Different Types Of Heels

Cork High Heels
These heels simply refer to the cork material used to make them. They can vary in height and style, but the cork material makes for a softer, more cushioned step.

24 Types of Heels and How to Choose The Right One

Knowing the names of heels can save you much time to find the exact pair of footwear you have been looking for. As most of us are only aware of a few types of heels, knowing the rest will give us more options to choose from. Here we will focus on all possible kinds of heels and how they have influenced formal and casual shoe styles.

Types of Heels

List of Medium and Low Heels

1. Kitten Heels

Different Types of Heels

What is it: Usually ranging from 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm, kitten heels are considered to be the lowest kind of heels.

Suitable Dresses: Sundresses and Jeans

2. Block Heels

Block Heels Type

What is it: This is a broader term, as block heel can be both low and high. The lower heels range from 2 cm to 3 cm.

Suitable Dresses: Jeggings and mid-length dresses

3. Cuban Heels

Types of Women Heel

What is it: With the same height or a little more than low block heels, Cuban heels give you a solid base, instead of a pointy one.

4. Comma Heels

Types of Ladies Shoe Heels

What is it: Resembling a comma, the crescent-shaped heels are low, just like kitten heels. The heels have either an inward or outward curve.

5. Spool Heels

Different Types of Spool Heels

What is it: The vintage heel has a wide top and bottom with a narrow middle. It was popular in both low and high styles, but now the low variation has taken over. The French heel, commonly known as pompadour heel or Louis heel are similar to spool heels, only difference is spools are a little curvaceous vertically while French ones are flatter or simpler.

6. Cone Heels

Types of Cone Heels

What is it: With a wide top and a narrow bottom, making the heel similar to an ice-cream cone, this heel is maximum 5 cm-7 cm long.

Suitable Dresses: Mini skirts, rompers, and jeans

7. Flare-heeled Boots

What is it: Quite the opposite of cone heels, as the flare style calls for a narrower top and wider bottom, these heels are considered chunky heels.

Suitable Dresses: Shorts, shirtdresses, and bootcut jeans

8. Sling Backs

What Is It: Sling back shoes have back elasticized straps. The design of the front varies as it could be peep-toes, pumps-like, or platform.

Suitable Dresses: Jeans, trousers, and midi dresses

9. Ankle Boots

What Is It: Being statement shoes all by themselves, ankle booties are essential fall fashion items for sure. They could be made of pure leather or suede, but the size of their heels has a wide range to start with. It could be Cuban styles, similar to block heels, or pointy stilettos, these booties are a must –have in your closet.

Suitable Dresses: Slim-fit jeans, capris, and flare skirts

10. Low-heeled Gladiators

Type of Low Heeled Gladiator

What Is It: Ankle-length gladiator sandals, adorned with small block heels are categorized as low-heeled gladiators. Women who want the same effect of the vintage look of this particular sandal type with the comfort of low heel, can rely on such particular type.

Suitable Dresses: Midi sundresses, shirt dresses, and flared or pleated skirts

11. Oxford Shoes

Type of Heels Oxford Shoes

What Is It: The low-heeled shoes are for women with a love for a girl-next-door look. Coupled with a simple dress and a pair of Oxford shoes, the combination brings out the country fashion at its best. Trousers are also an option if you wish to wear the shoes on a regular basis.

Suitable Dresses: Shirts and skirts, jeans, and jeggings

12. Flatform Heels

Flatform Type of Heels

What Is It: Flatform heels are a combination of platform and flat heels. When the platform of the shoes doesn’t stay limited on the front part and is distributed equally instead, throughout the shoes, it is called flatform shoes. This heel type exclusively gives a casual vibe.

Suitable Dresses: Maxi dresses and shorts

13. Mule Heels

Mule Heels Type

What Is It: The slide on heels has a classic no-nonsense style. The comfortable shoes don’t have any back straps, and that is the iconic feature. Originally, the style goes back to ancient Rome and has evolved over the period of time ever since.

Suitable Dresses: Trousers, boot-cut jeans

14. Loafer Heels

What Is It: The corporate looking shoes are mostly worn on office purposes, but women are trying mixing and matching tricks for various appearances.

