Churidar Neck Designs: 42 Best Churidar Designs You Will Love

Raglan is surprisingly well accepted in the churidar neck designs world. Essentially a Western style, it’d been well adopted here too.

25 New Model Churidar Designs For Women in 2023


A churidar dress is really a style of a traditional Indian fancy dress. The Punjabi women have churidars, and also salwar kameez, a popular dress, has looked many in Pakistan and India. The kurta is famous for the very best part of the dress, and salwar is trousers in the design of the dress. There are various churidar designs of the new model on the top and the bottom of the attire.


Churidars will be the ones having a skin fit bottom which have a comfy stitch on the waist and also thighs along with a skin fit on the leg part through the knees to ankle wherever it forms pleats which are called “churi.” The same design is also looked at using the sleeves in the top kameez or kurta. The churidar sleeves tend to be stitched skin suit for the lady’s hands and create pleats (churi) in the wrist part.

White Cotton Jacquard Embroidered Churidar Suit

A variety of Chudidar Dress Designs And Styles:

We can easily see churidar designs different often such as the Anarkali churidars, flared chudidar, short chudidars, skin fit churidars, long tops, etc. and also a range in churidar such as the Patiala churidar, pathani chudidar, trouser style churidar, palazzo chudidars, etc. from that the churidar dresses are perfect best with a distinctive look at the finish. Many have also maintained their preferred position as one of the ladies, while some are fast creating their pace to the clothes. So let me take a look at the churidar styles catalog.


List Of Ideal Churidar Dress Designs:

    • Easy Cotton Churidar Design.
    • Cotton Silk Churidar Dress Design.
    • Designer Cotton Chudidar Suit in Yellow.
    • Designer Whole Sleeves Churidar Dress.
    • High Collar Churidar Sleeve Design.
    • Straight Cut Designer Churidar Outfit.
    • Different Colored Churidar Suit.
    • Split Churidar Suit.
    • Black Short Churidar Suit.
    • Worked on Designer Churidar Suit
    • Stylish Brochette Churidar Dresses
    • Easy But Stylish Churidar Suit
    • The Designer Fashion Churidar Dress
    • The Red Net Wedding Churidar Dress For Women
    • Designer Salwar Churidar Suit
    • Floral Printed Knee Length Cream Anarkali Suit
    • Knee-Length Anarkali Churidar Designs
    • Umbrella Cut Anarkali Churidar Designs
    • Frock Style Anarkali Churidar
    • Cotton Anarkali Lerya Design Churidar Suit
    • Stylish Party Wear Churidar Anarkali Dress
    • Attractive Moghal Look Bandhani Anarkali Churidar
    • Hand Woven Bandhani Churidar Salwar Kameez
    • Latest Bridal Churidar Suit
    • Classic Mirror Work Anarkali In Churidar Design

    1. Easy Cotton Churidar Design:

    Cotton churidar dresses will be the most selected styles among girls and ladies in workout wear. Women choose churidar suits to appear decent and appealing at work and even at festivities like parties or buddies get together. The actual decent look of the skin fit sleeves and salwar of churidar design makes the lady look slim and attractive anytime worn. This easy churidar design is one preferred of all women for a long period!


    2. Cotton Silk Churidar Dress Design:

    Silk churidars have a high feel with the fabric. Additionally, it is believed that this stitch in churidar design in silk is to be taken the highest care while wearing after that. The silk material could be loose or obtain stretched while wearing. The shine of the golden work of dresses looks amazing when stitched skin fits your body. These are a comfortable fit for any celebration.


    3. Designer Cotton Churidar Suit In Yellow:

    Cotton churidar suits are used more when compared with other fabrics because it is worth it. The fabric is most effective in the design of the actual churidar style. The skin fit design can be very easily flexible with cotton fabric, and it is at least at risk of getting stretched. Long sleeves and salwar with a churidar design with a long below-knee kurta call make a stylish look. The women’s churidar design is easy yet elegant!


