Top 40 Simple Mehndi Designs For Your Left Hand

Fill your left hand with a beautiful peacock motif, and you would love it. Give it a try!

21 Simple Mehndi Design for Left Hand Inspirations For The Bride Squad

While you’re busy helping your BFF plan and select everything from her outfits to her shoes and even the mehndi designs for her big day, we have prepared a list of simple mehndi design for left hand that you can show off at her wedding.

21 May, 2019

The Lightsmiths

The Lightsmiths

The Mehndi ceremony is one function where the bride-to-be and her girlfriends have the most fun. The peppy Bollywood music, delicious food and drinks, photographers taking candid shots and the bright and beautiful décor ten-folds the joy and excitement of the nearing big day. Amidst all this fun and laughter, there’s something that both the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids are super serious about, and that’s the mehndi design.

And while the bride-to-be has already shown the mehndi artist her chosen design for full hands, it’s time you take your pick from these simple mehndi design for left hand for your bestie’s wedding. After all, it’s the easiest to pull off, leaving your right free for everything else. Remember how they recommend it in the song ‘Cutie Pie‘?

1. Henna Rings

16343 simplemehndidesignforlefthand mehndiartisthira rings

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

This simple mehndi design for left hand is absolutely stunning and eye-catching. The henna rings make up for not wanting to wear real jewellery, and we love the intricacy and neatness of this design. And if you think it is too plain, then get a detailed arc designed between your thumb and index finger.

2. The Floral Jaal

16345 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya floraljaal

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

This detailed yet simple mehndi design for left hand is a winner. And even though you can never go wrong with a floral jaal design, ask the henna artist to add a beaded effect to it.

3. Haath Phool Style

16347 simplemehndidesignforlefthand mehndiartisthira haathphool

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

Adorn your hand with a beautiful Haath Phool jewellery styled mehndi design. A design like this doesn’t take much time anyway, so you can quickly head back to dancing and posing with your girlfriends.

4. Handcuff And Tiny Flower Motifs

16351 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya handcuff

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

A layered handcuff henna design paired with tiny flower motifs looks boho chic and goes well with all kinds of outfits.

5. A Bird Motif Mehndi Design? Yes, Please!

16353 simplemehndidesignforlefthand heenabydivya birdmotif

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Our love for motif henna designs is endless, and this simple mehndi design for left hand is one of our favourites. The bird, the branch, and the flowers are the perfect depiction of nature and all the things we love about it.

6. Show Your Love For All Things Minimal With This Design

16355 simplemehndidesign hennaparadise minimalismisin

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

Rock a minimal yet intricate henna design while you are busy dancing your heart out at your BFF’s Mehndi. This design fanned over two fingers has all the perfect elements – a heart, a flower, a stunning finger ring, and even a tiny chadar design.

7. It’s All About The Intricacy

16357 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya intricacyiseverything

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

If you love full hand heavy henna designs but don’t want to steal the bride-to-be’s thunder, then this simple mehndi design for left hand is perfect for you. It has an intricate design, but at the same time it has some playful elements too which makes it a go-to design for a bubbly bridesmaid.

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8. All Things Floral

16359 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya allthingsfloral

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

This breathtaking composition of leaves and flower motifs, a chadar design, and these gorgeous finger designs has our heart.

9. Bold Strokes For A Bold (And Beautiful) Bridesmaid

Falguni Rajpara

This simple mehndi design for left hand is a classic; bold strokes with a hint of shading. Quite popular among bridesmaids, this design is simple and beautiful.

10. If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put It On Your Mehndi Design

16365 simplemehndidesignforlefthand amritaheena dreamcatchers

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

We all love dreamcatchers, right? So how about you take this love affair up a notch by making them a part of your mehndi? Adorn your finger tips with miniature dreamcatchers and look like a dream.

11. Mandala? Mandala

16367 simplemehndidesignforlefthand alisaparveen mandaladesign

Image Courtesy: Alisa Parveen

A mandala design makes for an easy and simple mehndi design for left hand. Pair it with a slightly heavy finger pattern and you’ve got yourself a design perfect for bridesmaids.

12. Wrap It Around Your Finger!


Not a fan of mehndi but have to put it because of BESTIE? Then, this design is just for you. It lets you be a part of her happiness and get out with a classy minimal design.

13: The Mandala Bracelet

16371 simplemehndidesignforlefthand mehndiartisthira mandalabracelet

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Artist Hira

When you don’t wanna get the plain Mandala pattern on the back or in the centre of your palm, opt for this Mandala bracelet design. A simple mehndi design for left hand with a pretty, beaded twist. It will look great on your hand, plus, you won’t have to stay away from the dance floor and the drinks for too long.