Suitable Dresses: Formal trousers, pencil skirts

List of High Heels

1. Cut-out Heels

Types of High Heels

What Is It: The cut-out heels are trendy options especially they have a chunky appearance. The cut-out part of the front option is the reason such shoes have names like this.

Suitable Dresses: Bodycons, peplum or pencil skirts

2. High Block Heels

Types of Block High Heels

What is it: This particular type of block heels is similar to stilettos in regards to height.

Suitable Dresses: Bodycon dresses, peplum skirts, and evening gowns

3. Peep-toe Wedges

What Is It: The peep-toe wedges gives a peek-a-boo effect of your toes and covers the rest. Mostly comes in wedges, the espadrille variations are popular.

Suitable Dresses: Ankle-length pants, maxi dresses, and sundresses

4. Peep- toe Stilettos

Peep toe Stilettos Types of Women’s Heel

What Is It: The stilettos have a dressy vibe that makes your party ensemble complete and beautiful. Come in platform and non-platform variations, the heeled shoes are an absolute winner when it comes to choosing for the wedding sandals. For guests, bridesmaids, and of course, the bride, rhinestone-embellished peep-toe stilettos are wonderful.

Suitable Dresses: Evening gowns, LBD, or slit skirts

5. Lace-up High Heels

Lace –up Type High Heels

What Is It: These sandals give your mid-calf a chic look with all those beautiful laces. Some shoes are adorned with wide laces while some are as thin as possible. Every little difference gives a completely special look. Some straps are even featured with pompoms for making the appearance of the shoes funkier than they already are.

Suitable Dresses: Mini Skirts, short shift or wrap dresses, and bodycons

6. High-heeled Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals Different Types of High Heels

What Is It: Mostly available in mid-calf gladiator styles, the high heels are thin and pointy instead of block type heels. Usually, the signature straps are chunky that gives your feet different types of look. However, thigh-high gladiators also come in such high heels.

Suitable Dresses: Mid-length skirts and capris (for mid-calf gladiators)

Denim shorts, miniskirts or short wrap dresses or slit dresses (for thigh-high gladiators)

7. Pumps

Type of Pump Heels

What Is It: The classic pump shoes with a height ranging from 2-3 inches are mostly a universal staple and the advantage is that for all occasions you can wear them. From formal to casual, all events are suitable for a pair of pumps. While for a party you can wear neon shades, for your office purposes, you can keep the shade nude or tan based.

Suitable Dresses: Everything from a jeans-t-shirt combo to evening gowns

8. High-heeled Boots

What Is It: The dramatic effect of high boots is the center of attraction when you wear them. Both suede and leather boots are spectacular.

Suitable Dresses: Denim Shorts, and short rompers

9. Stilettos

What is it: The slender and pointy heels with a minimum height of 7.5 cm can be as tall as 25 cm. Sometimes the heels are designed with spikes, sometimes they are made of cork. Technically stilettos mean thin heels, that could be both high and low, but presently it has been popular as high heels.

Suitable Dresses: Long or short dresses, and jeans

10. Corset Heels

Corset Type of Heels

What Is It: The strappy shoes with a jacket or corset-like feature is known as corset shoes. The heavily embellished shoes are statement shoes as you need to showcase them. The laces are tied up either tightly or loosely.

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Suitable Dresses: Ankle-length jeans, skirts

Selecting The Right Type of Heels for Yourself

  • Shop at night because that is when your feet are swollen and it will help you with the right fitting.
  • Shoes having a round and almond-shaped front give more space to your toes. Also, the toe box( front space inside the shoes) should be deeper for extra comfort.
  • Check the arch of the heels and try on the pair to see if the natural arch of your feet matches the former.
  • Since walking in high heels are difficult, make sure the shoes you are planning to buy have enough cushioning inside, to make it easier on your feet ball.

Heels are not a mark of beauty; rather they are an enhancement to complement your getup. While low and mediums are most sought after ones for corporate getups, high heels are best reserved for dressy ensembles.

