How To Wear A Black Blazer For Men

Brown blazers can be used in a wide range of looks with jeans. Lighter brown blazers that are closer to khaki can be a little dressier, so try these with dark denim and a white shirt for a clean-cut style. Camel hair blazers are a unique shade of brown that is sure to make an impression when worn with jeans. Darker, earthier blazers can be dressed up or down. Most shades of brown pair well with shades of blue and other classic hues like navy or olive green. Because of the inherent versatility of brown blazers, you can try pairing them with light or dark jeans.

How To Wear A Blazer with Jeans

How To Wear A Blazer with Jeans

  • Karlton Miko Tyack
  • April 27, 2023

A blazer with jeans is an iconic mash-up of formal and casual looks. The combination is relaxed and stylish, with enough class and sophistication to be taken into semi-formal events. Also known as a sport coat and jeans, this trendy men’s outfit allows you to stay casual and comfortable while making a memorable impression as a fashionable gentleman.

Jeans and a blazer can be worn with business casual outfits at the office or on a nice brunch date with a girl you like. Even some warm-weather weddings have dress codes to allow this combo, but be sure to check with the wedding party first. However, this does not mean you can don mom jeans and an ill-fitted blazer and expect to be well-received.

Fit and structure are everything with these essential wardrobe pieces. As with any men’s fashion, the execution is key. Whether you want to wear a blue, grey, black, navy, brown, or olive green blazer with light or dark jeans, it’s important to choose the right jacket, pants, shoes and accessories to complete the outfit. To inspire you with ideas and combinations, check out our guide on how to wear a blazer and jeans to style the perfect look.

Blazer with Jeans

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    • 1.3 Jeans
    • 2.1 Grey Blazer
    • 2.2 Navy Blazer
    • 2.3 Black Blazer
    • 2.4 Tweed Blazer
    • 2.5 Brown Blazer
    • 3.1 Black Jeans with Blazer
    • 3.2 Blue Jeans with Blazer
    • 3.3 Grey Jeans with Blazer
    • 4.1 Suit Jacket with Jeans
    • 4.2 Blazer with Skinny Jeans

    How To Wear A Blazer with Jeans


    Fit is critical with any blazer, and it is especially important when you pair this casual coat with jeans. You want a blazer that is well-fitted to avoid looking frumpy, but not tailored too tight to look out of place with your jeans.

    When picking a blazer to wear, color plays an important role. Navy blazers are essential in any man’s closet and can be worn well with jeans for a stylish look. A grey blazer looks handsome and classy with dark denim and is incredible for layered looks. Tweed or brown blazers style nicely with light or dark washed jeans. Earthy brown colors can be combined with denim for a more rustic, casual look while light brown can be used to complement a sharp white shirt.

    There is more latitude when dressing for casual and semi-formal occasions, so this is a great time to experiment with different blazers.

    Sports Blazer and Jeans


    The most important part of a blazer’s fit is the shoulders. The shoulders of the blazer should match your shoulders. Your shoulders should not be bulging out of the line created by the blazer or fall short of the outside seam of the blazer. The sleeves should end in the middle of the back of your hand, between your wrist and your first thumb joint. The blazer should not be too tight; there should not be any pulling across the stomach from the buttons. To avoid looking out of place on top of denim, blazers that are going to be worn with jeans should be a little shorter in general than ones worn with formal menswear.



    Since selvage and raw denim’s revival, there is a multitude of options for high-quality denim for men. Many are made by smaller companies by hand and can carry a hefty price tag. Many larger brands have also begun producing heritage lines of denim that can be more affordable.

    In general, darker jeans are dressier while lighter jeans are more suitable for casual looks. Stay away from too much distressing or patterns, unless you are dressing your blazer down substantially.

    To achieve the highest level of formality with your jeans, aim for a dark wash with minimal rivets and flashy details that is tailored without being overly skinny. Dark wash jeans will be your most versatile color when pairing with a blazer.

    Once you have mastered wearing your blazer with a sharp pair of dark wash jeans, you can expand to looks with a light wash or faded denim.

