Myth: Tattoo Removal at Home

Tattoo on Shoulder

The biggest disappointment and dissatisfaction comes when your tattoo doesn’t come as you expected! Of course, it’s not just money that you put in to get an artwork on your body, but you put in a lot of your time and efforts as well. And all that goes into vain, the moment your tattoo comes out to be something different. Besides other things, all the excitement of getting a tattoo also goes away. More often than not, people don’t understand how to get rid of their unappealing tattoos. Of course, it is not easy to accept an unappealing artwork on your body. The easiest for people can be to start hiding their artwork, but that’s not a permanent solution.

And many of them try to get rid of their tattoo at home only. However, there are other ways to get rid of tattoos, such as cover up tattoos or using laser tattoo removal techniques.

But somehow people don’t want to get into all these, instead they prefer using home remedies to get rid of it.

Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they are not. Well, the truth can’t be escaped that the effectiveness of tattoo removal at home very much depends on the size of tattoo, types of tattoo, color of tattoo, and the place where the tattoo is made.

Removing smaller size tattoo is comparatively easier than removing a larger size tattoo. Are you also amongst those who have been trying to remove their tattoos at home, but nothing seems to work out for you. If yes, then you definitely need to read this post!

Myths- Tattoo Removal at Home-Remedies

Well, before you plan to remove your tattoo at home, you need to understand that not every home remedy works! For instance, people using Aloe-Vera, Vaseline, and Glycolic acid to remove their tattoos are really mistaken as these three are not at all tattoo removing agents.

Aloe-Vera can remove a tattoo is a downright myth. If you have ever noticed the ingredients used in aloe-Vera gel you will notice that all of them are natural, thus providing anti-fungal, antiseptic and natural healing properties.

Aloe-Vera is mostly used for soothing skin, lustrous hair, and on cracked skin and minor wounds. In fact, it can keep your tattoo moisturized if you apply it on your tattoo, but it will never help you remove the tattoo at all.

Another myth that people have is using Vaseline can help remove a tattoo at home. Not at all!! Yeah, Vaseline also has same properties as Aloe-Vera. More often than not, Vaseline is used in winters to keep cracked feet and lips smooth, not for removing a tattoo.
The only reason it is recommended to not use Vaseline on your tattoo is – it is a petroleum product, which simply blocks your skin from breathing that can lead to infection in the area. That’s all! But in no case it can remove a tattoo.

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Another product that most people think can help you remove a tattoo is – Glycolic acid ! Believe you me, it is also highly ineffective method. No ways it is going to help you in your expedition.

Glycolic acid is used as a natural scrub or exfoliator, which means it will only exfoliate dead skin and not your tattoo. It is because a tattoo is beneath your top layer of skin, which can’t go by exfoliating only.

However, it can worsen the situation but removal is not possible. When I say worsen it means, it simply fades and damages your tattoo because of its acidic and exfoliating properties. And believe you me, a faded tattoo is worse than having a tattoo that didn’t come out as you wanted.

However, there are some methods which can work out well, provided your tattoo is smaller in size and the place it sits on is easy for removal.

Home-Remedies to Remove a Tattoo

Before we begin with the methods, let me tell you that these methods can be extensively painful. As, removal will not simply happen by applying, you will have to use harsh strokes during the process to get rid of your tattoo. Also, the size and type will play a very important role in the process.

  • Salabrasion or removing a tattoo with salt and ice

It is one of the most common methods of removing tattoos from skin at home. In this method, usually a moist gauze pads saturated with sodium chloride are used to clean the tattooed area by rubbing. This method is however, the simplest and oldest method of removing the tattoo effectively at home. Here is what you need to do to get rid of your tattoo in the process:

removing a tattoo at home with salt

Take sodium chloride or grainy salt and start rubbing the area where the tattoo is placed. If you will notice, it is just like exfoliating the skin. However, the objective is different – as, while exfoliating you want to get rid of dead skin, whereas here you want to get rid of your tattoo.

Basically, while rubbing your chief purpose is to reach the second layer of your skin where the tattoo exactly lies. The process will take some time (may be few weeks or couple of months), you will have to continue doing this in one week or so, until your tattoo is vanished completely.