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Whether you’ve just started working in a shoe department and want to be able to talk the lingo, or you’ve recently gotten really into fashion, knowing your shoe definitions is a useful skill. When it comes to high heeled shoes, we have a special place in our hearts. So we’ve decided to create the ultimate list of types of heels. Some of these have gone out of style but with the cyclical fashion industry, we won’t be surprised if they make a comeback soon. Without further ado, we give you 27 heel types. Think you could ace the quiz?

High, Mid and Low Heel Types

kitten heels

  1. Kitten Heels
    We recently wrote about kitten heels and love the style for the comfort / fashion mix. They’re great for parties or work events where you don’t need the extra height but will be on your feet for awhile.


Also known as simply high heels, pumps are usually wider and between 2 and 3 inches in height. They’re typically low cut around the front.


The highest of all the high heels, stilettos can reach up to 8 inches. While these heights can cause problems walking for many, it’s a worthy skill for the lengthening effect they have on one’s legs. Note: many stilettos are also platforms due to the height (see below for platforms).

ankle strap heels

Ankle Strap Heels
A favorite of the Clickless team, ankle strap heels are very much in style right now. The height of the heel can vary, but the one common denominator is the strap that goes around the ankle, making the heels more secure and comfortable to walk in.

wedge heels

Wedge Heels
There are two different types of wedge shoes: wedge heels and wedge sandals. Wedge heels are flush just like a high heel would be, and there is no separation from the heel to the sole.

wedge sandals

Wedge Sandals
While they have the same type of heel as a wedge heel, wedge sandals have a more open, sandal upper.

cone heels

Cone Heels
Wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base, cone heels form what you might expect: a cone. Just picture an ice cream cone on the bottom of your shoe. Disclaimer: while we know you love your shoe collection, please try not to eat them.

slingback heels

Sling Back Heels
Unlike ankle strap heels, the sling back heel just has a strap that goes around the back of the achilles heel. This provides a more elegant look while still achieving the function of stabilization.

platform heels

Platform Heels
You can see platform heels from short to tall. The main thing that makes them platform is the part of the shoe under the sole is thicker. Many say this makes the higher heels more comfortable because there’s less of a height differential between the back and front of the foot.

high heel sandals

High Heel Sandals
With varying heights, a high heel sandal is anything that has any of the heel types listed here (high, stiletto, kitten), but with a sandal upper.

peep toe heel

Peep Toe Heels
Somewhat of a tease, peep toe heels come in all shapes and sizes. All they need is for a pop of your colorful toenails to show to be a peep toe!

cork heels

Cork High Heels
These heels simply refer to the cork material used to make them. They can vary in height and style, but the cork material makes for a softer, more cushioned step.

high heeled boots

High Heeled Boots
Steve Miller said, “in the wintertime when all the trees are brown, wear high heeled boots”. Okay, we made that last part up. But these babies pair well under or over jeans or even with a skirt or dress.

ankle booties

Ankle Booties
Making their comeback within the last few years, high heeled booties, or ankle booties, are great for spring or fall days when a full boot is overkill.

spool heels

Spool Heels
If you think of a spool of thread, you may understand the concept of spool heels. The heel is thicker at the sole of the foot, narrow in the middle, and then comes back out at the base.

mule heels

Mule heels are any type of heel that comes up high over the top of the foot. You could have an open or closed to mule; the height of the heel can vary.

ballroom dance shoes

Ballroom Dance Shoes
Strappy shoes that typically have an enclosed back and ankle strap, ballroom dance shoes have lots of support for (you guessed it) getting your groove on. They’re low enough to be stable but high enough to provide a little vertical lift. They’re becoming more popular at weddings.

cutout heels

Cut Out Heels
Getting more on the funky, cool side of high heel types, cut out heels are any type of heel that has a portion of the upper cut out for effect.

corset heels

Corset Heels
Similar to a mule style of heel or a bootie, the difference with a corset heel is that the two sides are tied together as a traditional corset would be.

french heels

French Heels
Also known as Louis Heels or Pompador Heels, these are similar to spool heels wherein they are short but have some curve to the heel.

