tone and candy apple red colored lipstick:

Body Candy: Hey Guys. I’m Kelsey from Body Candy dot com. Today we have Cat with us, and she’s actually one of our team members here. How’re you doin?

Body Candy: Good. So we’re gonna talk about her nose piercing today. (At this point Cat gestured to her nose gracefully with one hand, as if mimicking Vanna White) So, how old were you when you got this piercing?

Body Candy: Nice. That’s young.

Body Candy: What do you like about it?

Cat: I think it just makes my nose look perfect. I don’t know. It just seemed like it always should have been there.

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Body Candy: And did you plan to do it on the right or the left for a reason, or…?

Cat: Um, well, I sleep on this side, so (gestures to her left) , that’s why I put it on that side (gestures to her right).

Body Candy: Nice. Do you have a favorite story about your piercing?

Cat: Actually, the night I pierced it is my favorite story. I did it by myself, well, not by myself, with my best friend. But um, we found this bottle of what we thought was wine, but later found out it was non-alcoholic wine, and we got drunk (raises her hands to place fingers in quote formation) , and we pierced my nose and were gonna pierce her lip. But we chickened out of that one, because of the amount of uh, blood that came out of my nose. Unfortunately.

Cat: So, that’s what fifteen year olds should not do at home. (She raises a finger and wags it sweetly to press the point.)

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Body Candy: So do you have any advice for someone that might want their nose pierced?

Cat: Um, probably uh, go to a professional piercer I would say, and don’t do it when you’re fifteen like an idiot. (Both parties giggle a little.)

Body Candy: Alright. Do you plan on getting any more piercings?

Cat: Oh yeah. Definitely. I wanna get my Monroe pierced, but, we’ll see. (Subdued, feminine giggle.)

Body Candy: Alright. Well thanks for coming in today, Cat.

Cat: Yeah. No problem.

To get Cat’s Look: in keeping with her new-retro style, Cat prefers small gem solitaire nose studs, or silvery rings, like the one she wore for our interview.