Pop Jewelry: Turn of the Century Vintage Romance

This look comes together with a blending of opulent jeweled pieces, classic elements like pearls and florals, and modern folkloric styling. Grunge layering, pastoral freshness, and vivid pigments intermingle to create something both distinctly modern and innately heritage, with a vintage charm that feminizes the overall look.

Pearls set the stage for classic drama, especially when paired with filigree, cabochons, and oversized cocktail flowers. To keep the style modern and add interest, layer strands in varying sizes or colors, mix in some textured beads or crystal, or hold multiple tiers together with a polished monochrome floral brooch or ring.

The must-have piece for this style set is a long or multilayered strand of pearls. To truly embody the heritage feel, real pearls are preferred, but faux pearls work too as long as coloring isn’t too unnatural.

To finish off the accessories, a set of semi-coordinated and opulent elements create the desired effect. A good rule of thumb is to coordinate by shape, style, or within the same color family, such as by round items, floral motif, or warm hues. Being overly matchy falls away from the folksy aesthetic, which by nature should be eclectic and organic.

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Opulent beading and oversized gemstones create the perfect flow, particularly when mixed with faux furs, lace, or brocades. Staying within the same metallic tone (silver, gold, copper, bronze, rose, gunmetal, or antique) keeps the look cohesive while still allowing a well-travelled seeming variance.

Early 1900s vintage inspired dangle or chandelier earrings are the perfect go-to for pulling the look together quickly. Crystal, filigree, and ornate metalwork provide the common components of romantic styling.