Quick Take: Choosing a Nose Hoop

hoop body jewelry for nose piercings

If you’re in the market for a new nose ring and are thinking of making the switch from stud to hoop, there’s a few things you’ll want to consider while browsing.

First, you’ll need to know what gauge size your nose piercing is. The gauge is the thickness of the jewelry that goes into the piercing, and since there are two commonly used sizes, obtaining this knowledge is a must for a proper fit. The two most common sizes are an 18 gauge (1 millimeter in diameter) and a 20 gauge (.8 millimeters). It may not seem like very much of a contrast, but trust us, it definitely makes a difference.

Once you’re sure which size you’ll need, then it’s time to think about the dimensions of the hoop itself. Most standard nose hoops (jewelry that’s specifically made for the nose) come in either a 5/16″ diameter size (about 8mm) or a 3/8″ diameter size (about 10mm).

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measuring nose hoop jewelry

If you know that you need a larger hoop because of piercing placement or nasal anatomy, a piece of universal circular jewelry like a BCR is always a good bet instead, because half inch sizes are easier to come by.

basic ball captive rings

And finally, for those who aren’t sure at all what size hoop they need, you always have the option of purchasing a fishtail. A fishtail nose ring is an extra long straight piece made in the proper gauge size, and you take it your piercer to be custom fit. This means that the piercer will bend the straight nose ring into a hoop for you, ensuring that you get the exact size you want and need.

Okay! Now that you’re locked and loaded with the right amount of knowledge, it’s time… to shop!