Popular Jewelry for Spring 2023 – Blue, Yellow and Sunflowers

This time of year, Spring seems so close…and yet so far away at the same time. So why not add a touch of Springtime to your piercings with blue and yellow jewelry – the same colors as the sun and the sky! Even better, why not add some sunflowers as well?

Screen Shot 2023 03 Screen Shot 2023 03

Body Candy carries jewelry in a huge array of colors but if you’re yearning for yellow, we’ve got you covered! This yellow tongue ring will add a bit sparkle to your speech while reminding you of warm sunshine! This vibrant horseshoe glows in the dark while this belly ring is so bright it’s practically a piece of sunshine unto itself! You can even rock that glow in the dark effect in your lip and cartilage piercings with this labret!

Screen Shot 2023 03Screen Shot 2023 03

No need to have the winter blues when Spring is so close! You can go extra luxe with synthetic opals, like this cartilage ring or elegantly simple like this blue agate labret. Now THAT brings new meaning to rocking some style! If you’re mad for matte jewelry, Body Candy has your back with everything from this stylish segment ring, to our curved eyebrow ring, and even a gorgeous industrial barbell! Now you’ve got nothing to sing the blues about!

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Really, what could be more cheerful and emblematic of the upcoming summer than a sunflower? How about a sunflower in blue and yellow? Body Candy has that too! This industrial barbell is sure to add some style to your piercings with its gorgeous faux druzy center and blue and yellow petals! You can also get the same look on other jewelry styles including a set of nipple rings and a cartilage stud! Or if you would prefer something a bit different, why not a blue sunflower with a yellow gem center? You can rock one in your lip and cartilage piercings or even in your nipple piercings!

Screen Shot 2023 03Screen Shot 2023 03

If winter is stressing you out and you need a little peace, Body Candy also carries a wide array of gorgeous peace sign jewelry – because peace is always in style. Check out our peace sign-themed tongue rings, labrets, belly rings, and even nose jewelry, all in different styles for the stylish pacifist!

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Winter is almost over, and sunnier days are coming. In the meantime, add a touch of summer themes to your jewelry wardrobe with our selection of blue and yellow jewelry, sunflowers, and peace signs – because peace always looks gorgeous. Happy piercing!