The traditional Oxford has that academy look with a flat heel. But lately, we’re seeing Oxford heels come on the scene. The heel is still flat at the base, but with more height than a traditional Oxford.

chunky heels

Chunky Heels
This is the general term for any heel with a wider base that is typically square. They’re usually on the short to medium side, and provide more stability than traditional high heels or stilettos.

comma heels

Comma Heels
Think of the comma. Yes, we’re referring to the punctuation mark. Now line that up with the heel of a shoe, and you have a comma heel!

espadrille heels

Espadrille Heels
Somewhat new on the fashion scene, Espadrille shoes have a fabric upper and a plaited fiber sole, made popular worldwide by Toms. Espadrille heels are a take on this traditional flat, and can have a heel or wedge base.

fantasy heels

  • Fantasy Heels
    Here’s the wildcard heel type to cover all of the crazy designs out there. There are so many types of heels you could never think of in your head, and yet they do exist. We’re not sure who wears them other than maybe Lady Gaga, but they do exist.
  • Your Guide to 30+ Different Types of Heels for Women

    Your Guide to 30+ Different Types of Heels for Women

    This post may contain affiliate links, which at no cost to you, ShoeTease may earn a small commission if you click through and/or make a purchase. Thank you for supporting Shoe-Tease.com!

    If you’re looking to learn about the different types of heels and high heel styles for women, your search is over!

    In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through the different types of high heels, from kitten heels to sky high stilettos.

    You’ll also become familiar with all the high heel styles, heel names, heel shapes and the various heights available.

    Each heel type will be illustrated, so you’ll come out of this guide with visual knowledge too.

    Just how many types of heels are there, you ask? Let’s just say there are a lot. I mean, I’ve been working in shoes for over 15 years and some of these types of high heels surprised even me!

    And every few years a new style pops up. I feel like I’m constantly discovering more by the day!

    Need to brush up on your high heel lingo? You can reference my post about all the parts of a high heel – inside & out – if high heel terminology isn’t your strong suit!

    32 Different Types of Heels for Women

    There are so many types of shoes for women, a plethora of types of sandals, and oh-so-many types of heels. These heels range from low to high, straight to curved.

    Each serves a different purpose and can suit different outfits, occasions and even the wearer’s moods!

    Heck, there are even so many boots that I wrote a post on the 19+ types of boots for women. Let’s just say that we have a lot to choose from!

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    Fun fact : The origin of high heels is said to come from 10th century Persia. Army men wore them with stirrups when horse riding (source).

    They have since taken many forms and are one of the preferred shoe styles for women.

    Some heels are of course, more fashionable than others, depending on the year, season and era. Other types of heels have been in style for centuries!

    Others have become timeless classics that every woman should own. I should probably write a post about that 😉

    Of course, my favorite type of heels are stilettos. I love them so much that I wrote a post about them, answering various questions including, what are stilettos! Lots of info about this thin heel type.

    Although women have been warned of the potential dangers of high heels (sprains, foot and back problems, are just a few), high heels have a vast appeal.

    I mean, how many high heel quotes have been noted over the years and counting?

    Although many women are still learning how to walk in heels, many wear them regardless of heel-wearing ability.

    In fact, over 70% of women are going to wear heels at least once in their life.

    Many others will be repeat wearers, especially in their youth. I was definitely one of those gals! I mean, if we’re talking statistics here: in 2019 alone, the value of the global high heels market was worth about 34.1 BILLION US big ones.

    And these numbers are expected to rise to over 42.7 billion US dollars by 2024. I know, shocking, right!? (source)

    In this post about high heels, I will divide my knowledge of different heel types into 2 guides: 1) will be heel shapes and 2) will be heeled shoe styles.

    Feel free to click on the link to jump to the guide you’re most interested in:

    DIfferent types of heels in different colors on a white background.

    1. Different Heel Types: the heel portion itself
    2. Various styles of high heel shoe types: the kind of shoe as a whole

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    Different Heel Types & Shapes

    Collage of 10 different types of high heel shapes.

    Block Heels

    chunky platform sandals styling

    Starting our journey into the foray of different heel types with the block heel.

    Block heels (aka Chunky Heels) take their name from the fact that instead of being thin shape (see the stiletto section below for that). The heel itself is a thick block with a larger surface area.