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    4. Designer Full Sleeves Churidar Dress:

    Jacqueline Fernandez wearing a churidar designer suit having a long sleeve and also churidar salwar looks magnificent on her. The round neck design with a ribbon border and beadwork makes the gown look rich and look stylish. When stitched right, they can fit your body, such as another organ. High heels achieve the suit a lot more using the skin-fit churidar salwar.


    5. High Collar Churidar Sleeve Design:

    Dresses with high neck collar having a long sleeve making churidar fits more full of design and chic. Churidar dresses in a cotton silk crush material possess creases in the fabric itself, and when the actual churi sleeves and salwar join it, the outfit appears marvelous. The appearance in such a wonderful dress can be appealing at the party. A few of this particular design comes in the ready-made type, and some can be customized stitched to the way you prefer it being.


    6. Straight Cut Designer Churidar Dress:

    A straight-cut long dress top with an identical design print within the fabric creates the outfit appear amazing. Ladies with short elevation can surely select such a design. A churidar salwar is ideal with such a lengthy kurta. This particular variety of churidar designs includes heavy work, which is a good attire for a celebration. You might want to think carefully before wearing this in a hot summer season.


    7. Different Colored Churidar Suit:

    Colors create a drastic impact on the dressing of women especially combined with the design of the dress. Churidar designs of salwar and sleeves aim to create the hands and legs look outlined and slimmer. The very best colors that can appeal to the same design helps make the dress look more appealing. Therefore a distinction-colored salwar kameez can provide you with a significant look.


    8. Split Churidar Suit:

    A churidar suit and slim fit sleeves and salwar having a designer kurta of a split cut flare is definitely a fantastic outfit. The kameez could be stitched. Having a closed neck design self decorated fabric creates the dress appear effective and heavy. This type of design can appear awesome with no chuni as well. This stylish churidar design will appear its best in light shades.


    9. Black Short Churidar Suit:

    Short churidar dresses also provide recognized the impact of by themselves. A perfect Punjabi highlight is visible with a short kurta on a churidar salwar. Long sleeves make pleats at the ends, along with a work of sequins, provide a delightful appearance. Sonakshi Sinha, the Bollywood actress, appears a Punjabi kudi with a brief black churidar suit. Furthermore, a few accessories as well as it will finish the look.


    10. Worked On Designer Churidar Suit:

    Cotton silk dresses having a trendy zardosi and diamond look cheerful on any designer suit. The dress embroidery design with its zardosi work appears awesome. Tailors even stitch net sleeves along with patchwork in a churidar sleeve design. A red and green color churidar dress is really an ideal suit for an Indian bride.


    11. Stylish Brochette Churidar Dresses:

    Brochette fabric dresses are already extremely in the fashion world currently. A brochette fabric suit, a V-neck design, and a full net sleeve and churidar salwar provide an ideal set of the festival dress. These come in different colors and with a few works over the body, providing an awesome look.


    12. Easy But Stylish Churidar Suit:

    A red long cut salwar kameez in a churidar design is really a piece of the regal look. The particular self-embroidered red dress worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan here appears so wonderful. A uni-color gown with complete churidar sleeves as well as salwar attracts surrounding. Try out a few minimal jewelries with this particular.


    13. The Designer Fashion Churidar Dress:

    A mixture of two fabrics and various colors can make any outfit more appealing. Fashioners experiment with materials and join in to make fantastic designs. The red chikan worked fabric is stitched with a printed black and white fabric and simple black material to create a designer dress. The very long dress can also be designed with a lengthy sting besides the waistline from the top to create the dress turn into figure-fit according to women’s selection. The same is combined with a churidar salwar which makes it completely appear amazing.


    14. The Red Net Wedding Churidar Dress For Women:

    Indian weddings have grown to be a ceremony of one day and a set accompanied by several days. A designer dress might be among the pre-planned dress for one from the ceremony. A big back flared designer dress with sequins throughout can be one particular wonderful suit for the wedding. The choli part, simple with the adorned sequins on the net at the flare part, can make the dress top appear amazing. A combined churidar salwar looks ideal using the dress. Create a snazzy appearance!


