Rainbow Rave: Punk, Goth and Grunge go Femme for 2012

We can all take a page from the style book of the 1990’s; the era of female punk and the riot girl aesthetic. In fact, the original riot girls were some of the first female musicians, artists, and fledgling fashionistas to pioneer the look of certain piercings and tattoo styles that were once almost exclusive to the masculine side of alternative fashion. So what does rainbow punk mean in the new millennium? It’s a return to the juxtaposition of pastel grunge, but with a modern, purposely deconstructed DIY feel that’s genuinely unique from person to person. Check it out.

Every major element of both punk and grunge fashion can be incorporated into the rainbow punk style, as long as there’s a touch of bohemian chic and a sprinkle of Kawaii cute mixed in! Safety pins, beads, fishnet, spider webs, spikes , tatters, oversized cuts, bones, stripes, tie dye, metallics, plastic and lucite cutouts, and almost anything you can think of.

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The hand painted look and a surge of pastel tie dye and vibrant rainbow splashes are what keeps this style feminine, along with a hint of lace and florals of course. Most popular are the hues that scream youthful punk princess, and what Pantone calls “regal orchid,” a mid-tone flowery purple that imparts childhood tea party nostalgia.

Of course the funnest way to rock the new rainbow punk style is with bright and brilliant rainbow accessories, some painted leather or denim, and a few edgy details like rivets or spikes. But any way you choose to style it, get ready for a rainbow rave in 2012.