    How To Wear Jeans with a Blazer

    Men’s Colored Blazers

    The color of your blazer will significantly impact the range of outfits that you can achieve with it. It can limit the choice you have when choosing a pair of jeans, so choose carefully. There are many colors to choose from these days, but there are several classic shades that will take you far when matching a blazer with jeans. Grey, navy, black, tweed and brown blazers are timeless pieces that can be paired with denim for creative and classy looks.


    Grey Blazer

    Grey can be as plain or as exciting as you want. A plain light grey blazer with sharp lines can be a very formal blazer. Paired with a crisp button-down, clean leather shoes, and dark denim, a slim grey blazer can be exceptionally sharp. Charcoal and gunmetal gray coats can be even dressier.

    On the other hand, grey blazers can be found in a variety of textures and patterns that can modify how the blazer should be worn. Textured gray blazers, like those made from Donegal wool, are great for heavy fall looks with a sweater and boots. Plaid and herringbone blazers can be used to add excitement to an otherwise understated look; try pairing them with dark denim and a knit tie.

    Grey Blazer with Jeans

    Navy Blazer

    As with any other looks, navy blazers are timeless and endlessly versatile. While dark denim is typically more formal, you can branch out with lighter washes while maintaining a classy look. If opting for a navy blazer with dark washed jeans, try enriching the look with rich classic colors like burgundy or forest green. Try a cardigan underneath a navy blazer with light wash jeans for a transitional look.

    Navy Blazer with Jeans

    Black Blazer

    Though some people assume that black is the most versatile color, it can be very tricky to match black blazers with other colors. You will want to play it safe when looking to don a black blazer with jeans. Black jeans and a black blazer with simple pieces like white, grey, or Oxford blue shirts will give you a cool, modern style. Try a pair of black Chelsea boots, black skinny jeans, and a pair of your favorite sunglasses with your black blazer for a complete rock star look.

    Black Blazer with Jeans

    Tweed Blazer

    Tweed often conjures up an image of college professors or the English countryside, but it can be used in modern looks with great effect. Tweed blazers can be worn with jeans for great fall looks. Try layering it with sweaters or scarves for a comfortable, smart look. Tweed blazers look at home on jeans, so feel free to experiment with layering and accents. Remember that tweed has a more classic look and feel, so you will want to stick with more traditional colors to accent it.

    Tweed Blazer with Jeans

    Brown Blazer

    Brown blazers can be used in a wide range of looks with jeans. Lighter brown blazers that are closer to khaki can be a little dressier, so try these with dark denim and a white shirt for a clean-cut style. Camel hair blazers are a unique shade of brown that is sure to make an impression when worn with jeans. Darker, earthier blazers can be dressed up or down. Most shades of brown pair well with shades of blue and other classic hues like navy or olive green. Because of the inherent versatility of brown blazers, you can try pairing them with light or dark jeans.

    Brown Blazer with Jeans

    Jeans and Blazer Combinations

    With the endless amount of blazer colors and denim washes, it can seem overwhelming when trying to create an outfit with jeans and a blazer. Just start with what you have and work from there. As long as you make sure your pieces fit and your colors work well with each other, you will be able to execute many looks with a blazer and denim. No matter what color or fit of denim you prefer, our guide has recommendations for you.

    Blazer with Jeans Combination

    Black Jeans with Blazer

    A pair of black jeans in a skinny fit and a blazer can create a very sleek, modern silhouette. These looks can be dressed down but kept unique with sharp details. Try a striped T-shirt with black skinny jeans and a slim black blazer. Experiment with clunky black creepers or boots to add some visual weight to the bottom of your look. Skinny black jeans should be worn with trim blazers with smaller lapels to accentuate the cut of the denim. A slim navy or grey blazer can also be worn with black jeans to add some variety.

    Black Jeans with Blazer

    Blue Jeans with Blazer

    Classic blue jeans with a blazer is a timeless look with limitless opportunities to make it your own. Try to avoid navy blazers with dark jeans, as the navy shades can clash. However, feel free to pair dark denim with other colors like tan, green, or even powder blue. Try unusual fabrics like seersucker or patterns like windowpane or plaid to liven up your style. Use light wash jeans for more casual or modern outfits. Light blue jeans with a tan blazer and a white shirt is an effortlessly cool summer look.

