410+ Awesome Watercolor Tattoo That Will Take Your Breath Away

Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoos are the new trend which is developing from the last few years in body art. This is a new way to do tattoos mimicking the strokes and style of an actual watercolor painting. If you are looking for something different, something cool and trendy yet attractive watercolor could be a great option to go for. While other tattoos are very flashy and loud consisting dark contrasting patterns. Watercolor tattoo ideas and designs are refreshing and beautiful.

Also, the borders of conventional tattoos are very dark and bold, to give a contrasting effect to them. In the case of watercolor tattoos there are no borders, they feel like a beautiful pattern of colors are flowing over your skin. Though tattoo artists often come up with innovative designs and combine these water color tattoos with traditional tattoos.

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Watercolor tattoos recent popularity is also accompanied by some criticism that they don’t age well and often fades rapidly with time. That is the reason why some tattoo intellect will advise you against having a watercolor tattoo.

But that is not completely correct, watercolor tattoo designs are made with the same tools as normal tattoos, the only difference is the shading and coloring techniques which involves fades, shades, blurs, runs, and bleeds.

Watercolor tattoos are beautiful, colorful and attractive. Since they are full of colors, people often go with designs to utilize these colorful patterns of watercolor tattoos. hence, people opt for tattoos such as,

Flower watercolor tattoo

Flower watercolor tattoo 1

Flowers are one of the most exquisite creations of nature and we always get amazed seeing their beauty, they are colorful, adorable and delicate. Since they are a countless variety of flowers, you can never fall short of options in a flower watercolor tattoo designs . There are few water color tattoo designs who are more famous than others such as,

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Watercolor rose tattoos

Watercolor rose tattoo 1

Rose flower symbolizes undying devotion, hope, love, and new possibilities. Due to various color options in a watercolor rose tattoo like red, pink, black, white and yellow, they are a popular choice in flower watercolor tattoo.

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Other flowers like Lotus, Orchid, Daffodil, lily etc. are popular in this category.

Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor butterfly tattoos 1

Butterflies are very beautiful and delicate, they symbolize femininity, harmony, and a free spirit. But the most striking feature of the butterfly is its colorful wings which makes them a great choice for a watercolor tattoo.

Watercolor butterfly tattoo designs are very famous among women. People love to flaunt these beautiful butterfly tattoos on their neck, back, shoulders and foot.

Geometric Watercolor Tattoo


If you are looking for something different, refreshing, colorful, and yet beautiful. Watercolor tattoos are just the right choice. If you love these splashes of color, leave what others think, go get them, you can always redo them. We have collected some of the most adorable watercolor tattoo ideas and designs in 2023 for you. Have a look!

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