14. The Never-Ending Loop

16373 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabymahiramohsin loop

Image Courtesy: Henna By Mahira Mohsin

Get this elegant never-ending leaf loop designed on the edge of your hand and an intricate finger design to complete the look.

15. An Arch Full Of Swirls

16375 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabymahiramohsin arch

Image Courtesy: Henna By Mahira Mohsin

It is kind of hard not to mention swirls when you are talking about simple mehndi design for left hand. They have always found their way, be it in a detailed Arabic henna design or a full hand bridal mehndi design. So it was only fair that we added this swirly design to our list.

16. Some Beauti(ful) Tips

16385 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya beautifultips

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Ditch the oh-so-regular henna filled finger tips for this minimal floral design. This simple mehndi design for left hand is nothing but a mandala pattern, a floral jaal, and some bold henna strokes placed together beautifully.

17. Vine Pattern Bracelet

16377 simplemehndidesignforlefthand amritahenna vinepattern

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

A vine pattern bracelet design screams ‘perfect bridesmaids mehndi design’ like no other. It is simple, classy, and not at all OTT.

18. Get That Dotted Effect

16381 simplemehndidesignforlefyhand amritahenna dottedeffect

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

Get in the mood of celebration with this simple mehndi design for left hand. This dotted jaal design is tailor-made to ensure your ring gets the space to shine.

19: The Blooming Effect

16383 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennabydivya blooming

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

An Arabic rose mehndi design will never disappoint you. This simple mehndi design for left hand has a perfect balance of light and bold strokes of henna.

20. Fill Up Space With Bindi Design


Love the reverse Haath Phool styled mehndi, but want to fill up the available space on your palm? Well, worry no more. You can cover all that space with this Bindi design. This simple mehndi design for left hand is unique and looks great.

21. The Classic Peacock Motif

16379 simplemehndidesignforlefthand hennaparadise peacockdesign

Image Courtesy: Henna Paradise

If you want to avoid the heavily fanned out peacock design, then opt for this single-finger peacock motif. It’s minimal yet eye-catching.

When dancing, drinking, and getting photographed is high on your priority list, but the omnipresent tradition of getting henna applied can’t be ignored, choose from one of these 21 beautiful and simple mehndi design for left hand and have the most baller time at your best friend’s wedding. From designs that are all about florals to intricate Mandala patterns, there is something that will suit the aesthetic of a bubbly, moody, tomboyish, and an over-the-top girly bridesmaid.

Brides-to-be and bridesmaids, share it with your girlfriends and tell us which style they liked the most in the comments below.

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Top 40 Simple Mehndi Designs For Your Left Hand

minimal 1

All around the globe, mehndi is commonly known as henna. It is a form of body art that was discovered and loved by people years and years ago. Be it any celebration, applying mehndi would add to the cheerful feeling of that celebration. Well, we are here to spoil you with a plethora of chic and straightforward mehndi designs you can etch on your left hand for any festival or occasion to light it up further. So, keep scrolling to the end, and also, don’t forget to bookmark your favorite designs.

Latest Mehndi Design For Left Hand

Latest Mehndi Design For Left Hand Khush Mag 2

From the colossal designs that you would find on social media, we have curated a list of the top 40 most elegant and surreal mehndi designs to try out on your left hand. Get reading and screenshot the ones you love so that you can slay in them on your special occasion. These latest designs have left us awe-struck, and we cannot get over how simple and yet so beautiful they are.

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So, scroll through these gorgeous and simple left-hand mehndi designs until you find the one that has your name written all over it.

1. Elegant Beauty

Elegant Beauty Henna by Devaky Dharan

This simple multi-patterned beauty is an excellent balance between traditional and modern. It is a perfect blend of leaves, dots, checkered, and even floral motifs in this design. Something eye-catching in this design is the empty spaces with dots.

2. A Personalised Galore

mehendi the cheesecake project

Don’t think twice; get a stunning mehndi design like this one etched on your left hand. This design has a perfect personalized touch to it. It depicts the varmala ceremony along with some lotus and peacock motifs.

3. Looking To Try Something Unique and Different?


A checkered mehndi design with boxes of different sizes along with some leaves and bridal and groom entrance somewhere on the wrist or the palm is adorable. Don’t you think so? You could replace the entrance with other elements of your wedding.

4. A Bouquet Of Flowers

A Bouquet Of Flowers Pinterest

This mehndi design inspired by a bouquet merely is beautiful and would look amazing on your left hand. It is a perfect combination of lotus and rose motifs along with evident mehndi filling around.

