Dating a bald guy? The pros and cons 2022 New Research

“Whatever you do, DO NOT do the comb-over (which I’m sure you already know). If you’re worried because of dating, any woman who would hold that against you is not the right one. If you’re more concerned for your confidence, I’ve seen many men who made the choice to tattoo their entire scalp . That is an option I guess.”

25 Famous Sexy Bald Men Looks You Can Copy [2023]

Bald men can look damn hot if the face shape and personality goes well with it. In fact, stylish hot and sexy bald men looks are being done by many men shaving off all the hair!

Sexy Bald Men Looks You Can Copy

While we live in a world that places a lot of primacy on physical looks where having a crop of abundant hair at the top of your is thought as one of the important expression of masculine style, there are some who have gone against the grain.

There is no shortage of bald successful and sexy men who have made it in a variety of fields; from acting to sports and even academia. Here is a brief profile of 25 famous sexy bald men in no particular order.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan photo.

When it comes to sportsmen, there are a countable few to stand alongside Michael Jordan in terms of how they have influenced men’s style.

It is not just Jordan’s line of Nike sports shoes that have become a legacy for the former Chicago Bulls prodigy, his style off the court has mesmerized and awed in equal measure. His dress sense is impeccable and there are few who exude as much machismo whether dressed in a tuxedo or sports kit.

Jason Statham

Pic of Jason Statham buzz cut.

Although in mid-forties, Jason Stratham soldiers on in his acting career. His talent and incredible screen charm no less captivating as his advancing years or receding hairline (check out these styles) would seem to suggest.

Besides his acting heroics, few fans know that Jason is also an avid athlete and that he finished twelfth in the 1992 diving world championships.

Vin Diesel

Photo of Vin Diesel shaved head.

Born as Oscar Sinclair Vincent, Vin Diesel is an American actor, director and writer of mixed parentage. Due to his heritage, Vin had early difficulties in finding good roles and today prefers to call himself as ‘multicultural’.

In a television interview, he revealed that he changed his name to Vin Diesel when he worked as a bouncer, a profession he says one should not give out his real name. The Diesel part of his moniker was given to him by his friends who said he must run on diesel because of his boundless energy.

Bruce Willis


The German-born American actor known as Bruce Willis is a legend of the big screen whose enduring charm and sex appeal has enthralled generations of cinema lovers for decades today.

Bruce Willis is also a singer and has released several albums besides starring in a number of television shows. As a measure of his stature amongst Hollywood legends, the movies he has featured in have grossed well over 3 billion dollars, making him the sixth highest grossing star in a lead role and eighth when supporting roles are brought into reckoning.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi bald style

For years, Andre Agassi held crowds mesmerized with his tennis court heroics. However few tennis enthusiasts know that the prodigy of the clay court wore a wig as he won the 1990 French Open.

You have to sympathize with him though considering that at the time he was only twenty at the time. Today, the retired star has come into terms with his hair loss and rarely even spots any facial growth. And his appeal on the social scene has not been any less prodigious for the lack of hair.

Samuel L Jackson

Picture of Samuel L Jackson.

Samuel Jackson has risen up in stature both as a cultural icon and screen star since he featured in a series of films in the early nineties. He is also a professional golfer as well as a family man.

His success is no less phenomenal as he advances in years and his charm and commanding presence can be expected to offer entertainment and inspiration for cinema goers well into the foreseeable future.

Frederick “Freddie” Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg Buzz Cut

Nobody can question Freddie Ljungberg’s skill with the soccer ball. He made it on to the big stage with his mesmerizing dribbles and runs in opposition defenses. As his hairline receded at the prime of his careers, Ljungberg never shied off and decided to shave it close to his head.

He never does cut it of altogether, but retains it close enough. In the twilight years of his career in the Major League Soccer, Ljungberg has continued to be prominent in the social scene and considering the beauties he has continued to attract; his loss of hair has never been an issue for his amazing sexual appeal.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane bald hairstyle

His infamous head in the final of 2006 World Cup in Germany, has been used on numerous occasions as an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise illustrious career.

The achievements of Zinedine Zidane playing either for the top European clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus in the 1990s and 2000s. The fact that he showed no less prodigy as his baldness cropped upon his head means that loss of hair should never be an encumbrance to one’s lofty goals. And it in no way lessens a man’s appeal.