    Not only a fashionable heel aesthetic at the moment, but block heels are also great because they make walking and standing a little bit easier vs other heel types.

    Block heels come in many shapes and sizes, including square heels, or rectangular in shape, although sometimes block heels can be rounded in shape, similar to that of a cylinder. Check out all the pretty ones available now.

    Stiletto Heels

    Woman wearing black patent stiletto heels | Different types of heels by ShoeTease.

    In complete contrast to block heels, stilettos are thin and for many, the higher the better! Stiletto heels can be found on many fet!sh shoes, such as very high heels (skip ahead neat the bottom for that).

    Stilettos are commonly found on pointed pumps, and strappy summer sandals. Christian Louboutin’s So Kate pointed pumps or his lower heeled version called Pigalle are a great example of a stiletto heel.

    Very thin, often metallic stiletto heels are also called pin heels. Learn more about stilettos in my What are Stilettos post.

    Shop Stiletto Heels:

    Black suede pointed toe pumps on white background.

    Christian Louboutin so kate black patent pumps.jpeg

    Black cut out suede kitten heel pump shoe on white background.

    Cuban Heels

    Combat Boots with Cuban Heels - Different Types of Heels

    Cuban heels are an even blockier/chunkier, version of a block heel. Cuban heels can be medium to high in height and are often found on tougher shoe or boot types, such as cowboy boots and combat boots.

    But you can also find them on a rugged pump or loafer.

    Cone Heels

    Woman wearing cone heels with ankle straps | Different types of heels by ShoeTease

    Just as it sounds, a cone heel is the shape of an ice cream cone. Just like these Saint Laurent heels, featured above.

    The part of the heel that attaches to the shoe’s base is the larger portion, from which it tapers down towards the bottom.

    Cone heels always remind me of Shoe Bakery’s literal ice cream cone heels that are magnificent!

    Cone heels can be found on all types of shoe styles, from booties to sandals and can be any heel height. Even as low as a kitten heel. Which brings me to my next one…

    Kitten Heels

    DSC 11182.jpg

    Cute as a button, kitten heels are short, narrow heels that are primarily defined by their height: usually between 1-3 inches tall.

    Kitten heels come and go in fashion and are used in all kind of shoe types for women in including booties, pumps, mules and sandals.

    This heel type also comes in many shapes and sizes, including cone heels, stacked heels, comma heels and more.

    Many women prefer wearing kitten heels because they are easier to walk in, compared to their high heel counterparts, but seen as more elegant that a simple flat. Shop current kitten heels here.

    Shop Kitten Heels:

    Black pointed toe ankle strap slip on kitten heels on white background.

    Black and silver pointed toe slip on kitten heels on white background.

    Black leather open square toe slip on kitten heels on white background.

    Wedge heels

    Vionic comfortable espadrilles wedges strappy Calypso

    Speaking about comfortable high heels, wedges are a great option for that. A wedge heel’s heel does not detach from the sole and continues along the outsole without a break.

    This allows the wearer’s weight to be distributed evenly along the whole base of the foot. Walking and standing in wedge heels is hence a lot easier.

    Salvatore Ferragamo is famous for having created the wedge shoe as an orthopedic wedge in the early 1930s.

    He used wood and cork materials as there was a shortage of leather and rubber materials during the second world war.

    Wedges are still popular made of cork, and these by Christian Louboutin are going strong on Ebay.

    Wedge heels can sometimes be made with a platform under the ball of foot, to make the heel that much higher.

    They are also a more casual heel type and are popular in sandals, peep-toes and booties. Wedge sneakers became popular in the mid-2010s.

    Famous wedge heels include espadrilles heels, which are wrapped in rope. Wedge heels made of cork are and have been very popular as well.

    But wedge heels can be covered in various other materials too, including leather. See some great wedge heels here.

    Shop Wedges:

    Wedges Affiliate 1.jpg

    Black leather knotted open toe design with buckle ankle strap heels on white background.

    Khaki leather open toe with ankle buckle strap wedge heels on white background.

