70 Simple Hand Tattoo Ideas for Girls with Meanings

Hand Tattoo for Girls

Tattoos are a great way to unveil your true personality to the world. No matter which part of your body you get a tattoo. Your design should necessarily match with your personality, it should have relevance with who you are, whether it’s a tattoo on your back or on your hand. Though a tattoo can be placed on any part of the body, but hand tattoo for girls are most common amongst tattoo lovers. Hand tattoos are easily visible and are for those who want to have a tattoo that is visible easily, as hands are one of the most visible parts of our body.

Undoubtedly, hand tattoos look incredibly beautiful and amazingly stunning, and a skilled tattooist can always ensure a great artwork on your hand. Besides, hand tattoos can be etched in varied shapes and sizes, based on your choice and hand tattoo design. You can get any design from a butterfly to an intricate mandala on your hand.

Best Hand Tattoo Designs for Women:

1. A Verse Hand Tattoo

Verse Girl Hand Tattoo designs

There are many verses in Hindu tradition which are not just meaningful, but also look enchanting when tattooed. If you also love some such verse, get it etched on your hand in black. It will simply look stunning.

2. A Quote Hand Tattoo

Quote Tattoo on Arm for girls

Another beautiful way to unveil your true self via tattoo is to get a quote of your choice or the one that matches your personality well etched on your hand in black. Your tattoo will be more beautiful than you might imagine!

3. A Butterfly Hand Tattoo for Girls

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women on hand

These cute little creatures are not only beautiful, but also they make for wonderful tattoo designs. You can get a beautiful butterfly etched on your hand. If you want to have an outside the box design, then get it in white ink. It will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

4. A Leaf Hand Tattoo Designs

Leaf Tattoo 2020

A subtle autumn leaf drawn on your hand will make for an eye-catching tattoo. Or you can get any other leaf etched on your hand. It will look stunning. Leaf is for those who are inspired by nature and do not want to go for big tattoo designs. Get your leaf etched in colored ink, to make it look real.

5. A Geometrical Pattern Hand Tattoo

Best tattoo pic on hand

Geometrical patterns again make for wonderful tattoo designs. They look mesmerizing when etched on your hands. Since women do not like huge designs, so you can opt for a simple geometrical tattoos for girls on hand.

6. A Pine Tree

Pine Tree ink

Pine trees hand tattoos are for those who are looking for a wonderful nature-inspired tattoo. You can get a small sized pine tree etched on your hand either in color ink or black ink. It will look fabulous!

7. An Arrow Hand Tattoos

Arrow Tattoo pic

A celebrity thing as many celebrities already has an arrow etched on their arm. It is especially for those who are looking for a tiny tattoo design on their hands. Go for it!

8. A Key

Key Tattoo on hand for girl

You may be wondering how come a key. But trust, keys make for a wonderful tiny tattoo designs on hand. Moreover, if you have a girlfriend and you two want to have a tattoo in combination, then you two can get a lock and keys tattoo on your arm. Yeah, one can go for the lock and another for the keys.

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9. Star Tattoo

star tattoo for girl

Stars not only look beautiful in the sky, but also they look great when etched on the hands in form of tattoos. Yes, if you are looking for some cute and beautiful tattoo designs, then get a star etched on your hand! You will never regret your star tattoo .

10. A Pizza Hand Tattoos

Pizza Tattoos

Flaunt your love for pizza by having a cute little pizza etched on your hand. This design is specifically for teens as they want to go for some funky tattoo designs, and this is one amongst others.

11. A Moon Hand Tattoos

moon hand tattoos for Girls

For the moon lovers like me! Yes, I love moon no matter what. Moon makes for a simple yet beautiful tattoo design on hands. Get a beautiful moon inked on your hand and get all the wonderful compliments from people!

12. A Landscape Hand Tattoos

Landscape Hand Tattoo for women

This is going to be a colorful tattoo for those looking to add some colors in their lives via a tattoo. It will have a lake, mountains, trees, sparkling water, and a beautiful moonlight, everything that you need to make your tattoo mesmerizing.

13. A Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Tattoo ideas for girls

A rose etched on your hand will look amazing. It is specifically for those who do not want to flaunt big artwork on their body. You can have any colored rose on your wrist or hand with leaves on it. Simple yet beautiful tattoo design for those who want to go with a simple tattoo.

