Tid Bits: Industrials

industrial style cartilage piercings

The traditional industrial is actually a set of two piercings through the helix or outer rim of the ear, connected by a single piece of barbell body jewelry. In recent years, other sets of two or even three interconnected piercings in a variety of orientations have popped up, and many of these now also fall under the “industrial” umbrella. This includes vertical industrials, tragal industrials (usually from tragus to anti-tragus or tragus to conch), and pairs of helix industrials that cross over eachother, sometimes called an “industrial cage piercing.”

different type sof industrial ear piercings

Other evolutions of the standard industrial find the piercings themselves remaining the same, but new styles of jewelry overhauling the look. Industrial barbells with all types of bends, spirals, waves, and dangling elements are now readily available, as well as extra long project bars that accommodate longer (usually vertical) combinations. Many who are pierced will choose to add the industrial to an already complex array of preexisting ear piercings, and as long as the individual’s anatomy allows, working within the parameters of existing body art is generally not a problem.

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fun styles of industrial barbell

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