    15. Designer Salwar Churidar Suit:

    You will find different types of churidar to select from. The classic churidars have a change every time they sewed with a new fabric. A mid-cut add fully made with floral styles with beans and also sequins. The actual salwar in churidar sew also adorned along with sequins of floral design. The designer dress could be the showstopper on a red carpet performance.


    16. Short Above Knee Anarkali Churidar Designs:

    Anarkali dresses are an extremely historical form of churidar suits in the story of Indian dresses. The Mughal women used the Anarkali dresses with churidar sleeves and churidar salwar and optimum pleats inside them. Even now, the craze for churidar Anarkali dresses does not have any less impact on women. A short Anarkali flared dress having a churidar sleeve, and salwar is really a designer item. The small girls love and appear excellent in such a designer piece of salwar kameez suit.


    17. Knee-Length Anarkali Churidar Designs:

    A quality look with a rich feel looks incredible at all times for the day. A creased cotton soft items dress stitched Anarkali flared extend to the knees look ideal identify to your determine. Mixed with churidar sleeves and salwar, the conventional suit looks spectacular in a straightforward look.


    18. Umbrella Cut Anarkali Churidar Designs:

    Designer distinctively stitched Punjabi suits include the umbrella flare Anarkali dresses introduced as a new form within the fashion world. A Barbie that appears adored in Anarkali churidar is selected greatly among girls. Umbrella cut Anarkali design is one of the desired selections by many.


    19. Frock Style Anarkali Churidar:

    Frock style Anarkali churidar dresses also are usually gorgeous designer suits worn mainly to get a superstar look. A pink-orange mixture is an evergreen blend in a traditional Indian outfit. A polka dot on top with patchwork within the neck looks incredible. A churidar sleeve and salwar are essential for the conventional touch.


    20. Cotton Anarkali Lerya Design Churidar Suit:

    “Lerya,” the long lines about the cloth is known as known once for the design. A designer, Anarkali, additional fleets on the skirt part can make a fantastic designer piece. A churidar sleeve and also salwar creates the dress’s finish and are excellent for the outing. This specific simple churidar model might be your everyday option.


    21. Stylish Party Wear Churidar Anarkali Dress:

    A floor-length Anarkali designer dress appears as the present stopper. The self-printed net, along with silver polka spots, doubles flared on a distinct fabric within. A floral laced adjacent to a red-colored flare at the end makes the entire dress look incredible. A churidar salwar and sleeve often the dress more appealing. High heels, along with a decent jewelry piece, create a perfect setting for a powerful look.


    22. Attractive Moghal Look Bandhani Anarkali Churidar:

    A Mughal dress was trendy in the Mughal era; however, the tendency of the same Anarkali dress offers come back within the fashion houses. The actual Anarkali flared dress best has heavy embroidery almost covering the whole fabric. The heavy work includes butta sequins and gemstones, and tikkas. The Mughal churidar suits also provide churidar salwar and sleeves coupled with a lower back neck and front neck.


    23. Hand Woven Bandhani Churidar Salwar Kameez:

    Bandhani work and fabric is really a well-known Gujarati artwork of fabric print. The small design of dots created on the fabric is created by the tie and die approach and is globally famous for its designs. Churidar salwar appears gracious, having a bandhani design. The initially tied bandhani fabric looks fantastic with the churi stated in the skinsuit design of the salwar. The trousers will go well along with any different simple color.


    24. Latest Bridal Churidar Suit:

    A bridal appearance using the latest styles shows up on huge wedding occasions. A churidar form of salwar kameez could be designed distinctively along with self sequin worked golden silk fabric. An attractive jacket kameez on the plain golden silk top appears an amazingly weighty designer piece. Often the sleeveless best looks bold within the show stopper model. The actual salwar is a churidar with several pleats created using similar golden fabric.


    25. Classic Mirror Work Anarkali In Churidar Design:

    Zarine Khan in a conventional Anarkali suit appears adorable in a wonderful mirror functioned jug shape neck and a comparable heavy bordered dress. The churidar sleeves, as well as salwar, look amazingly ideal for the outfit. The lovely mixture of blue and yellow attracts the eyes of numerous.


