Jewelry Fashion Fix: Back in Black

the timeless nature of black

Black. It goes with literally everything, and we’re not just talking about clothing. Black humor, black magic, black eyes, black keys, black belt, black ice, black cat, black board; or in the words of one my favorite celebs, all black everything. No other color will ever truly be “the new black,” because black is continuously renewing its essence. From goth to glamor, punk to preppy, there’s no other shade that can ever be as versatile and as volatile as the one, the only, beautiful black.

girly, gothic, grungy, and glam black style

In the fashion world this maverick hue is separated into a myriad of shades, depending on saturation, depth, and shine. Coal, jet, obsidian, onyx, raven, and ink, to name a few. But the real star of the fashion show is definitely the texture, which can make, or break, any ebony ensemble. Leather, lace, cotton and fur, silk brocade, feathers and denim are all at the disposal of the modified style set. For jewelry that rests in piercings and dangles from earlobes however, the best of the bunch is unquestionably titanium. High shine, deep toned, anodized titanium body jewelry is the perfect accessory to accompany any seasonal outfit. So pick your polished poison, and get ready to look like a rock star.

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