Tyson Beckford

Photo of Tyson Beckford bald look style for black men.

If there is a man that has come to define the paradigm ‘less is more’ there is none like Tyson Beckford. The actor cum model has urbane good looks that are not in the least lessened by the fact that he features a clean-shaven head.

Forget the pronounced tattoos and the rippling abs that are reason enough why Tyson is such a heartthrob. The bald head is a big reason why he is considered such a heartthrob by smitten girls all around the globe.

Taye Diggs

Photo of Taye Diggs.

Ever since he made it on to the global stage with his unforgettable performance in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Taye Diggs has continued to pull off some amazing stunts of convincing acting.

The fact that he sports a shiny head top of the head has not made his performance nor appeal any less intriguing. If anything, his baldness has come to cap off his talent and screen presence.

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Facial hair aside (of which he has been known to experiment with several styles) Taye’s maintenance-free hairstyle is as worthy of mention as his disarming smile.

Ben Kingsley

Photo of Ben Kingsley.

Ben Kingsley is perhaps most well known around the world for his leading role in Richard Attenborough’s movie Gandhi in 1982.

For his performance, Kingsley won a slew of awards including the Golden Globe and the Best Actor in the Academy Awards. His performance in portraying Itzhak Stern in the 1993 blockbuster, Schindler’s List proved that this urbane bald-headed actor has a class about him. He continues to star in a number of films in the twenty-first century too and has even been knighted for his endeavors.

Sean Connery

Picture of Sean Connery bald hairstyle.

It is a fact that sounds like an incredible piece of fiction when fans of James Bond come to know that the first actor to ever bear this iconic moniker wore a toupee to cover his baldness in all his movies. The pioneering agent 007 has achieved what many can only dream of even aspiring to have in a lifetime.

Other than a stream of award-winning movies that have been the hallmark of his acting career spreading well over three decades, Sean Connery has been knighted by the Queen and has consistently been voted one of the sexiest men alive despite being much older than the prevailing modern sex symbols.

His authenticity cannot be questioned though, he has always retained his endearing Scottish accent irrespective of the movie he is featuring in.

Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis

With his evocatively rugged looks, Michel Chiklis is one of those television actors whose sexual appeal will continue to enthrall fans for many years to come.

Born in 1963, his age and receding hairline have not diminished his commanding screen presence. The quintessential cop in a number of leading drama series has never shied from expressing his revulsion for hair growth adverts. To him, it is criminal to treat hair loss as if it was the worst possible happenings that could happen to a man.

Woody Harrelson

Photo of Woody Harrelson.

Even his recent portrayal of Woody Harrelson in the movie The Hunger Games may have brought out a distinctly shaggy-haired look, in real life Woody Harrelson spots much less growth on top of his head.

This hair loss never meant that the veteran actor has any less appeal and charm. It is a safe bet that when the hunkiest rugged men are counted, Woody will be there at the top with the best of them.


Photo of Seal.

With his unconventional looks and irrepressibly melodic voice have been the hallmarks of the incredibly talented singer known as Seal. Born as Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel of Brazilian and Nigerian heritage, he has won just about every award there is to win in showbiz from Brits to Grammies to MTV video awards.

Seal has always been a subject of speculation in the media and his enormous sexual appeal is evident from the fact that he has dated the most highly rated actresses including German model Heidi Klum whom he married in 2023 and the couple only came to separate in early 2012.

LL Cool J

Photo of LL Cool J.

When the history of Rap music is told, there will be a large chapter on LL Cool J. He is credited with the role of moving the genre from the underground to the mainstream of entertainment circles.

He has further enhanced his reputation as an actor with a number of global successes like Any Given Sunday. Though he invariably spots trendy headgear, he nonetheless concedes that he spots a balding head.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart.

Taking his staid facial appearance and bald head, one would be forgiven for underestimating the talent of Patrick Stewart. However, follicular shortcomings have not derailed the achievements of the star of Star Trek.

For over seven years and in 178 episodes of the award-winning TV series, Steward went on to achieve phenomenal success with the X-men franchise. His bald head did not stop him from being voted among the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine in 1995.

Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel image.

Any list of top 25 famous sexy bald men would be incomplete without mentioning Howie Mandel. He rose to worldwide fame with the phenomenal success of the Deal or No Deal game show but has returned to the television as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Though earlier in his career Mandel used to spot a crop of funky, curly hair he has come to be known for his endearing bald head today.

