Quiz: Which Fashion Aesthetics Fit Your Body Mods and Piercings?

The most exotic piercing I would ever consider would be:

  1. A bridge piercing, for the nose that knows no bounds.
  2. You dare to get your cheek piercings or dimple piercings done.
  3. So excited to see your new smiley piercing!
  4. You’re mad for the medusa piercing.
  5. Nowhere left to go but the nipples . . .
  6. I’m interested in intimate piercings.
  7. Not a chance. No, really. None of these.

Your favorite color is:

Your favorite cartoon (then or now) is:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Ren and Stimpy
  3. Family Guy
  4. Powerpuff Girls
  5. My Little Pony
  6. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  7. Scooby Doo

Your most essential makeup item is:

  1. Foundation.
  2. Without eye shadow and mascara I am dead.
  3. You’ll never catch me without highlighter/bronzer.
  4. I’ve got all the lipstick and lip gloss
  5. I like a clean, natural look. Moisturize me!
  6. Glitter eyeliner lights up my life!
  7. I go bare-faced or only use sunscreen.


If you chose mostly 1s:

You’ve got pretty, girly body piercings as well as more androgynous cartilage piercings and tongue jewelry that shows off your unique style. A sporty-chic aesthetic is a perfect pairing for your piercings because it allows for the feminine touches you love mixed with the urban, active look that looks good while it’s lived in. To go from a more casual, relaxed look step up your footwear from tennis shoes to hot high tops or booties and accessorize the hell out of it. Your fantasy look is the living vision of Sporty Spice (I’ll never forget her) with bold and sometimes contradicting patterns, cuts, and colors.

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If you chose mostly 2s:

You’re truly living the body mod lifestyle and already embrace the aesthetic of modified culture. You have stretched lobes that look great with low hanging ear weights, a couple of controversial piercings that your parents have never approved of but are finally getting used to, and a handful (or a body full) of tattoos or other less common modifications. Your relaxed look is whatever looks and feels good, thanks to your eclectic tastes, and your fantasy look is a “normie” suit! Play up a preppie look that makes your mods stand out even more or don the dressiest gown you can because no one looks more magical dressed up than a woman with visible, striking body modifications.

If you chose mostly 3s:

Your preference for dangle jewelry for your nipples, ears, and everywhere else suggest that you’re one part party girl with a sometimes-sexy aesthetic and one part one of the guys, ready to leave the drama behind. Sometimes sporty, sometimes stunning; your look is based on your mood and the occasion so you’re always on point and prepared for stares. A fun fantasy look for you is a cool, casual look that borders on preppie with a kick: think sleek slacks and a blazer with a bold color shoe or artsy accessory with a rocker vibe.

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If you chose mostly 4s:

Everything about you from your clothes to your mods and piercings is fun, bright and bold from your ultra-fem facial piercings like the medusa and monroe piercing to the ones you don’t tell your mom about. Your everyday look might be that of a total normie but underneath it all you’ve always been a wild child. Ask your mom! She remembers! If you dare to dress in something fantastical, try wearing something that reveals a little more of your other mods like that piercing from college or the ris·qué ink you got but don’t show anyone.

If you chose mostly 5s:

Your tendency to prefer the conventional piercings and traditional jewelry that lovely ladies have worn for decades suit the seriously tailored look of a young professional who is on trend. When you relax and let your hair down you still like to dress your best so a casual, classy aesthetic is right for you. Looking for a fun fantasy look? Try a 50s-inspired pairing of poodle skirt and tee or button-up straight out of Grease. It’s feminine, a little innocent, and full of American fashion nostalgia.

If you chose mostly 6s:

Your intricate body mods like curated ear or even a corset piercing suggest that you could easily incorporate a witchy, gothic aesthetic into your life with ease. You could learn to love dark colors and go-to black hues that haunt your closet and make you feel powerfully put together. Your relaxed look tends to be edgy with ethereal touches; like a chill punk rock princess so grab a dark denim jacket to throw over your band tees and black jeans. If you adopt a witchy, goth aesthetic then your fantasy look pretty much happens every day so don’t hold back! If you’re witchy, get witchier and if you dress to express the darkness inside you then don’t hold back! Everything comes in black.

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If you chose mostly 7s:

You’re not into major body mods and when you do something a little daring with your temple of flesh you keep it private – just for you – because pleasing others and catering to trends isn’t what you’re all about. You like beautiful jewelry for your conventional piercings and respectfully decline anything that makes you feel like you’re asking for the attention of others. When you want their attention, you’ll tell them. If you find yourself wondering what it’s like to be pierced, your fantasy look might include a fun reference to the subculture of your choice (go goth, greaser, mod, mad, punk, pink – whatever. just go big!) and a selection of faux, nonpierced jewelry to make it all feel real.