25 Super Cool Korean Hairstyles for Men 2023

A classy long haircut for Asian men, that screams innocence and sophistication. You can enjoy the length of your hair in this style and having them parted at the side gives you a neat preppy look.

25 Cool Korean Haircuts for Men in 2023

Korean Haircuts Men

Many of the hottest style and beauty trends that have emerged in recent years have originated in South Korea and have been greatly influenced by KPop, including men’s hairstyles. If you are looking for a fresh and modern way to update your hair, then be inspired by Korean haircuts for men. They have transformed classic looks like the buzz cut and bro flow or reinvented others entirely to give you something unique and edgy. A great example of this would be the Korean mullet, a much more wearable and effortlessly cool version of the original. These styles can be daring and youthful or create the perfect office-approved finish.

1. Two Block Haircut

The two-block haircut originated in South Korea and is loved because it is expressive and modern. The hair is separated into two distinct sections. The top appears longer and the underneath shorter to create a contrast in length and give you a trendy finish. The look can be easily adapted to different textures and lengths and is ideal for younger men because of its youthful appearance.

Korean Two Black Haircut

2. Taehyung’s Haircut

Anyone who is a fan of BTS will know the massive impact that this boy band has had, not just in South Korea but globally. They are praised for their musical talents and hairstyles, which can be easily replicated, such as Taehyung’s haircut. Kim Tae-Hyung, better known as V, rocks a mop hairstyle that is styled at medium length and deliberately unstructured. This gives him an effortlessly cool and carefree aesthetic that is sexy in a laidback way.

Taehyung's Haircut

3. Korean Bleached Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a classic short hairstyle for men defined by the length being relatively the same all around the head. It appeals to those who want a fuss-free and low-maintenance look and highlights your facial features. The best thing is that this look will work with all textures and most face shapes, and you can easily adapt it to reflect more of your personality. A good example is the Korean bleached buzz cut, which sees the hair dyed as a light and instantly noticeable hue.

Korean Bleached Buzz Cut

4. Korean Bro Flow

Do you have medium or long hair and look for a youthful and cool way to wear it? Look no further than the bro flow. To get the look, start by brushing your strands backward, away from the hairline, and leaving them to fall naturally. This creates softness and can complement sharp features. What makes the Korean version of this cut interesting is that you may wish to pair it with curtain bangs which are excellent for framing the face and enhancing your features.

Korean Bro Flow

5. Korean Side Part with Fringe

Have you been looking for a way to update your hairstyle? You cannot go wrong with a fringe because this will frame the face, highlight the features, and elevate a simple cut, giving you a modern edge. But don’t stop there; also consider a side part. Why? It is appealing because it is flattering on most face shapes and ideal for creating a soft, balanced finish.

Korean Side Part With Fringe

6. Korean Man Bun

The man bun has been a popular way men’s hairstyle for several years and is favored because it is simple, easy to do, and challenges outdated gender norms. You do not need much length to be able to pull your strands up into a bun. This is a practical option for going about your daily errands while keeping your hair out of your face.

Korean Man Bun

7. Korean Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a short hairstyle for men, with the defining feature being the horizontal fringe. This gives the look an edge and is a great way to show off your texture and bring attention to your eyes. While it is traditionally short bangs, you can experiment with the length for a more daring and expressive finish. Fringed styles can be incredibly flattering, hiding signs of aging and giving you a youthful appearance.

Korean Caesar Cut

8. Korean Curtain Cut

What is not to love about the curtain cut? It is a look that has been hugely popular within the aesthetic-driven KPop scene and is favored by younger men because of its youthful appearance. The way it is cut, with the middle parting, will frame the face and make your eyes more noticeable. It is also surprisingly flattering on most face shapes. There is so much to like about this hairstyle, including that it will complement all textures, whether you have perfectly straight strands or voluminous curls.

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Korean Curtain Bangs (1)

9. Korean Ivy League

There is nothing special about the Ivy League, right? Wrong. This may be a classic haircut with short hair on the back and sides and longer length on top, but that does not mean it is not a look deserving of praise. The beauty lies in the simplicity, making it easy to style and care for, while also giving you a traditionally masculine finish.

Korean Ivy League

10. Korean French Crop

Basic hairstyles like the French crop can still be incredibly stylish and effortlessly cool. This cut is defined by the hair being relatively the same length all over and is a great option for someone who favors low-maintenance styles. Or for those who want to grow out their locks. The one way you can experiment with the finish is with the fringe, which can be as long or as short as you wish. Cut it with choppy layers for texture, or keep it straight and horizontal for maximum impact.

Korean French Crop

11. Korean Half Up Half Down

Not many styles are as effortlessly cool as the Korean half up half down hairstyle. As the name suggests, this is a look defined by being one part up and the other down, but how you choose to do this is open to interpretation. A great choice would be with a simple ponytail to pull some of the hair away from the face, leaving the rest loose to show off your texture. For an unstructured finish, try the messy approach.