Interestingly enough, Mandel has admitted that he shaved off his hair not because he was balding but because he suffers from mysophobia, a pathological fear of contamination and germs. Apparently, shaving his hair makes him feel cleaner.

Damon Wayans

Picture of Damon Wayans.

When it comes to stand-up comedy, there are few who have a natural gift for it to rival the truly prodigious Damon Wayans.

His exploits on both the big and small screen are legendary and he is a household name all over the world, at least in homes where laughter is allowed. He is one of the top American sex symbols and his admirers invariably concede that his shiny head is a large part of why they find him irresistible.

Chris Daughtry

Picture of Chris Daughtry.

There have been questions raised in the media and blogosphere whether Chris Daughtry has male pattern baldness or not.

However, everyone is in agreement that Chris is one hell of a sexy rock star. Making his mark on the showbiz stage at the American Idols, Chris Daughtry has gone on to achieve success post idols and was even nominated for a Grammy.

John Travolta

Photo of John Travolta.

Trendsetter, action hero par excellence, heartthrob, evergreen, suave. All these are tags that immediately spring to mind when one thinks of one of the most enduring stars of Hollywood culture, John Travolta.

What many people do not know is that Travolta also spots a much-receded hairline than his movies show. He dons one of the most realistic hairpieces and with all that charm, who can question his little vanity?

Tyrese Gibson

Picture of Tyrese Gibson cool bald head.

Still, in his youthful thirties, Tyrese Gibson spots closely shaved hair that all the same has not diminished his attractive look.

When you consider that he is a rapper, R n B, singer, songwriter, actor and model, you have to wonder if it is possible for someone to have more going for them. Tyrese is certainly going places and with his hairstyle, he has scored a big point in a bid to cultivate a self-made image.

Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner picture.

There are fewer enduring sex symbols of the showbiz industry to equal the magnetism and allure of Yul Brynner. The Russian stage and film actor is best known for his role as Mongkut in The King and I as well as Rameses in the 1956 epic, The Ten Commandments.

Many years since he died he is still remembered for being one of the stars who has shown that sexy and hair loss are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Montel Williams

Montel Williams picture.

As an actor, radio show host and television personality, Montel Williams has an enduring appeal for millions of American fans and many more around the world.

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His own Montel William Show has earned following among enthusiastic television audiences for close to two decades. He has also written a number of books.

Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks picture.

Talented, sexy and as photogenic as they come; Avery Brooks has that capacity to draw attention on stage, screen or in printed media. He has won awards in television, cinema, documentaries, and theater. Brooks has also been a teacher and has made notable contributions in the promotion of African American cultural heritage.

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The more men I see that are bald the more comfortable I become and see them as extremely virile and sexy. Reply

I have bald hair but am always ashamed of myself exposing my bald head.I really someone to encourage on to conquer the shame. Reply

That was really a nice article. Especially as the term bald brought on members of society while the term skinhead led to a spooky lot of racism instead. Reply

As I started balding when I was 12 I was really self conscious of my baldness. As I have matured, at the age of 15, I have accepted my bald head as apart of me, and now consider myself a bald queen. Reply

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Dating a bald guy? The pros and cons [2022 New Research]

Pros and cons of dating a bald guy!

Some women prefer men with long hair like Leonardo Dicaprio; meanwhile, baldness is a sign of attractiveness and masculinity for others. How does it actually feel dating a bald guy, and are shaved heads attractive for women? We will find out the answers to these questions in our investigation.

  • Why do men go bald? Balding Statistics
  • Is bald attractive? Bald vs. Balding!
  • Dating a bald guy, bald men in relationships!
  • Benefits of dating bald guy
  • Tips for Bald Men in relationship
  • Top 5 hot and sexy bald celebrities

Why do men go bald? Balding Statistics

Let’s start with some statistics on the causes of baldness. In fact, about 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. Most of them notice they start losing hair in their early 20s .

Male Balding statistics by age

“Why am I going bald?” – if this is the type of question you ask yourself, the first thing you need to know is that baldness is heavily linked to genetics. Research has shown that 1 in 7 men are more likely to lose their hair due to a specific gene in their DNA. In fact, baldness is hereditary , moreover it is usually inherited from the mother’s side.

