We Heart Modification, Piercing and Art: Ice Cream Social

retro ice cream jewelry fashion

Ready to be a social butterfly? Today is Ice Cream Soda Day, which makes it the perfect day for sugary sweet pastels, pops of pink, and of course, ice cream! Who doesn’t like a little of the sweet stuff once in a while, right? Eat it, wear it, and go nuts for it. We’ve totally got you covered. It’s an ice cream social extravaganza!

The popular legend behind this awesomely refreshing holiday is that a Philadelphia native named Robert Green invented the ice cream soda at a carnival in the 1870s. Although Green later insisted that he had come up with the creation purposefully, the lore surrounding this tasty treat claims that it was an accident of fate, citing that Mr. Green began adding ice cream to his popular soda after he ran out of ice on that particularly hot day. Either way, the blending of countless flavors of ice cream and soda pop has grown to become a nationally recognized pastime.

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50s malt shoppe style

In the 1950s, ice cream sodas were often served made with vanilla bean ice cream and Coca Cola, and were called “black cows.” In later generations, the combination of vanilla ice cream and root beer surpassed the cola flavor in popularity, becoming its own specialty dessert known as a “root beer float.”

Ice cream body jewelry is perfect for celebrating Ice Cream Soda Day, and just about day during the hot, sticky Summer. And with all this bling, these sweet pieces are almost as cool as an icy soda float itself.