Korean Half Up Half Down

12. Korean Drop Fade

Faded hairstyles are a great way to personalize your look and can be playful and fun. They will also add structure to your haircut and provide a contrast between the length on top and the back and sides. There are several options to choose from, but the drop fade is one of the most appealing. Defined by its arc-shaped appearance, it drops low behind the ear, making it one of the more noticeable fades. The visible difference in length makes this an edgy choice, and while it does require more upkeep, the result is worth it!

Korean Drop Fade

13. Korean Long Slick Back

The slick back is ideal for men who want a sleek, polished appearance. Wearing it longer will also let you experiment more with the style and create something unique. To achieve this look, you want to brush the strands backward, away from the hairline, and secure it with your favorite product. Keeping your hair out of your face makes it neat.

Korean Long Slick Back

14. Korean Buzz Cut

If bleached hair is not your thing and you want something more classic, look no further than the Korean buzz cut. There is nothing particularly different about this style, nor is it bold or daring, which makes it appealing to men of all ages. To give it a modern update, you can opt for a fade. This will gradually shorten the sides and create a slight contrast with the strands on the top of the head. It will also create a more polished and structured finish. Ideal for masculine men or those who want a work-approved result.

Korean Buzz Cut

15. Korean Middle Part

Men with symmetrical features are drawn to the middle part because it can enhance their best qualities. How you style it is up to you, but most like to keep the length a bit longer so that the hair can be easily tucked behind the ears and away from the face. Alternatively, you can leave it loose, to fall softly against and create a carefree, unstructured, and undeniably sexy appearance.

Korean Middle Part

16. Korean Permed Mullet

There is something undeniably rebellious and daring about the Korean mullet, but it is a cut that is surprisingly flattering on most men. Is it styled to have shorter hair on the top and sides and more length in the back, creating a brilliant contrast. It will also work well with all textures and gives you versatility with styling, including trying a Korean perm for maximum impact and volume.

Korean Permed Mullet

17. Korean Short Messy Hair

Carefree and effortless, there is a reason messy hair remains one of the top ways to style your haircut. There is something incredibly alluring about the unstructured finish. It can also appear youthful and is an excellent way to give volume and texture to your strands. It will work on all lengths, including short, and can soften the features.

Korean Short Messy Hair

18. Korean Short Textured Hair

Transform your hair and create more volume with a textured finish. This means that your strands will not be sitting flat on your head but instead have movement and fullness, making it an appealing style for those who want to show off their haircut. You can achieve this finish with the right products and even heat-styling tools to give you that laid-back aesthetic.

Korean Short Textured Hair

19. Korean Butch Cut

Straight-forward, low-maintenance, and masculine are three ways to describe the Korean butch cut. The hairstyle is simple, but that is the appeal as it is cut to be even on the back, sides, and the top of the head. This makes it incredibly easy to style. It will also grow out nicely for those who want to change their appearance. The simplicity of the look will also let the focus be on your strong jawline and cheekbones.

Korean Butch Cut

20. Korean Side Part

The side part is a parting that is styled to the side. This can be incorporated into a range of hairstyles that differ in length and the appeal is how it can draw attention to your features, giving you a masculine and flattering finish. In addition, the right look can create volume and fullness in your hair, which makes this an option that will tick all the boxes.

Korean Side Part

21. Korean Side Swept Fringe

The right bangs can update your hairstyle and complement your face shape and features in so many ways. There are multiple looks to choose from, making finding the perfect option challenging. But have no fear; the Korean side-swept fringe will transform your haircut as it sweeps across the face, creating balance and adding texture.

Korean Side Swept Fringe

22. Korean Slick Back

The Korean slick back is ideal for giving yourself a trendy yet masculine appearance. It is simple and easy to achieve, with the hair brushed backward at the hairline and secured with a styling product like gel or pomade. This is an excellent option for keeping the hair away from your face and creating a polished finish. Don’t believe us? Let this photo be all the inspiration you need for your next trip to the barber.

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Korean Slick Back

23. Korean Straight Fringe

A straight fringe is a great option for those with this natural texture. Or you can achieve the sleek effect with heat styling. The appeal of this look is that it can make your cut more visible, for example, it will highlight the bluntness. Opt for shorter bangs to make them more manageable and less fuss. Alternatively, you can choose an eye-grazing option for a youthful and adventurous finish.

Korean Straight Fringe

24. Korean Straight Hair Mullet

The Korean mullet is every bit as cool as you would expect. It is a hairstyle that benefits from texture and volume but is also edgy and rebellious, with the strands longer on the top than the traditional cut and often styled to be shaggy for added texture. Or you can wear it with straight hair for a more defined finish. This style will work with all textures and is exceptionally flattering on most face shapes.