    Blue Jeans with Blazer

    Grey Jeans with Blazer

    Grey jeans are a good neutral piece that pairs well with navy blazers or other standout pieces. Some grey jeans are a variety of distressed black, and in this case, feel free to experiment. Match the modern style of your jeans with modern takes on blazers. Look for skinny lapels and tailored fits.

    Grey Jeans with Blazer

    How To Wear A Casual Blazer with Jeans

    Though blazers are traditionally a formal or semi-formal piece, they are being used more and more to give a clean-cut edge to dressed-down looks. To wear a casual blazer with jeans, first select a relaxed jacket with a casual look.

    Search for less structured blazers without shoulder pads or casual styles made with simple fabrics. Then pair your blazer with casual pieces like jeans and suede loafers, or even a T-shirt and sneakers for a chill vibe that’s street-ready.

    Universally flattering and trendy, invest the time and money in finding men’s casual blazers to wear with jeans and you’ll be turning heads all around town.

    Casual Blazer with Jeans

    Suit Jacket with Jeans

    As compared with blazers, suit jackets are made to match a pair of suit pants, tend to have more structure, and are typically made of a finer fabric. Because it is inherently dressy, a suit jacket can be hard to pair with jeans.

    Try to use more formal details aside from the jeans: spread collar shirts, pocket squares, and classic leather oxfords or loafers. The fit of everything should be sharp to balance the structure of the formal jacket.

    Suit Jacket with Jeans

    Blazer with Skinny Jeans

    When starting with skinny jeans, you will have to choose your outfit to match. Avoid loose-fitting jackets or anything with large shoulder pads. This will keep the outfit balanced and your silhouette streamlined. Aim for blazers with thin lapels and one button.

    Black is a standard choice for skinny jeans, but you can branch out with light blue or grey. Try a pin roll on the bottom of your skinny jeans with low profile sneakers, or let them hug the ankle of your Chelsea boots.

    Blazer with Skinny Jeans

    Shoes To Wear with Blazer and Jeans

    From sneakers to oxfords, boots, loafers and brogues, guys have many options to choose from when deciding on shoes to wear with jeans and a blazer. Loafers are a great choice that come in more minimalist trendy styles. Brogues are a dressy and stylish pick with layered looks that include tweeds, browns, or navy. Oxfords are a classic idea that lend themselves well to slightly dressier looks. Low-profile sneakers can be worn with more casual looks, like those built with skinny jeans. For fall-themed looks, try leather work boots or cap-toed dress boots. With less formal looks, try a pair of Chelsea boots in cream suede or jet-black leather.

    Shoes To Wear with Blazer and Jeans

    Accessories To Wear with Blazer and Jeans

    You should focus on accentuating the theme of your outfit with your accessories. If you’re dressed in all black with skinny jeans, try some stainless steel or silver jewelry to accentuate the rock aesthetic. If you’re layering in earth tones, think about a leather bracelet or belt. If your look is dressy, try a pocket square.

    Accessories To Wear with Blazer and Jeans

    Dark Jeans with Blazer

    Darker jeans are the most versatile, meaning you’ll want black or dark blue jeans with your blazer for a trendy look. Get more formal grey or tan blazers with dark washed denim, or piece together a tweed or brown blazer with leather shoes or boots for a nice outfit. You can also incorporate an olive green blazer for a modern take on classic colors.

    Dark Jeans with Blazer

    Light Jeans with Blazer

    Styling light jeans with a blazer offers another outfit idea worth looking into if you want variety in your wardrobe. With lighter jeans, lean towards darker blazers to create a more interesting color palette. Try faded jeans with more casual blazers, like a patterned brown or light blue.

    Similarly, light jeans always look good with dark blue, navy and black blazers for a classy style. This is also the perfect time to wear a sleek navy blazer that deserves contrast and can’t be worn with dark blue jeans.