14. Henna-inspired Hand Tattoo

Henna Tattoos

Yes, there are Henna-inspired tattoos as well. You will have everything from beautiful leaves, flowers to other elements that make a tattoo great and intricate. Get this one on your forearm, you will never need henna work on your hand.

15. A Religious Symbol Tattoo

religious symbol tattoo on hand for girls

More often than not, people get religious symbol etched on their hands. If you are also amongst them then get your favorite religious symbol etched on your hand. You can get any symbol from OM to Khanda!

16. A Heart Hand Tattoo

heart tat

If you are looking for a sweet and cute tattoo design on your hand, then a heart can do the needful. Heart makes for sweet, simple, and adorable tattoo designs on hand. Perfect for those who want to have a tattoo but do not want to flaunt it often.

17. An Angel Hand Tattoo

Beautifull Angel Tattoo on hand

Get an angel etched either on your wrist or on your shoulder. Anywhere, it will look amazing. Angels really make for beautiful and cute tattoo designs. Try out!

18. A Cross Hand Tattoo

Cross Tattoo Idea for girls

Cross is another religious symbol that you can get on your hand, especially on your wrist. If you believe that you are ultra-religious, then cross is for you! Get this one!

19. A Bird Hand Tattoos

Bird Hand Tattoos idea

A bird tattoo etched on your wrist will make for an eye-catching tattoo designs. Get your favorite bird etched on your hand.

20. Name Hand Tattoo

name tattoo girl idea

Get your favorite name etched on your hand. Yes, it could be of your girlfriend, friend, brother, sister, wife, or anyone you love the most in the world. Get that name hand tattoo.

21. A Music Notes Hand Tattoo

Tiny Music Notes Girl Tattoo on Hand

Believe it or not, music notes make for a wonderful tattoo designs. If you are a music enthusiast and want to flaunt your love for music, then this is a design for you.

22. Just Initials Hand Tattoos

Initials Tattoo pic

Name initials are another wonderful hand tattoo designs. You can get your favorite or your loved one’s name initials etched on your wrist or anywhere on your hand.

23. A Word

Word Hand Tattoos ideas

Get your favorite word etched on your hand. Like Freedom, Smile, Hope, anything that you love the most. Word tattoos make for wonderful tattoo designs. Get the word that you like the most etched on your hand.

24. World Map Hand Tattoo

World Map Tatoo

You can get an outline world map etched on your arm, especially on your wrist. It will make for an outside the box tattoo design . Try it!

25. Paw Prints Hand Tattoos

Black Paw Prints Hand Tattoos designs

For pet lovers! Paw prints on your hand or wrist will look stunning. This makes for a simple tattoo design, but looks really very, very cool! You can have single or four paw prints etched on your forearm.

26. A Name Hand Tattoo (Different Language)

girl Name Tattoo on side wrist

You may be thinking what’s so special in it, but trust this one looks so beautiful in italics…. You can get your name etched on your hand maybe in your or in different languages. It makes for an eye catching tattoos!

27. An Angelic Hand Tattoo

Angelic tattoo on your wrist will look great. Try out it will make for an outside the box tattoo design.

28. An Ambigram Hand Tattoo

Ambigram Hand Tattoos for women

You can get an ambigram tattoo etched on your arm. You can get any word of your choice etched in ambigram. Trust, ambigram tattoos look fabulous!

29. A Tropical Sunset Hand Tattoos

tattoo 19

A tropical tattoo for all the beach lovers! With all the elements creating a tropical scene, like a palm tree, boat, water, and the sun is setting, it will make for an eye-catching tattoo design on your hand. This will look like a pencil sketch.

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30. Flight of Birds Tattoo

Flight of Birds

Another wonderful way to flaunt your love for birds is – flight of birds. Basically they stand for freedom and if you think you love your freedom more than anything, then this is the design for you!

31. Popular Feather Hand Tattoos for Girls

Best Feather Hand Tattoos

Now go for a feather with a barbed wire etched on your wrist. Yes, you can have a barbed wire encircling your wrist and a hanging feathers on it. It will look amazing.

32. An Armband Hand Tattoos

Black Armband Hand Tattoo women

Armbands are another beautiful way of flaunting your love for body art. Arm bands look cool and simple. You can have an arm band etched either on your arm or on your wrist. Also, you can get a single or more than one band etched on your hand.

33. An Infinity Symbol Tattoo

infinity symbol tattoo on hand

When it comes to deciding a symbol for your tattoo design, then infinity makes for a wonderful tattoo design. Moreover, you can customize your infinity tattoo design. You can have words etched on both sides of symbol or inside or outside the symbol to make it more significant to you. This is a meaningful tattoo for females.