Korean Straight Hair Mullet

25. Shaggy Korean Mullet

The shaggy mullet is created with layers to give fullness to the top of the head, with the strands at the ends appearing thinner and finer. This is an excellent way to style the Korean mullet. It will give you a hairstyle with graduated layers around the face, ideal for framing it and softening the features. You can take the look one step further by experimenting with a bold shade of color, adding to the playfulness of your appearance.

Shaggy Korean Mullet

Korean Haircuts FAQs

What is the Korean hairstyle called?

There are many Korean hairstyles including the two-block and curtain cut. There are also versions of classic men’s cuts that have been adapted to feel more modern and fresh, these include the mullet or the buzz cut. The way the hair is styled can also make your cut feel updated.

What is Taehyung’s haircut called?

BTS boyband superstar Taehyung, or, as he is better known professionally as V, has become a style inspiration to men all over the world. He has incredibly cool hairstyles, with one of his most favored being the mop haircut. It creates a carefree and youthful appearance and is styled with a fringe. This haircut works best with natural textured hair that is medium to long.

Why do Korean guys have bangs?

Korean men understand the impact that bangs can have, working to frame the face, highlight the features, and create a fun or youthful finish. Bangs are also an excellent way to adapt your look to make it feel more personal and expressive.

How do you get Korean messy hair?

Messy hair is a big trend in men’s hairstyles and is defined by the deliberately unstructured finish that creates a carefree aesthetic. This is an incredibly textured finish that can soften sharp features. To achieve the texture, you want to use the right product, this could include a texturizing spray, putties, mousse, or hair wax. It is also best to leave length on top of the head to make it easier to style.


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25 Super Cool Korean Hairstyles for Men [2023]

Serena has a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and works in public relations for a nonprofit. She is a published writer both in print and online. With her vast knowledge of the latest trends, haircuts, and colors, she helps people look their best.

Korea has long been known for its emerging trends in fashion and when it comes to hairstyles, it has taken over the industry. Seoul, in particular, is known for its emerging haircut trends for Korean guys.

And to keep you updated of the latest K-pop trends, we bring to you the top Korean haircuts to try this season.

Latest Haircuts for Korean Men

Here’s a list of popular Korean hairstyles that men are swooning over. Have a look:

1. Long Top, Short Side

thick hairstyle for korean men

Break up your facial dimension by combing in a heavy part. Brush the hair to the opposite direction, and clipper one side. You’ll end up with this edgy Korean men’s hairstyle!

2. Combed Back with Buzzed Sides

slick back hairstyle for korean men

If you have long or medium length hair, it’s the perfect length for this handsome haircut! After combing back the top hair and using hair product to help with volume and securing style, clipper or buzz the sides for definition.

3. Spiky Mohawk

spiky hairstyle for korean men

If your hair is straight in texture, a punk, edgy style like this Korean men’s hairstyle will work handsomely. Clipper the sides, but use product to spike up the middle. The spikes don’t have to be perfect, just prickly!

4. Half Man Bun with Undercut

korean man bun

For hair that is chin-length or shoulder-length, you can put a cool twist on it by clipping or buzzing in an undercut! Then gather the top half of the hair into a slicked back man bun. It’s a sleek Korean men’s hairstyle perfect for casual or formal settings.

5. Short with Soft Center Part

hairstyle for korean old men

For men with short hair that is fine or thin, using just a little bit of mousse on fingers and working it into the hair will give you quick style that will last all day! To get the movement and extra built-in body, ask your stylist for short layers.

6. Shoulder-Length with Glasses

medium hairstyle for korean men

Do you wear glasses regularly? A shoulder-length cut will work with your specs to create flattering face-framing. This low-maintenance Korean men’s hairstyle takes just a couple minutes to style in the morning!

7. Coif with Fade

korean men hairstyle with undercut

If you’re lucky enough to have a thick head of hair, you definitely need to try a handsome coif! The Korean men’s hairstyle shows off thick hair in a sleek centered shape. Add a fade to the sides with a shaved design for added definition and personality.

8. Men’s Bob

middle part hairstyle for korean men

Just in case you thought bob haircuts were only for women, take a look at this Korean men’s hairstyle featuring the classic bob. Hair is chin-length and only needs a center part for wake-up-and-go style!

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9. Thick Hair with Color

blue hair color for korean men

Not sure you want to go with a full fade on your haircut? Try out the style without too much commitment by opting for a fade on just one side of your head. It will show off thick hair and add another cool dimension to your face. Bonus points if you try out a vibrant hair color like blue!