Male pattern baldness statistics by race and country

Another genetic reason is the ethnicity: Baldness statistics by country show that only 20.91% of Chinese people go bald, while the average baldness percentage in the UK is twice as high (about 41.23%).
Even your skull shape matters: male pattern baldness statistics by race shows that bone growth in adulthood is what initiates hair loss. By comparing skull shapes among various races, we have noticed a strong correlation between ethnicity and hair loss.

Baldness statistics on what causes male pattern baldness in men, why am i going bald

If you are lucky enough not to have the “bald gene” in your DNA, either lose your hair because of hormonal changes, then follow your nutrition and keep calm because poor nutrition and stress are among other reasons that cause baldness.

Is bald attractive? Bald vs. Balding!

It’s always subjective but let’s now find out if being bald is attractive and what are the common traits that bald men share.

It would be fair to say that high testosterone levels in men’s organisms are highly correlated with the risks of going bald. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is found in skin, hair follicles, and the prostate. It is the derivative of testosterone, and it can lead to hair loss depending on the hair sensitivity to it. That’s why when women are asked “is bald attractive” they tend to answer that bald men are much stronger, more brutal, more masculine, and powerful.

Fun fact: If you’re a sapiosexual, you are most likely to like bald men , too!

A study at the University of Saarland found that bald men tend to be seen as more intelligent and wiser by women. But what’s the reason to think so? Is that because bald men might have lost their hair due to their extraordinary intellectual abilities? Or is that because bald men accept the philosophy of “Less is More” instead of pretending to be someone else? Anyways, being bald is often perceived as being more mature, and that’s another reason why being bald is a sign of intelligence for women.

There’s one catch, though. You have to be completely bald for the sexy perception to apply because men with bald spots or patterned baldness tend to be seen as weak and less attractive. To make our point, we found an interesting experiment for you.

A guy named Richard , who was going bald in his early thirties, opened two different accounts on Tinder: He posted pictures of himself where he has bald spots in the first account and the ones with hair transplants in the second one. Results: He got twice more likes in the account where he’s wearing hair transplants. The experiment showed that women are more likely to like a guy with a full head of hair rather than a balding guy.

But how about totally bald men?

Another research was conducted by a scientist named Albert E. Mannes (by the way, he was bald) at the University of Pennsylvania. The study compiled information from 59 subjects and showed the participants multiple photos of men. For example, a man with a full head of hair was shown in one photo vs. the same man with no hair on the second photo. Surprisingly, most participants reported the bald man to be more attractive compared with non-bald man.

Dating a bald guy, bald men in relationships!
“Would you date a bald guy?”

We have dived deeper and found thoughts and opinions of women on several forums such as Reddit and Quora to understand if bald is attractive for women, whether women like dating a bald guy and to get an answer to the question “Would you date a bald guy?”.

“I fell in love with a guy going bald 17 yrs ago and we’ve been married now 16 years. He’s still bald (of course) and I still love him. It’s so much more about who he is as an amazing guy than it would ever be about whether he had hair or not. And I think that’s true for anyone. It’s the self confidence, sense of humor, personality and wit that will always be it for me. Oh wait—- was I not supposed to answer this because I’m a woman?? 😂❤️✌️sorry!!”

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“It’s only a turn off when guys try stupid methods to cover up the fact they’re balding. like comb overs and wigs.”

“My husband is 26 and almost completely bald. He started going bald around 22 and lost it rapidly.
I started dating him when he was mostly bald. I didn’t care. In fact, I have a major Patrick Stewart fetish, so in a way it was a plus.
I won’t lie, I look at pictures of him before he lost his hair and I sometimes wish he hadn’t lost it, but that’s very rare. I’m sure he looks at pictures of me when I was trying to become a model and wishes I still looked like that. It’s him I love, not his hair.”

“I think it depends.
If someone is going bald but doesn’t obsess/get self conscious about it/doesn’t let if affect their confidence/the way they interact with people, I’m probably not going to see it as a major turn off.
I have a male friend who started to go bald very early, (he’s in his mid 20s) and he constantly wears a baseball hat to make it less noticeable. I think this kind of attitude probably makes him less attractive to a lot of women – and thats why he’s got trouble getting dates.”