    Light Jeans with Blazer

    How To Wear Jeans with Blazer

    • Get a high-quality blazer and jeans that fit your body type and style.
    • Match the structure of your blazer to the style of jeans.
    • Dark jeans are more formal, while light wash jeans allow you to experiment.
    • Choose the right shoes and accessories to pair with your look.
    • Slim fit jeans paired with dark blazers create a smart-casual outfit.
    • Pick light color combinations for a more casual look and darker colors for a dressy or professional style.
    • Wear jeans and a blazer with a t-shirt and white shoes for stylish cool fashion, whereas combining a button-down dress shirt with brogues or loafers creates a semi-formal, smart style.

    How To Wear A Black Blazer For Men

    chris blaz blazer

    Ah, the classic black blazer. It’s as timeless as a vintage watch and yet it’s often the most underrated tone because men prefer a bit of colour in their lives. Well we’re going to kick off this style guide with an ancient quote from a notable philosopher. Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57: “Always bet on black.”

    Here’s the many ways men can rock the black blazer with slick and masculine style.

    In This Story…

    • Black Blazer and Black Jeans Combination
    • Black Blazer and Black Trousers
    • Black Blazer and Blue Jeans
    • Black Blazer and Chinos
    • Black Blazer and T-Shirt
    • How To Wear A Black Blazer FAQ

    Black Blazer and Black Jeans Combination

    black blazer black jeans

    Black on black on black…could it get any easier than combining a black blazer with black jeans? We think not. Ensure you blazer is not too long and correctly tailored. For the denim we recommend slim fit jeans (ripped or not ripped), paired with a classic black, white or striped t-shirt followed by sneakers or boots. Even a pair of brown brogues will work nicely for contrast.

    Black Blazer and Black Trousers

    black blazer black pants

    Much like our combination above, black trousers/chinos will also work nicely with a black blazer. The idea here is to not make this combination look like a suit. Rather it’s a great go-to work or event look. Pair your blazer and black trousers with derby shoes or loafers, then add a shirt or t-shirt to finish. An unstructured blazer might work best in this situation by keeping things relaxed. A belt is not required here.

    Black Blazer and Blue Jeans

    black blazer blue jeans

    This is our favourite and most versatile combination for both work and play and travel. Every man owns blue jeans, so wear them well with a black blazer. This combination will see you to smart casual events and even a night out on the town. Pair with almost any shoe imaginable, however, we like boots and sneakers for this combination.

    Black Blazer and Chinos

    black blazer chinos

    Not the most uncommon of combinations is the chinos and black blazer. Our recommendation here is to keep this as your dressier occasion secret weapon. Combine with a printed or plain shirt, boots, sneakers or a derby shoe will do nicely. Ensure your chinos are well fitted, as too baggy won’t look right. We recommend wearing a belt for this combination too. Brown, black or blue will be just fine.

    Black Blazer and T-Shirt

    black blazer t shirt

    Lastly, the t-shirt and black blazer combination is a no-brainer. Think of it as the ‘I don’t know what to wear, so this will do’ look.

    It’s the go-to for every designer and advertising creative around the world too. The trick here is to wear a t-shirt with scoop or v-neck rather than a very high cut crew neck. You want to show off a little bit of chest rather than being wrapped up like a priest. We like Acne, Topman and even Orlebar Brown for cool men’s t-shirts. Tuck (with chinos or trousers) or untuck the t-shirt (with jeans) to complete the look.

    How To Wear A Black Blazer FAQ

    What should I wear with a black blazer?

    Our favourite pairing for a black blazer is a park of blue jeans. Any shade and any style will work, such as dark blue for work or light blue ripped jeans for a more casual look.

    What should I wear with a black blazer to work?

    Looking smart is key, and so the best options for pairing with a black blazer when heading to work are either a dark pair of black or blue jeans, or black chinos or trousers.

    What colour shirt should I wear with a black blazer?

    It can be tricky to pair a black blazer with a shirt if you’re wanting to stay casual, as most of the time the resulting look will be more formal. You’re better off pairing with a black or white t-shirt for a dapper, yet casual look.

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