5. An Aesthetic Blend Of Many Elements

heena paradise

We love how this caricature made in this mehndi design entwine so beautifully together. Get something similar done on your left hand, and you surely wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off your hand.

6. Floral Intricacy

Minimal Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding At Home nurahsheena 1

The intricacy of this floral mehndi design is easy and beautiful. Floral motifs never go out of trend. You can do so much with florals, such as using a different kind of flowers. For example, you could try out roses, tulips, or even lotuses.

7. Go In For A Little Doodle

Go In For A Little Doodle Pinterest

Trying a different design is impressive as whenever you look at it, it would always make you smile. A simple mehndi design like this one would look GORG on your left hand. Remember to replete it with something personalized: hashtags, figurines, dates, portraits, etc.

8. A Disney Lover? Get It Etched On Your Left-Hand

A Disney Lover Get It Etched On Your Left Hand

This mehndi design has our heart as it is graceful and has also gracefully infused the traditional and cartoon character. A blend like this is modern, as well as fun.

9. A Total Work of Art

pinterest 1

From geometric lines to dainty flowers and graceful hoops, this simple has it all. With a combination, so beautiful this design is one of our favorites. Try it out on your left hand, and we are sure you would love it as much as we do.

10. Keep It Classic!

rose mehendi design

A basic and simple mehndi design like this one with scalloped lines, leaves, and tiny flowers is so basic yet so classy for your left-hand.

11. A Gorgeous Blend of Fine Lines and Florals

A Gorgeous Blend of Fine Lines and Florals anjali henna

A beautiful blend of fine lines and flowers that are synchronized and end up to form more significant mandala motif patterns is one hell of a surprise for your left-hand mehndi design.

12. How About Brimful Mandalas?

minimal scaled

Add a unique edge to your left-hand mehndi design with a pattern combined with checkered lines and these stunning mandala designs.

13. A Design Full Of Dots And Leaves

A Design Full Of Dots And Leaves henna paradise

Wondering what is making this design so eye-catching? It is the dots and leaves in varied sizes that have created a design like this.

14. A Spaced Out Design

A Spaced Out Design minal beauty

Add some brimming life to your left-hand mehndi design by motifs like leaves and lotuses along with variably shaded areas.

15. Smaller Details Matter A Lot!


This alluring left-hand mehndi design is perfect in every way. Its got bands of various designs and significance. You could even personalize this a little.

16. Glorifying Spaces

Minimal Mehndi Heena Lounge

Bells and lotus mehndi by praveen

The symmetry to the fine lines and the shaded portions in this design has its aura and not to forget the spaces between the wrist and the forearm, which adds another charm to it.

17. A Floral Fiesta

A Floral Fiesta henna by divya

Looking to give your classic mehndi design a modern twist? Do try out this floral fiesta design with floral motifs all over. This design could be the best bet for your left-hand mehndi design if you are a fan of old school designs.

18. Set Those Birds Out To Fly High

Set Those Birds Out To Fly High Henna by divya

This chic left-hand mehndi design has a strong personality of its own with such beautiful motifs in it. This mehndi design could be the one for you if you are looking to try out something modern and classy and different from the usual.

19. Express Your Feelings With A Rose

darker lighter mehendi sara henna mehendi design

This mehndi design is surreal for your left-hand front side. Roses are used to expressing feelings and spread love. We love this mehndi design. What do you think about this?

20. Fell In Love Over A Cup Of Tea? Your Time To Tell!

Fell In Love Over A Cup Of Tea Your Time To Tell

For all you tea lovers or enthusiasts, this left-hand mehndi design will let you depict your love for tea at a whole different level. Well, tea lovers and tea lovers, but if you and your partner fell in love over a cup of tea or coffee, this design would have a lot of significance.

21. A Millenial Age Design

A Millenial Age Design

Take a good look at this modern millennial left-hand mehndi design. A design like this would outshine and bring out your personality at its best.

22. Slay In A DreamCatcher Motif Left Hand Mehndi Design

Slay In A DreamCatcher Motif Left Hand Mehndi Design

A dreamcatcher inspires this beautiful and super chic mehndi design, and that is the main stand out in this design. If you are a sucker for Millenial dreamcatchers, then this one has to be etched on your left hand.

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23. Chic and Minimal

Chic Minimal Henna by Divya

Looking to try out a minimally chic mehndi design for the front side of your left hand? Well, here it is! This intriguing mehndi design is so eye-pleasing and beautiful.

24. Step Away From The Usual And Start A Trend Of Your Own With White Mehndi

Step Away From The Usual And Start A Trend Of Your Own With White Mehndi Pinterest

How about trying something exotic and different like white mehndi for your left hand? We think it is a fab idea as it is stylish and different. This super simple design has our hearts.