34. A Roman Numeral Hand Tattoo

Roman Numeral Tattoo on arm

If you have some lucky number, which you want to get inked on your body, then don’t wait….go for it. Roman number look really cool when tattooed on the inside of your wrist. They stand for grace, elegance and boldness. A roman number tattoo on your hand will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

35. A Compass Hand Tattoos

Compass tattoo for Female

For the travelers, who are born to explore everything in the world! A beautiful compass along with the world map will make for an amazing tattoo design on your hand. The design everything from direction to destination.

36. A Crescent Moon Tattoo

small crescent moon tat

Another beautiful tattoo design for hands is – a crescent moon encompassing trees. A beautiful tattoo for those who love moon in any way. The design looks very pretty and enchanting. Get it in black.

37. A Heartbeat Tattoos

heartbeat hand tattoo girl

Heart beat tattoo looks mesmerizing! You can have this one in the form of a bangle and the heart between the beats, it will look amazing….. The tattoo can be done either in black color or in the combination of black and red, however you want.

38. Twin Feather Hand Tattoo

feather tattooo

Well, if you want to have a tattoo in pairs, then a pair of feathers on both hands will make for a perfect tattoo. You will have one feather each arm. A cute tattoo design for hands.

39. An Architectural Hand Tattoo

Architectural Tattoo

Egyptian art and architecture has always been famous for its excellent buildings and monuments. You can choose any design for your architectural style hand tattoo from this style of architecture. And not to mention the Pyramids. You can also get a beautiful pyramid etched on your hand along with the design.

40. An Elephant Hand Tattoo

Tiny Elephant Outline tattoo ideas

A cute little outline of an elephant will make for a wonderful tattoo design. If you are fond of this creature, then do not hesitate to get this one!

41. A Bow Tattoos

Bow Tattoos on hand

Have you ever thought of getting a bow etched on your wrist? No… Then you should consider this design for sure. Yes, bows make for really cute and tiny tattoo design on hands.

42. An Intricate Mandala

Mandala Tattoo girl

Mandala heart tattoo really looks wonderful, mandala designs are intricate and beautiful. You can get a mandala design etched inside the heart.

43. Tribal Design

Tribal ink Design

Another wonderful tattoo design is tribal design. Though most tribal designs are bigger in size, but there are many small tribal designs also for your wrist. Get one on your wrist.

44. A Dolphin Tattoos

small dolphin tattoo on arm girl

A cute dolphin etched on your wrist will look mesmerizing and cute. Give it a thought if you are also fond of dolphins.

45. Best Tattoo on Hand for Female

Fire rose tattoo designs

Let the entire world see the fire in you. Get a beautiful tattoo etched on your wrist that will simply flaunt the fire within you.

46. A Flower Hand Tattoo

flower tattoo on hand for girl

Everybody loves flowers, if you also love some flowers specifically, then get the same etched on your wrist or on your arm.

47. A Dream catcher Hand Tattoo for Girls

Best Dream catcher tattoo for girls on hand

If you believe in dreams and believe that dream catchers can really work for you, then get a dream catcher etched on your arm. It will look mesmerizing.

48. Bird With Cage Hand Tattoo

Bird With Cage Tattoo girl

Another beautiful and outside the box tattoo design. You can either have a cage and a bird inside or if you want to flaunt the freedom aspect of your tattoo then get birds and opened cage on your hand. It will look amazing.

49. A Greek Revival Architecture Hand Tattoos

An architectural movement style tattoos are inspired by the style of ancient Greek architecture, particularly the Greek temple. The tattoo with Greek revival architecture have varying degrees of thoroughness and consistency. If you admire the Greek architecture then this designs can be yours!

50. A Feather With Birds Hand Tattoo

Feather With Birds Girl Hand Tattoo ideas

Just imagine cute little birdies along with a feather etched on your hand. Yeah, the design looks stunning! The design will have many small birds giving appearance as if coming out of the feather. Just try it out in color or black.

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51. A Peacock Feather Hand Tattoo

Peacock Feather tat

When it comes to get a feather etched on your arm, the best feather is of peacock, the most beautiful bird on earth. Get a peacock feather etched on your wrist in colors so that it looks real.

