Are stomach tattoos a great idea? Important things you should know

Stomach Tattoos

Stomach tattoos look fantastic and can hide stretch marks and scars. However, the stomach tattoos may stretch with pregnancy or age and become dull. Also, the ink may blur if you put on weight. Finally, the stomach is a painful body part to get inked, which you should always consider.

In this blog, we will give essential details about stomach tattoos. We will discuss all the pluses and minuses. And help you decide whether you should go for it, so if you are thinking of getting a stomach tattoo, go through the blog on are stomach tattoos a great idea. The essential information you must know.

Are stomach tattoos a great idea?

When you think of getting a stomach tattoo, this is the question in your mind. As this question cant be answered with a simple yes or no, it’s crucial to think carefully before going for it.

Stomach tattoos are tricky because they are generally significant, visible, painful, and not easy to cover if you don’t like them later. So before making the hard decision, go through the list of important things to you, and you won’t regret your decision.

Advantages of stomach tattoo

There are many advantages to getting a stomach tattoo, and we mentioned a few. Stomach tattoos are great for hiding scars as the tattoo can cover up the marks and make you feel confident.

A stomach tattoo is a terrific method to describe yourself. Whether you want a small or a large tattoo, there are various designs you can ink on the stomach.

The tattoo can be flaunted if you have a toned body, and you can display hard work at the gym with the stomach tattoo.

The disadvantages of stomach tattoo

There are a few disadvantages of stomach tattoos that you should consider before going for them.

The tattoo’s healing process can be demanding as the tattoos are inked on a sensitive area of your body, and you must follow the aftercare instructions correctly.

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Stomach tattoos are generally large and expensive, so remember that they cost more than others.

Stomach tattoos can be more painful than other tattoos, and if you’re okay with a bit of extra pain, go for it.

Does a stomach tattoo stretch?

This stitching is one of the most common questions asked by stomach tattoo enthusiasts; the answer to stretching depends on the substantial amount of weight you have gained; if you have gained much weight, there is a chance that the tattoo will stretch a lot and get deformed. Aging and pregnancy can also cause tattoo stretching.

Can a stomach tattoo cover stretch marks?

Yes, stretch marks can be covered with a tattoo, and many people do this to feel more confident, but it is essential to know that getting the tattoo is challenging. This is because the skin over the stretch mark is loose and does not tattoo ink as the tighter skin.

The design you select is also important

Delicate and thin designs don’t look good; they blur and don’t hold well. So instead, selecting a good design that can cover the stretch mark very nicely is recommended, and even organic designs like flowers can also cover your stretch marks.

We always recommend you consult your tattoo artist before getting tattooed on your stretch mark, as they will better advise you on the dos and don’ts. Look for an artist who has a background in hiding stretch marks, and also look at the work they have done before.

Pregnancy and stomach tattoo

If you are planning a stomach tattoo, it is crucial to have it in mind for future pregnancy, which may affect the tattoo.

During pregnancy, the stomach’s skin expands as the baby grows inside. This can cause sketching of the skin around the tattoo, deform the design and sometimes the ink, and even make the tattoo blur.

Pregnancy and stomach tattoo

Even after you have a baby, the skin is never the same; it becomes soft with stretch marks. The area with the most impact is around the belly button, and this change can affect your tattoo by making it smoother with many blur areas.

Some people find their tattoos in perfect shape after pregnancy, but many find them damaged after giving birth. So if you are thinking of having a stomach tattoo and planning a baby, we recommend waiting until you have a baby.

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The best thing you can try is to get a design done on the sides of the stomach and hips, which won’t be affected by the pregnancy.

Stomach tattoo and aging

When you are young, it is difficult to predict the future and how your ink may look after 10, 20, or 50 years. But it would help if you always considered the age factor with stomach tattoos because the skin is not as firm as you age. Unfortunately, the stomach is a part that does not hold up with age. You may have an incredible physique now, but it can’t be like this eternally.

If you are tense about your stomach tattoo, you can converse with your tattoo artist. They will advise you on the design that will suit you the most.

Are stomach tattoos more painful?

The truth is that everyone experiences a different level of pain, and there is no means to know how much pain you’ll experience until you go through the experience yourself. But stomach tattoos are generally known to be the most painful tattoo idea.

Are stomach tattoos more painful

You may experience more pain while getting inked, as the stomach is a susceptible area with many nerve endings. In addition, you can experience more pain because the tattoo is closer to the hip bone and the rib cage. The tattoo will be more painful the closer it is to this area.

Another critical point is to allow your stomach to breathe while going through the process; many people hold their breath unknowingly. Deep breathing can also bring down considerable, but if you have a lower ache threshold, you should consider another part of the body for your tattoo.

How to make the stomach tattoo less painful

The tattoo can be quite painful. Nevertheless, some tips can reduce the level of pain.

Relaxing as much as possible is crucial because tensing up your muscles will make the tattooing experience more painful. Take a deep breath to relax, and you can try relaxing by listening to music with headphones.

2) Get a numbing cream

You can ask the tattoo artist about the number one cream as it may help you overcome your pain, but it is not possible to use numbing cream on a big tattoo because it may make the skin challenging to tattoo.

Confirm with your artist before applying the numbing cream, so they know about it.

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3) Take painkillers before the session

You can always take an over-the-counter painkiller before your session, as it may reduce the pain.

However, checking with your tattoo artist before taking an anesthetic is essential, as some painkillers may not be suitable for the tattoo process.

4) Get your tattoo accomplished steps

You can consider getting a stomach tattoo in steps, as it will reduce the pain, and the session will not last long. For example, you can get the outline in the first session and the colors in the second.

5) Take a sound sleep

A good night’s sleep before your session can help you to cope with the pain. However, the tattoo can cause more discomfort when you are tired.

6) Get inked in the morning

Always get inked in the morning, as the pain-bearing capacity is higher in the morning compared to evenings.

How expensive does it become to have a stomach tattoo?

The price of the tattoo relies on multiple aspects, like location, size, and the type of design. In general, stomach tattoos are always significant, which affects the price. Stomach tattoos are also challenging compared to the outer arm or leg.

The stomach tattoo is hard to make because the artist has to work on soft skin, an experienced tattoo artist will charge more money, and the tattoo will end up expensive.

How to select an artist for a stomach tattoo?

Stomach tattoos are not easy to make, and you should go for an experienced tattoo artist who is used to stomach tattoos. It would help if you never went for a new artist, as there are a lot of lousy stomach tattoos around us.

The stomach skin is soft, and it is difficult for the artist to create the stomach tattoo. The finest way to find a tattoo artist for you is to review the artist’s portfolio online and check the stomach designs the artist has done, the designs must be appealing, and the tattoo should be of good quality.

Stomach tattoos look cool and hide scars and stretch marks; if you have decided to have one, you should go for an experienced tattoo artist. After selecting the artist, unwind and relish the experience. We hope this article on ‘Are stomach tattoos a great idea? Essential things you should know’ is helpful to the readers.