Readers Assemble!: Jewelry News for National Comic Book Day

For the title of this article I was thinking about going more with the nerdy or stereotypical comic book reader vibe but honestly, that’s not what National Comic Book Day is about. It’s about sharing comics, spreading the love of opening a new #1, and celebrating the heroes and heroines that bring us so much joy, fear, tension and entertainment through the pages. Not to be confused with it’s spring counterpart, Free Comic Book Day, National Comic Book Day held on September 25 th is more of a make-your-own-rules way of celebrating the printed goodness that is comics, no matter what you’re into.

This year it comes amidst a heavy season. With DC having recently rebooted their entire universe, if you haven’t read comic books because you didn’t know where to start, now is the time. With over 50 comic lines that have all restarted at issue #1, there’s something for everyone to read and get to feel the wholeness and inclusion of being part of a story right from the very beginning. Be it Detective Comics or Justice League International, whatever flavor you’d like they’ve got it served up fresh. Now I know that some of those readers who have been dedicated DC fanboys and fangirls for a while aren’t to happy about the reboot, and all I have to say is this: Give it a try. Yes, Oracle can walk now, and Louis and Clark aren’t married anymore, but this gives us a chance to see a new world unfold or a love come together all over again.

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Marvel isn’t letting DC hog the entire spotlight of course. With running storylines like Fear Itself and the Future Foundation ( read: The fantastic four minus the human torch and with Spiderman joined up) running strong and just starting to find a foothold, the options before the reader are pretty fantastic. Not being overdone with new characters and takes on classic storylines, even Ultimate Spiderman has taken a new curve with the new web slinging hero no longer Peter Parker but Miles Morales, a whole new character with a whole new take on his super sensitive powers. Marvel’s not going to let you get your attention caught up solely in DC that easily, I mean they gave Deadpool a mythical hammer. There’s no WAY that’s something that’ll just fizzle out and be boring.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a fair mention to the presence of Indy Comics this year as well. With Darkhorse leading up title’s like Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Mike Mignola’s new Hellboy, ,the Indy racks aren’t going to be collecting dust anytime soon. Don’t fear the big name’s being the only good companies printing comics these days; if it looks good to you then go for it! You don’t know what company or printing style will hold your new favorite character and universe to believe in.

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No matter if it’s Marvel classics, DC restarts, Indy rags, or even the manga of your choosing, this National Comic Book Day, take the time to sit down and flip through the pages, share a book with a friend and stop into your local shop to see what’s going on. Who knows, your local comic book store could be one of the many that celebrate in big fashion with promo giveaways and limited runs on discount!