10. Blonde Hair with Long Bangs

blonde hairstyle for korean men

When it comes to hair that’s long, straight, and somewhat piecey in texture, opt for a Korean men’s hairstyle with long bangs. You can just your fingers to arrange them softly across the forehead.

11. Two-Block Haircut

Korean men haircut

This top hairstyle on our list is the most popular amongst Korean males. The haircut can be styled in a number of ways and is essentially an upgraded version of an undercut.

In this cut, the sides and the back are cut to short length whereas the length is kept at the crown. For our version, we have few choppy layers and a fringe to finish of the look.

12. Mid-Length Layered Cut

haircuts for Korean men

This style is our favorite one on the list. It is adorned by many Korean sensations and is extremely chic and trendy. It’s a layered style with the length falling off equally on all sides and a great volume left in the crown.

The rich layers also cover the temples in a stylish way only Korean boys can pull off! In order to achieve this men’s layered haircut, blow-dry your hair and apply some wax through it to make them set in the place.

13. Tousled Blonde

tousled blonde haircuts for Korean men

Another version of the two block cut mentioned earlier is to have the mass on the crown to be tousled. Instead of having the layers and the fringe straight and fall over the temples, the crown hair can be a bit messy, to give a cute yet trendy Korean look.

This look is famous among the K-pop idols. So if you are a fan, it’s worth trying then.

14. Asian Undercut

Korean men with bangs hairstyles

Korean people are known for experimenting with a number of ways to style the hair. One perfect example of this is this Asymmetric bangs hairstyle.

It is a sleek look with slightly long side-swept bangs. The look is elegant and charming and a must-try for those looking for deep razor trim lines to create a sharp effect on one side of the head.

15. Soft Layered Mid-length Hair

Korean hairstyles for men

If you have thick hair adding some soft layers around the ears and through the crown will take out some of the weight, whilst also giving the Korean inspired hairstyle a great shape.

16. Soft Thick Wavy Hair

korean men hairstyle

If you do not want to wear the crown layers straight or have them cut as a fringe on the forehead, then this might interest you.

This hairstyle allows you to have waves in your hair. It features a short back and length towards the crown to allow for the natural messy waves to fall.

This style is recommended to the teen boys looking for some chic Asian boy hairstyles.

17. Jimin Pink Hair

korean men haircut 7.jpg

The center-parted style for men from the nineties never gets old. And in the Korean edition, the style comes with some layers and a fluffy pink look to complete it off.

If you like to experiment with different shades of color, then this hairstyle is a must-try for you. You can have some layers showing too and with the center parting you can manage hat cool look through and through.

18. Long Top Short Sides

korean men haircut 8.jpg

Yet another improvisation to the two-block cut. You can get the length at the front as well as the back with this unique haircut, however, the sides are to shaved short.

This style is recommended for men with thick hair, to show off the texture and the volume.

19. Platinum Comb Over

korean men haircut 9.jpg

People in Korea love to experiment with hair color and this guy’s platinum blonde hairstyle is a perfect example of some successful experimentation.

Plus the combed back style in itself is classy apart from the platinumdye. A cool combed back look can be achieved by applying some hair product to the hair and then combing them back to perfection.

20. Asian Bowl Cut

Korean hairstyles for male

This is another quite common yet popular haircut amongst Korean men. In this style, the length is kept short overall, but the fringe in the front is kept slightly longer, along with the sideburns.

If you are looking for some sleek neat cut, then this is a perfect option for you. It elegant and classy with the right amount of length to the hair.

21. Shaggy Side Part

korean men haircut 11.jpg

Not a fan of the center part? Then try it out with a side part. This twist of shag and sleekness features some length at the crown with chopped offsides and the back. You can play with the haircut depending on your preference and mood.

22. Preppy Hairstyle

korean men haircut 12.jpg

Not all Korean hairstyles feature a funk look for guys; you can opt for a classy preppy look by adorning this hairstyle. Somewhat similar to the Ivy League haircut, this style screams class and elegance.

It’s perfect for those who want to spend minimum time on their hair when dressing up.

23. Messy with Tapered Undercut

korean men haircut 13.jpg

Another unique look on the list is this short messy hairdo for guys. It features mass on the crown part with shaved offsides.

The hair at the crown has been blow-dried and messed up to give a chic look. You can apply some wax or gel to get a textured look for this hairstyle.

Some More Related Articles

24. Multi-Colored Hair

multi colored mohawk for Korean men

A style with a lot of zings to it. If you are looking to make a bold style statement this multi-colored slick back hair is your best option.

25. Long and Straight

long straight hairstyles for Korean men

A classy long haircut for Asian men, that screams innocence and sophistication. You can enjoy the length of your hair in this style and having them parted at the side gives you a neat preppy look.

These are the modish Korean haircut for men that are so popular among youngsters for their eccentric look.