    Comma Heels

    2 pairs of black low comma heels | different types of heels by ShoeTease

    Comma heels are just like you picture them: a big ‘old comma used to punctuate sentences. (And one of my favorite punctuation marks to use, might I add.).

    Heels shaped like a comma tend to bring an element of quirkiness to the shoes. It’s no surprise that many unique shoe brands create women’s shoes with comma heels!

    Dior recently brought them back with their J’Adior slingbacks, which also feature a kitten-height heel.

    Flare Heels

    Yellow snake print shoes with flare heels | different types of heels

    Similar to the post in which I speak about shoes to wear with flare jeans, flare heels take on a similar shape to their denim namesake.

    They are the opposite of cone heels, as they start more narrow where attached to the shoe, and flare out – aka widen – towards the base.

    And just like flare jeans – or perhaps more accurately, bell bottoms – they became widely popular in the 1970s. They recently made a comeback in the 20teens in the form of ankle boots. I own a few pairs still!

    French Heels

    2 Fluevog shoes with French heels

    Quirky like the comma heel, French heels have their origin in 18th century France. The heel is sculpted in such a way that narrows at mid height. Just like a corset would cinch at the waist.

    French heels are usually found on a pump style shoe with a pointed or almond toe as was popular during King Louis’ reign.

    French heels are also known as Pompadour Heels, Louis Heels, Antoinette Heels, spool heels and waisted heels.

    You will find this type of heel on many period costume-inspired shoes. Canadian shoe brand John Fluevog is a big believer in this type of heel design, like in his 2 shoes featured above.

    Stacked Heels

    Mustard Yellow Slingback Stacked Heels - Different Types of Heels | ShoeTease

    What is a stacked heel, you ask? The stacked heel has less to do with its shape and everything to do with its construction.

    It’s a heel made of thin stacked layers of materials, usually leather or wood, that one can see via subtle horizontal stripes. See the shoes above.

    Sometimes, a stacked heel is covered in leather or other materials. Stacked heels are mostly seen on cowboy boots and similar boots with thicker heels, such as block, cone or Cuban heels.

    This heel type has had many fashionable moments on sleek ankle boots, loafers and high heel shoes alike. Shop stacked heel shoes here.

    Lucite Heels (Clear Heels)

    Woman Wearing Lucite Heels on Black Sandals- Different Types of Heels | ShoeTease

    Ever seen clear, see-through heels? More than likely, these are lucite heels. Although they might be a preferred shoe for ladies who like to dance on poles, shoe designers have shaped them into a fashionable trend.

    Lucite heel shapes are mostly block heels, but I’ve seen them shaped into curved and flared heels.

    Some designers have fused them with other materials and even filled them in with random objects!

    Like Jeffrey Campbells’ Barbie head heels. See all the many current shoes with lucite heels, here.

    Lobster Claw Heels

    Lobster Claw Heels | Different Types of Heels

    The lobster claw heel is closely associated with 2009’s Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo, catapulted to fame by Lady Gaga. She wore a glittery pair in her Bad Romance video and on various red carpet appearances by her and Daphne Guinness.

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    They were a revolutionary shoe form at the time that spun a ton of inspiration to other brands, from Christian Siriano to United Nude (the toothy ones above). Definitely a fashion moment for this extreme high heel!

    Fantasy Heels

    Fantasy heels with Hula Girls Design

    When other heels don’t fit the mold – quite literally in this case! – and are so creative, they’re considered Fantasy Heels.

    Often also called decorative heels because of their ornate nature, this type of heel is hard to miss! Think heels shaped into flowers or wild creatures kinda heels!

    Usually reserved for special outings, fantasy heels are predominantly seen on high fashion and couture runways, rather than in real life.

    Some of the most beautiful and strange heels ever created have been fantasy heels. Like various ones by Irregular Choice, like these Hula Girl Heels, featured above.

    18 Different Types of High Heel Shoes


    canadian tuxedo black suede pumps outfit

    High heel pumps, also known as court shoes to the British, are one of the most popular high heel shoe types. They come in a variety of heel heights (usually over 1 inch tall), and in various toe and heel shapes.

    What makes them pumps is their low cut front. I’ve even declared high heel pumps one of the top heeled shoes that go with everything!