    Whenever we have a significant collection of outfits on the clothing, our eyes certainly stop at least on the attractive look of a churidar salwar suit. The pattern and fashion encourage the latest churidar design styles in the fashion community. A lot of them show delicate tradition with colors of the pattern, while others are exclusively stylish. The option is yours!

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    Churidar Neck Designs: 42 Best Churidar Designs You Will Love

    Churidar Neck Designs: 42 Best Churidar Designs You Will Love

    Churidar neck designs have always been in vogue! They present a perfect blend of style, charm and immaculate exquisiteness. A perfect churidar, even with its great colour scheme that matches your complexion and brilliant work, will not look perfect on you without the appropriate neck design/pattern. Choosing the correct churidar neck design that syncs with your shoulders and bust can pay-off quite well by up-scaling your grace and oomph quotient. To help you best decide on suitable churidar neck designs, we bring to you major latest churidar neck designs with the body shapes they best go with

    1. Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

    Churidar Neck Designs - Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

    The collar neck pattern for churidar neck designs has been a great hit almost since forever. It looks very chic and has a great appeal.

    • It looks best when paired with either sleeveless or 3/4th sleeves, roll up or half sleeves.
    • This neck pattern suits people with long necks the best.
    • Women on the healthier side should best avoid this churidar neck designs pattern.

    2. Peter Pan Neck Pattern On Churidar Kurtis

    Churidar Neck Designs - Peter Pan Neck Pattern On Churidar Kurtis

    Peter Pan collar neck style is a rather new churidar neck designs trend. It is an impersonation of the neckline usually used for women’s shirts.

    • Puff sleeves will best complement this neck style.
    • This neckline works well for almost all body types.
    • You can add a traditional touch to it by using jacquard or brocade cloth.
    • It’s a good option for people who don’t like a lot of skin show.

    3. Mandarin Collar Neck Style On Churidar Kameez

    Churidar Neck Designs - Mandarin Collar Neck Style On Churidar Kameez

    Mandarin collar is a variant of the collar churidar neck designs pattern. It is quite popular and is very trendy.

    • The neckline design goes well with A-line or apple cut or even asymmetrical kurta style.
    • It looks best with almost all sleeve styles from no sleeves to raglan sleeves.
    • This pattern works well for plus-size women too.
    • Extend the collar style look by making the kurta a button-down.

    4. Closed Neckline For Churidar

    Churidar Neck Designs - Closed Neckline For Churidar

    This trendy churidar neck design takes its inspiration from the classic men’s kurtas and has been integrated well into the woman’s neck patterns too.

    • It is best paired with full sleeves, no sleeves and half sleeves.
    • It can be closed with buttons or hooks and can be decorated with hand-work or jewels or embroidery.
    • People with boarder chests should best avoid this churidar neck designs pattern.

    5. Illusion Neckline Design

    Churidar Neck Designs - Illusion Neckline Design

    This is a new churidar neck designs pattern that is fast gaining popularity. The inner liner has a deep neckline but the net above it is closer to the neck, forming an illusion of a deep neckline.

    • This neck pattern for churidar kurta can be paired with figure-hugging sleeves, no matter the length.
    • The illusion style is very similar to keyhole neckline pattern.
    • This looks good on almost any kind of body (only exception being pear shaped body).
    • Make it a jewel neck illusion style.

    6. Churidar Neck Designs – Crew Neck Pattern

    Churidar Neck Designs - Crew Neck Pattern

    The crew neckline is also known as the round neckline. It is very close to the neck and adds class.
    • This neck design for churidar is the most popular one.
    • It is best suited with either long sleeves or no sleeves.
    • It can be designed in the princess cut to accentuate the bust.
    • It suits big-busted and plus-size body types.

    7. Boat Neck Design For Churidar

    Churidar Neck Designs - Boat Neck Design For Churidar

    The boat neck design seems is popular too. If you are a woman with petite body dimensions then this one is your saving grace in the churidar neck designs department.