52. A Peacock With A Flute Hand Tattoos

In Indian culture, if you see a Lord Krishna’s idol or picture – it always has a peacock feather and a flute. If you also want to take two most important elements from Lord Krishna for your tattoo. Then get a flute etched on your hand, and in place of string attached to the flute have a peacock feather hanging. It looks really cool tattoo design.

53. Love Birds Hand Tattoo

Love Birds Tattoos 2020

Get beautifully colored love birds tattoo etched on either both your hands or one on your hand and another on your partner’s hand. It will look stunning.

54. A Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull tattoo girl

Another out of the box tattoo design is a skull tattooed on your hand. You can get this in black ink along with bit of shades, it will make for an incredibly beautiful tattoo design.

55. A Pinwheel Hand Tattoo for women

Pinwheel girl tattoos

Pinwheel tattoos make for a small tattoo designs. Pinwheel tattoos look gorgeous and cute when done in black ink, if you want, you can give it a try.

56. Heart With Love Tattoos

Heart With Love Hand Tattoos for girl

Heart already makes for perfect tattoo designs, and if you get word LOVE etched with it, it will become more beautiful and stunning. Besides love, you can also get any other word or name etched on it.

57. A Wishbone Hand Tattoo for girls

A Wishbone

A wishbone is V shaped bone located between the breast and neck of the bird. After the bird like turkey is cooked, there will be a fun competition to grab the biggest part of the wishbone. It is time honored American tradition. If you have some association with this tradition then this one is a good tattoo design for you.

58. An Anchor Hand Tattoo for Girls

Anchor Hand Tattoo art

Anchors make for great tattoo designs. If you want you can even add a heart to it to customize it. It will look stunning and breathtakingly beautiful on your wrist.

59. Wool With Needle Tattoos

Wool With Needle Hand Tattoos

An outside the box tattoo design for those looking for a unique tattoo designs. Get this one etched on your wrist and just enjoy the uniqueness.

60. Directions Tattoo

Directions Tattoo

Get all the four directions defined by arrows inked on your hand. The design will look mesmerizing, make sure it is not too big in size.

61. A Mother Daughter Symbol Hand Tattoo

mother daughter symbol tattoo

A mother daughter symbol tattooed on your hand will look mesmerizing. You can get this symbol either on your shoulder or on your forearms or on your wrist. This tattoo looks cool in black ink. Just an outline will make for an amazing hand tattoo.

62. A Diamond Hand Tattoo

Diamond ink image

Diamonds also make for a perfect tattoo design. They make for an eye-catching hand tattoos. You can even get two diamond symbols etched together. You will love this one, go for it…!

63. A Kite Tattoo

Kite Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique tattoo design for your hand, then get a kite with the thread etched on your wrist. It will look amazing!

64. A Penguin Hand Tattoos

Penguin Tattoo

Do love those cute little penguins, then you have a privilege to get the outline of penguin etched on your wrist. An outside the box tattoo design for you.

65. Bracelet Hand Tattoo for female

Bracelet Tattoo for women

If you want to have a permanent bracelet on your wrist, then go for a permanent bracelet tattoo design. There are many designs to choose from. You will love it!

66. Single Letter Hand Tattoo

Hand letter tat

Get your favorite single letter etched on your wrist. Single letter hand tattoos look stunning and very cute as well.

67. A Safety Pin Hand tattoo for girls

small tattoo on hand

Do you want to have a unique tattoo design on your arm, then this is the one for you. A safety pin etched on your wrist. Everybody will get keen to know the reason behind getting a pin etched on your arm. Go for it!

68. Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tatto

For the ones who love both the sun and moon . Get the sun etched on one arm and moon on another. It will look gorgeous. You can get this one in black with some shades of grey.

69. A Black and White Bow Tattoo

Black and White Bow Tattoos

Not only colored bows make for wonderful tattoo designs, but also black and white look mesmerizing. If you want to have a unique tattoo, then go for a black and white tattoo on your wrist.

70. A Bat Tattoo

Bat Tattoo for girls

Well, you may not like a bat in real life, but a bat tattoo in small size that too just the outline will make for a perfect tattoo on your hand. Try it out!

71. A Punctuation Hand Tattoos for Girls

Punctuation girl Hand Tattoos

Punctuation mark makes for a wonderful and unique tattoo design. If you want to have a small tattoo design on your hand, then a punctuation mark will be perfect. Moreover, due to its size it won’t be easily visible to others!

Hope this list help you have a unique Hand tattoo for girls!

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