    Click the following link to learn all about stilettos vs pumps!

    Shop Women’s Pumps:

    Sam Edelman Black Pumps Affiliate.jpg

    Steve Madden Block heel pumps affiliate.jpg

    Black kitten heel pumps affiliate.jpg

    Mary Jane Heels

    Double Strap Mary Jeans - Purple Reptile Print

    Mary-Jane heels are similar to pumps, but they have a fastening in the middle of the foot, usually a buckle or strap.

    The shoe type is American in origin, and in low heel form, has been popular little girl’s shoe.

    However, designers such as Manolo Blahnik have created a very adult shoe out of it. Carrie Brandshaw of Se!x and the City famously declared Manolo’s Campari Heels an urban shoe myth.

    Lots of fun saying about shoes in my high heels quotes post, if you’re interested!

    Platform Heels

    Black Patent Wooden Platform Clogs

    Platform heels are those that have an added element – a platform – under the front portion of the outsole to add height. Any type of high heel shoe can have a platform.

    Platform heels tend to be more comfortable because the platform itself reduces the incline of the foot and puts less pressure on the ball of foot area. The platform itself can vary in height.

    Take a look at what platforms are in store right now.

    Shop Platform Sandals:

    Platform Sandals Affiliate 1.jpg

    Platform Sandals Affiliate 2.jpg

    Platform Sandals Affiliate 3.jpg

    Flatform Heels

    Pink Platform Espadrilles hot summer outfit

    Flatform heels are a type of wedge heel that does not have an incline. It’s essentially a platform that extends along the full outsole at an even height, so the foot remains flat, but on a pedestal of sorts.

    Flatforms, like platforms were a hit in the 70s.

    Sling Back Heels

    Pair of women

    Slingback heels are women’s shoes with an ankle strap that wraps around the back and sides of the ankle, right above the heel.

    The slingback is different from an ankle strap shoe, as the strap doesn’t wrap around the full ankle – only the back.

    D’Orsay Heels

    Woman wearing white D

    What is a D’Orsay heeled shoe? It’s a shoe that has at least one side of the shoe – where the foot’s arch is – cut away.

    Most D’Orsay shoes are heels, but they can also be used in lower styles like oxfords, booties and ballerina flats. Some have ankle straps.

    The D’Orsay heels featured above are Gianvito Rossi’s Bree pumps from Net-A-Porter. You can also find a great selection of D’Orsay heels from Nordstrom.

    Ankle Strap Heels

    Alexander Wang Ankle Strap High Heels

    Just like the name states, ankle strap heels are those heels that have one or more straps that wrap around the ankle. The strap might buckle up or tie around.

    The strap may also wrap high up the leg. Ankle strap pumps are a popular version of these heels, as are D’Orsay heels with ankle straps.

    Peep-Toe Heels

    Coach Canvas Peep Toes.jpg

    Peep-toe heels are shoes with a cut out at the toe. Often, they are a pump with a toe cut out and can have a platform or not. Heeled peep-toe booties have also been a popular heel style.

    These ones featured above, are platform peep-toe Mary Janes.

    Mule Heels

    Blush satin mules with rhinestones nine west

    Mules are shoes that are open at the back and are usually closed-toe. Some can have a peep-toe.

    The heel heights can range from low to very high. Their origin dates back to Ancient Rome.

    Clogs are a popular type of mule heels, but Gucci brought them back with a vengeance in loafer version. Shop mules at Nordstrom, here.

    Shop Mules:

    Tan faux leather pointed toe front buckle detail pump on white background.

    Mules Affiliate 2.jpg

    Black suede slip on pointed toe mule on white background.

    High Heel Slides

    Turquoise puffy heel slides with slim heel on white background. Different types of heels by ShoeTease.

    Slides are similar to mules in that they don’t have any form of closure in the back or around the ankle.

    Slide heels, however, are completely open-toed and considered a sandal. They’ve been extremely popular since 2020.

    Flip Flop Heels

    Flip Flop Heel Different Types of High Heels ShoeTease.jpg

    Flip flop heels have come and gone over the years and they’ve come full force in 2021.