“Whatever you do, DO NOT do the comb-over (which I’m sure you already know). If you’re worried because of dating, any woman who would hold that against you is not the right one. If you’re more concerned for your confidence, I’ve seen many men who made the choice to tattoo their entire scalp . That is an option I guess.”

“I can’t speak for other women, but I personally find baldness (shaved, don’t leave the few stragglers there) attractive on many men. However shallow it may be, though, when I think about the bald men I’ve found attractive over the years, they’re all rather well-muscled – so being fit certainly helps you out.
What would make me less attracted to you is if you’re obviously insecure about your baldness. Personality is a deal-breaker while baldness is not.”

“31F, my boyfriend is 35M and has thinning hair. I think he is wicked sexy, and I never look at his head and think, “Man I wish you had more hair.” I don’t see it as a negative at all. My boyfriend is intelligent, funny and super confident, and I think that’s what I find sexy about him. Also I like how his fuzzy shaved head feels.”

“A few years ago my husband asked me to list all the actors I found attractive. I’m not once to crush on actors very much, so it was kind of hard but I was able to find about five.Turned out, they were all bald.
I think most women won’t care, some will and some will like it. Overall, not a big deal.”

“My boyfriend is balding and, while I wouldn’t say I am attracted to a receding hairline, I find him handsome because of other attractive physical features (nice smile, rather fit, etc) and I have gotten to know him as a smart, kind, funny person. Nobody is perfect, so if the worst thing about you is your hair is thinning, you are probably doing pretty well and will find a woman who can see that.”

“Yes, I have dated both bald men and men with hair, and I have no preference at all. This question is very subjective and it will vary from woman to woman.
But my most recent date was with a guy w/out hair and the only drawback is that they’re always ready to go- it takes them no time to get ready so they will likely be waiting for you more often. But that’s the only drawback in my opinion. :)”

So many men, so many minds, they say. Apparently, same rule applies to women , too! Are bald men sexy? It fully depends on personal preferences. As we can see, many women don’t mind dating bald men.

Benefits of dating a bald guy

  • Based on all of the above, bald men are enterprising, protective, sexy, and mature
  • It takes almost no time for a bald man to prepare to go out: just a couple of minutes of toothbrushing, and he’s ready!
  • You and your partner save tremendously on hair care products
  • Attractive bald men have got shiny skulls which make some girls melt
  • No hair left in the shower (a BIG plus)
  • Bald men are hot!

Tips for Bald Men in relationship

If you’ve got a shiny skull without hair, here are some tips for dating as a bald man

  • Self-confidence is the key! Remember that thoughts have power, and it would be extremely hard to go on a date and rock it when all you have in mind is that you don’t look good with no hair.
  • There are special dating sites for bald guys where one can find a bald partner. The existence of a dating site for bald guys proves that many girls are willing to date bald men. Bald Dating is the most popular dating website in this list.
  • Girls like it when men have a smooth and clean bald head. You can use an electric shaver to get that smooth look and save time at the same time.
  • If you want to look more attractive and more brutal, you can go for a beard. It will definitely make numerous girls melt from that “ bald with beard ” attractive look.
  • Depending on your skull shape, you can choose special accessories, especially sunglasses and hats for bald men

Top 5 hot and sexy bald celebrities

They are bald, and they are everywhere. Some of the most handsome bald man in history include:


Patrick Stewart
Balding at the age of 19, it took Patrick Stewart just one year to become completely bald; as he said, “it was not only inhibiting as a person, but it was hopeless if you were an actor, of course.” Self-acceptance was a key moment for him and his career.


Stanley Tucci
Being described as “sexy” 15.6 million times in blogs, reports, and pages, Stanley Tucci is definitely considered one of the sexiest bald men on the Internet.


The Rock
“I’m not bald because I went bald. I’m bald because my hair is a cross between an afro and hair from a Lama’s ball sac”,jokes Dwayne Johnson.


Telly Savalas
First, he went bald for the role of Pontius Pilatethe, he liked the shaved head look so much that he never grew his hair back again and remained bald for almost 30 years.


Jason Statham
It doesn’t look like he has ever had issues with attracting women, huh?

The Final Say

Hair loss is unavoidable mostly because of genetics for a large number of people. Some of them prefer to hide it, whereas others decide to be bald and charismatic. Anyways, girls like masculinity that is maybe even easier to find in a guy who has a head deprived of hair.