Believe you me, it is going to be painful. Once you have rubbed the skin with salt, make sure you apply ice over the area. Ice will sooth the area, as salt is harsh on skin.

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Since, you are going to repeat this method several times. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your dermatologist. Also, make sure you don’t do it back to back, meaning on a daily basis.
You have to be generous while using this method to remove your tattoo. Otherwise you will end up having serious infection, rashes and itchy skin. However, you can take painkillers if it becomes unbearable.

Another home remedy to get rid of your tattoo is to use lemon with honey and salt. The combination of honey and lemon is best and natural. Also, it is the most common method used in India to cleanse skin normally.

However, people use it to remove their tattoos as well, Honey is a great antioxidant and very soothing too, and lemon is perfect agent to lighten the skin. And lemon and salt together make for the best bleaching agent. All these ingredients together will help you lighten your tattoo, know that your tattoo will not go immediately with this method.

It may sometimes fade away, but removing completely is not guaranteed. Here is what you need to do to use this method:

Lemon with honey and salt

For this home remedy, you will need honey, lemon and some salt. Now, cut the lemon into two halves and spread some salt on the lemon and on top of it sprinkle few drops of honey.

Now you are all set to use the remedy. Simply start rubbing this lemon with honey and salt over the area where you have your tattoo. Continue rubbing it for 10 – 15 minutes on your skin.

Once your lemon is not good for use, take another half of the lemon and put salt and honey on it and repeat the process for another 10 – 15 minutes. Once you are done, you can wash it with lukewarm water.

Remember that you will have to do this several times a week and it will take around 4 – 6 months month to get rid of your tattoo completely. Know that it’s not an overnight process. You may get results but with time.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide with an Exfoliator

Hydrogen peroxide has always been a great cleansing agent. If you have noticed it is very much used in manicure and pedicure, as it is believed that it has the ability to remove the dirt effectively. Also, for removing a tattoo it is believed that combining hydrogen peroxide with a natural exfoliator works well as a home remedy for removing a tattoo.

Natural exfoliator scrub or exfoliate your dead and excess skin, while hydrogen peroxide lightens the skin and let the tattoo fade away gradually from the area. Here is what you need to do to use this home remedy:

Hydrogen Peroxide with an Exfoliator

First of all, you need to take a natural exfoliator. Now, start scrubbing your skin with the exfoliator, continue scrubbing for 10 – 15 minutes, and make sure you aren’t harsh with your skin while scrubbing it.

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Also, you don’t have to overdo it as your tattoo is not going to vanish in the first attempt. Then take a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the area, which you have just scrubbed.

This is however, considered the best home remedy to get rid of your tattoo effectively, amongst others.

Well, these are just some options which you can try out at your home if you are really not willing for some solid and full proof solutions. Otherwise, the best and instant solution to get rid of your ugly looking tattoo is either to cover it up or get your tattoo removed with laser tattoo removal therapy.

Yes, cover up tattoos are the easiest and the best solutions for people who want to do away with their existing tattoos. All you have to do is to meet a good tattoo artist who is skilled in cover up tattoos in your town and speak about it.

If you already have something in mind about how to go with the design, then it’s great. But if you don’t have any clue, then talk to your tattoo artist, take his help to come up with an excellent cover up tattoo design.

Then there some tattoo removal creams are available in the market, which you can buy to get rid of your tattoo permanently.

To pan out……

I hope you are now clear with tattoo removal remedies at home, and now you know which all will work and which all won’t. Make sure you don’t overdo anything while using home methods to remove your tattoo. Believe you me, overdoing can lead to further issues that will make it even harder to remove a tattoo.

Also, be 100% sure about it, before you finally decide to get rid of your existing tattoo. Because it is not very easy to remove a tattoo with home remedies.

And a simple reason for it is – tattoo machines with the help of tattoo needle simply inject ink under the second layer of the skin, which is called the dermis. And removing ink from the second layer is not that easy, it will take a lot of effort, time and of course patience.

If you have all that, then we suggest you try out home-remedies. Or else, go the simplest and easiest way – that’s a cover up tattoo! You never know this time you may get something splendid and extraordinary!


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