    The most fashionable high heeled flip-flops at the moment come with a squared toe. Check out these ones that are in store.

    Ankle Booties

    toronto fashion week street style shoes

    High heeled ankle boots have become a wardrobe stable for women, especially for Fall.

    Some consider peep toe boots – a boot meets sandal – an ‘ankle bootie’ while others see them as high heeled ankle boots.

    I am one of the latter! Ankle boots are one of my favorite shoes to wear with bell bottom jeans.

    Shop Classic Ankle Boots for Women:

    Ankle Boot Affiliate 1.jpg

    Ankle Boot Affiliate 2.jpg

    Ankle Boot Affiliate 3.jpg

    Heeled Boots

    TFW Street Style Shoes

    Of course, heeled boots are just popular on high boots too. You can find all kinds of heel types from ankle boots, knee high to thigh boots, and in all different heel heights.

    Wear your tall heeled boots with skinny jeans or a summer dress for Fall.

    Shop Over-the-Knee Boots :

    Over the Knee Boots Affiliate 1.jpg

    Over the Knee Boots Affiliate 2.jpg

    Over the Knee Boots Affiliate 3.jpg

    Very High Heels

    Very High Heels Different Types of Heels ShoeTease.jpg

    Very high heels refers to both the very high heel of the shoe (usually above 6 inches) as well as the high heel type. There are many different types of very high heels.

    For instance, a very high heel can be a pump or sandals with extra height, usually supported by a platform.

    Fet!sh Heels

    Fetish Heels Different Types of Heels ShoeTease.jpg

    Not all very high heels are fet!sh heels, but all fet!sh heels are very high heels, like these ones.

    They sell a ton of similar styles plus extreme high heel ballet shoes on Ebay, so they are a lot more popular than you might think!

    Heelless Heels

    Heelless Heels are somewhat hard to describe in words. Think of a high-heeled platform shoe, minus the back heel portion and that’s the result!

    André Perugia is said to have created this extraordinary non-heel around the same time as Salvatore Ferragamo created both the wedge and platform, in the mid-late 1930s.

    They didn’t become particularly popular until more recently creations by Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana that caught both Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga’s eye.

    These types of shoes for women aren’t as popular at the moment of publishing this post, but here’s a good example of this type non-heel.

    Pole Dancing Heels

    Sexy female legs wearing stripper heels against a blue background

    Another very high heel subcategory is the sky-high pole dancing shoes, aka str!pper shoe.

    These shoes can have lucite heels with an extra high platform with ankle strap to keep them from slipping off.

    For some ladies, these are a preferred clubbing shoe, but it’s the pole dancers that have made them famous. Hence the name!

    Ballroom Dancing Heels

    Ballroom Dance Shoes Different Types of Heels ShoeTease 1.jpg

    Another type of heel shoe style is that worn by women on the ballroom dance floor. They usually have a kitten heel or heel between 1-3 inches high.

    Ballroom dance shoes for women have heels because they help keep the woman’s body weight balanced on her heel and toes.

    This makes various dance movements flow more easily. Ballroom heels are mostly d’Orsay sandals with ankle straps and a slender curved heel.

    Many are often made of shiny satin, or bejewelled materials.

    Corset Heels

    Black Corset Heels Bootie - Different Types of High Heels by ShoeTease.

    Corset heels take their name from the undergarment, because of how they’re laced up – usually at the front – similarly to a corset.

    However, corset heels can also have laced-up detailing that runs up at the back of the heels or side too.

    The FetIsh heel section above shows a shoe with a corset heel. Corset heels are usually found in bootie or sandal form, however, corset-detailed high boots also exist.

    Shop strappy heels like these featured above, from Nordstrom.

    Final Thoughts on Different Types of Heels

    Now that I’ve given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to the different types of heels, high heel styles and heel types, I hope you feel better acquainted with all of them.

    As you’ve seen, many of the above heel types can be a combination of heel types and styles.

    This means that the number of different types of heels is almost immeasurable!

    It all shows how much more difficult getting dressed in the right heels can be. Well, at least it is for me!

    Which heels are your favorite high heel types? Any high heel names and/or heel styles that got you scratching your head?

    Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know!