Radioactive: Modified Summer Club Life

modified club fashion

If you live in a large city with glorious trans-genre nightlife, then one of the best parts of Summer is definitely going to the club. Whether it’s a teen spot frequented by our younger readers, or the VIP sec of an after hours lounge, the culture of the club was all but made for the modified. And here are some of the hottest up and coming trends that prove it:

Black Light Reactive Ink

black light glow tattoo ink

You heard right; that’s permanent tattoo ink that glows fluorescent under black light. This stuff is being used right now by experienced artists whose clients are down for a little extra fun, and as an addition to standard tattooing, it packs quite a psychedelic punch after dark. Just imagine raving in a packed crowd to your favorite house track with this up and down your arm. Pretty sweet.

Light Up Plugs

cool light up design plugs

Large gauge ear jewelry has finally made the leap from standard watch battery blinkers to full out colored bright lights featuring all your favorite designs. It may be a bit extra kitschy, but you’ll never lose your pals on the dance floor again as long everybody rocks a pair of these babies.

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Glow Stick Belly Rings

fun glow stick belly rings

It’s like the world’s most perfect piece of belly bling because it mixes two of our favorite things: a shiny new belly ring, and the chance to dance with some glow sticks. Now all we need is the perfect crop top, and it’s on.