    • It is also known as the oval neckline design.
    • It works best for women with smaller busts and small waist size (even when you have broad shoulders).
    • Women with heavier bust size can give this a miss since this neck design has a tendency to stretch the dress tightly across the upper chest region, causing the fabric to stick to your bust.

    8. High Neck Pattern

    Churidar Neck Designs - High Neck Pattern

    High necks are the in thing this winter. These churidar neck designs look elegant and royal and can come in all budget types.

    • They look good with full sleeves, no sleeves and super cute with bell sleeves.
    • Give these a miss in summer.
    • People with long necks will absolutely rock it.
    • Make sure the neckline isn’t so tight that you get uncomfortable.

    9. High Collar Neckline Design

    Churidar Neck Designs - High Collar Neckline Design

    It’s a design that marries collar neck style to V-neck design. It gives an elegant and grand look.

    10. Jewel Style Neck Design

    Churidar Neck Designs - Jewel Style Neck Design

    It’s gorgeous, it’s unique and it’s bound to grab all the limelight. I guess that says it all about this awesome churidar neck style.

    • Do NOT wear any necklace with this neck design, given how the design is in itself an amazingly bejewelled one!
    • Pair the dress with large earrings or open wavy hair.
    • The neckline looks better on busty and shapely women but can also look great on women with other body types too.

    11. Raglan Neck Pattern For Churidars

    Churidar Neck Designs - Raglan Neck Pattern For Churidars

    Raglan is surprisingly well accepted in the churidar neck designs world. Essentially a Western style, it’d been well adopted here too.

    • This neck style is flattering to those with broad shoulders.
    • Make sure to use bright or contrasting colour for the raglan neck pattern to bring out the best.
    • This design is well-suited for those on the skinnier side.

    Classic Churidar Neck Designs Patterns

    12. Round Neckline For Churidars

    Churidar Neck Designs - Round Neckline For Churidars

    This is one of the most common form of churidar neck designs. This one circumnavigates your neck, and will complete the circular neckline.

    • This design is best suited for those with medium to heavy busts, and also works well for women with slightly wider bellies.
    • It naturally enhances the shape of your torso and will add a decent amount of appeal to it.
    • You can get creative with the yoke region to make up for the simplistic neckline.

    13. Square Neck Pattern

    Churidar Neck Designs - Square Neck Pattern

    For all those who want to keep it simple but don’t think round neck churidar neck designs would flatter them, this is the blind go-to.

    • It’s simple, elegant and absolutely beautiful. You don’t need any convincing because you’re already convinced.
    • It brings out your collar region and accentuates your throat base.
    • Pair it up with a dupatta worn in the choker style to bring out the neckline.

    14. V-Neck Design For Churidar Kurtas

    Churidar Neck Designs - V-Neck Design For Churidar Kurtas

    The ever popular V-neck doesn’t even need an introduction. It’s a classic that we keep going back to.

    • This style can be worn by anyone. Go ahead and indulge in a deeper V-neck design if you are comfortable with it.
    • The V-neckline accentuates and complements the collar bones well.
    • It is a universal design and can be paired with all kinds of sleeves.

    15. Churidar Neck Design – U-Neckline Design

    Churidar Neck Designs - U-Neckline Design

    People often confuse the U-neck with the round neck or scoop neck. A U-neck is something that’s between the two aforementioned neck styles.

    • This one has also been around for forever and is a popular choice.
    • You can use this neck design to your advantage if you are quite busty and would like to flaunt your gorgeous front cleavage. But if you don’t like skin show, it’s best to avoid this neck style.
    • U-necks are timeless and usually a safe bet, just in case you want to wear it again in 15 years.

    16. Front Placket Neck Pattern

    Churidar Neck Designs - Front Placket Neck Pattern

    A front placket is an opening at the neck of the kurta. This one draws inspiration from the British style and had been adopted into Indian clothing after independence.