25. A Style Statement Like Never Before

A Style Statement Like Never Before Pinterest

Not intrigued by classic and simple mehndi designs? Give this one a shot for your left hand. This design is so classy and different from the regular traditional ones. This design is all about being different and stylist and creating a statement of your own.

26. All Hearts For Traditional Motifs

amrita henna

Traditional motifs always take us back to when our mom’s or grandmom’s used to applying mehndi for us. There are a set of motifs that they would always incorporate in our mehndi design. This design is an excellent combination of paisleys, dots, and intricate lines.

27. Is Your Mehndi Design Even Complete Without A Peacock Motif In It?

Is Your Mehndi Design Even Complete Without A Peacock Motif In It Pinterest

Having a peacock motif incorporated in your mehndi design is almost like a tradition. Be it a modern design or a traditional one, no one misses adding to their mehndi design.

Fill your left hand with a beautiful peacock motif, and you would love it. Give it a try!

28. Not Your Ordinary Mehndi Design

Not Your Ordinary Mehndi Design Beautes d Ailleurs

Are you bored with traditional and classic designs? Here is something bold and yet so beautiful for those who would love to try something fierce and new. Note that all may not prefer a design like this, but those who dare to try this would love something new and bold.

29. Experimenting At Its Best

Experimenting At Its Best

Do not shy away from experimenting with the design that you love. While mixing and matching could be a great idea. You could always take inspirations from many mehndi designs and then sum it up in your left-hand design.

30. Geometric Bliss

mehndi by theresa

Bored of the same old school paisleys and floral motifs? Give geometric designs a shot. It is simple and looks very appealing to the eyes. These geometric shapes would add an intriguing appeal to your left-hand mehndi design.

31. Bohemian Vibes

image 1

Spice up your left-hand mehndi design by adding a bohemian touch to it. You can undoubtedly take inspiration from this design and transform your design to the ultimate level of perfection.

32. A Glimpse Of The Things You Love

personalizedA Glimpse Of The Things You Love Pinterest

Adding all things that you genuinely love to your left-hand mehndi design is a fabulous idea. If you are a foodie, try adding the name of your favorite restaurants or your favorite snack items. You can go all out and super creative with this one. You could also add a little design that resonates with your favorite show.

33. Arabian Touches To Your Design

mehendi deisgn daisy trail

Motifs like lotuses and peacocks are inseparable from mehndi designs. The beauty of Arabic mehndi designs is in the thick and thin shading along with intricate lines.

A design like this has so much poise in it.

34. The Oh-So Stunning Jaal Design


The jaal mehndi design trend never goes out of trend and how! This mesh-like design has got many variations with which you can play around. You could add dots between the mesh or some mesh design even with smaller designs inside the mesh. We are super excited to see you try this out on your left-hand for a function. Are you?

35. A Religious Element To Your Mehndi Design

what knot photography

This mehndi design is all about giving your religious belief a little more priority. Bring out your spiritual best by adding religious symbols or God patterns in your left-hand mehndi design.

36. Minimalist Beauty

Minimalistic beauty Vowsa nd tales

Minimalism is the new bold these days. If you believe that subtle is beautiful, then take inspirations from this minimalistic left-hand mehndi design.

37. Simple Jewellery Inspired Mehndi Designs

Jewellery Pinterest

Ditch your real jewelry and get a simple jewelry-inspired design drawn on your left-hand instead. Opt for trendy patterns, and you will slay in it with ease.

38. Finger Mehndi Designs That Are Easy And Trendy

simple mehendi design

If you can’t sit through applying mehndi and covering your hand, then a super chic finger mehndi design like this one is an ideal choice for you. What do you think?

39. Single Trail

Minimal Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding At Home heena by divya 3

All those pretty girls who want to get it simple and pretty can try out a lovely single trail like this one. It isn’t OTT and is just perfect.

40. Goddam Basic

Goddam Basic Henna by Anjali

A basic and effortless mehndi design like this one is so basic and yet so beautiful in its way.


minimal 2

We hope that you enjoyed scrolling through this gorgeous galore of left-hand mehndi designs and are now pumped up and filled with excitement to try these out soon. This list is curated to bring out some best exquisite and intricate designs that are beautiful yet so simple and not to forget, all of them made us go WOW. Do you feel the same?

So, all the sassy bridesmaids and to-be-brides, take cues and start shortlisting what you wowed the most out of this lot of designs. Do write to us and let us know which design did you like the best. Also, if you do try any of these, do tag us @WomenXo. We would love to see those pictures coming in!

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