Popular Modification: the Fabulous Fun of Finger Tattoos

Fists with Finger Tattoos

Tattooing on the fingers has always existed, and slowly but surely it has even become a staple of modern tattoo art. The famous image of a man’s knuckles curled into fists and emblazoned with tattooed letters spelling out “love” and “hate” is so iconic that it’s recognized across multiple generations. In the new millennium though, the finger tattoo has taken on an entirely different, far less philosophical role: interactive fun.

Tattooing can be used, whether large scale or minuscule, as a form of physical comedy interacting with the body. Inked garters, buttons, pistols, and beads are just some of the popular art pieces that are commonly employed to great effect in exactly this way. Recently however, the rising star in the world of goof ink is undoubtedly the human finger. Finger tattoos such as mustaches, phrases like “shhh” and “hush,” and cartooned winking eyelids are all held up hilariously against the lips or eyes to create a visual play on comedy that requires minimal effort and zero audible accompaniment.

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fun interactive finger tattoo art

It’s no wonder that this type of prankster body art is catching on so fast. Even several young celebrities are getting in on the action; Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Kreayshawn, and Cher Lloyd, just to name a few. Whether you love the idea of the interactive finger tattoo, or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s everywhere.