    • You can use this neck style to allow clothing to be put on or removed easily, or simply use it as a design element.
    • Today, placket neck designs contain fabric facings or attached bands to surround and reinforce fasteners such as buttons, snaps, or zippers which can be customised to look cool or snazzy or both!
    • The placket design does a great job of not showing too much skin but still manages to retain that sexy look.
    • This design does not require any dupattas, but if you do want one, pair it with something plain and simple and place it on just one shoulder.

    Plunging Churidar Neck Patterns

    17. Cowl Neck For Indo-Western Churidars

    Churidar Neck Designs - Cowl Neck For Indo-Western Churidars

    A cowl is a neckline on a woman’s garment that hangs in draped folds. Draped cowl necklines are always powerful, and they flatter a lot of figures.

    • Make sure that the churidar kurta is a well fit. This accentuates the cowl appeal.
    • No neck-piece is required in a cowl neck design but you could pair a thin necklace with a plunging cowl neck.
    • Avoid floppy sleeve styles like bell sleeves or puff sleeves etc.

    18. Deep Square Neck Pattern

    Churidar Neck Designs - Deep Square Neck Pattern

    A variation of the square neck design, deep square neck, (as the title suggests) have a plunging neckline.

    • This design can make your shoulders appear wider. Certain churidar neck designs variations can form a wider square, which gracefully leaves most of the upper region of the shoulders exposed.
    • For someone with a small bust or/and a pear-shaped body, this design works well.
    • Even though it is the most sought-after sleeve pattern, people with heavy busts should avoid going for this neck pattern on a churidar kurta as it tends to fold at unwanted angles.
    • Pair it well with a net dupatta and you’re in for a whole new sexy look.

    19. Queen Anne With A Scoop Neckline

    Churidar Neck Designs - Queen Anne With A Scoop Neckline

    Nothing spells royal like this neck design. It’s elegant, majestic, mesmerizingly beautiful and is bound to turn heads.

    • It is best to not wear jewellery with this neckline.
    • Avoid wearing dupatta with this neck design.
    • This kind of neckline suits both inverted triangle and also hourglass figured women.

    20. Portrait Neckline Design On Churidar Kurtas

    Churidar Neck Designs - Portrait Neckline Design On Churidar Kurtas

    This one is named portrait neckline because it frames the clavicles (collar bones) as if in a portrait frame.

    • This is one of those deep necklines but not abhorrently so.
    • Broad-shouldered women must avoid this neckline.
    • Skinny women might face a problem where the neckline hangs loose, so it’s best to have it well-fit.

    21. Scoop Neck Churidar Kurta For Women

    Churidar Neck Designs - Scoop Neck Churidar Kurta For Women

    • This neckline makes the shoulders appear broad.
    • Heavy busted women must avoid it if they do not want to flatter their cleavage.
    • It helps flattering the shoulder bones, so you can accessorize with a prominent choker necklace or go bare-necked.

    22. Pentagon Neckline Design

    As the name suggests, the pentagon neckline is shaped like a pentagon. It’s a deep plunge neckline that very closely resembles the ‘Queen Anne With A Scoop Neckline.’

    • This style looks really good with full sleeves or no sleeves.
    • Women with curvy figures can pull this off perfectly. This one suits almost every body type.
    • You can pair it up with a choker dupatta or a side flow dupatta.

    23. Deep Split Neckline For Churidar

    Churidar Neck Designs - Deep Split Neckline For Churidar

    It’s a neckline that’s gaining quick popularity. It is like a split neckline but the split is deeper and may extend up to the base of the yoke section.

    • Make sure you wear a proper deep plunge bra.
    • Dupatta is optional as the yoke is usually heavily patterned in such necklines.
    • This does look amazing on full-chested women but not so much on small bust sizes.

    24. Sweetheart Neckline Design

    Churidar Neck Designs - Sweetheart Neckline Design

    It was a very popular neck style in the yesteryears, but is currently dying out or being replaced by the sheer or illusion neck pattern.

    • Wear a push up bra. But take care to make sure it’s not too risky to bend.
    • If you don’t have an ample bosom, either fill it up or give this neck style a skip.
    • Fashion your dupatta in a side drape or in a choker style.
    • Make sure to go easy on the make-up.

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