40 Eye-Catching Lion Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Men and Women

Eye-Catching Lion Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Men and Women

Lion, the king of jungle, makes for a popular lion tattoo idea. It is quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts, especially males. They are a symbol of authority, strength, confidence, and courage, which is why most people prefer having a lion tattoo.

The best thing about Lion Tattoos is that they can be included in a wide variety of artistic genres, including photorealism, geometry, and tribal art.

So if you are planning to receive a fierce tattoo design, then a lion tattoo is for you.

And this post is for you so that you can get some inspiration for your tattoo design as we’re compiling a list of the top 40 lion tattoo ideas here.

Continue reading to learn about the numerous variations of lion tattoos. Here we go…

Before we move to the top 40 lion tattoo ideas, let’s first define what a lion tattoo means. Take a look…

Lion Tattoo Meaning

The Lion is widely regarded as the most regal of all animals and is often referred to as the monarch of the animal kingdom. There are numerous meanings behind Lion Tattoos. Some of the top qualities of a Lion include strength, power, knowledge, leadership, bravery, and courage.

Numerous nations, like the United Kingdom, Norway, and Ethiopia, all have animals as their national emblems. Because of this, they are considered a patriotic kind of body art. The Lion also represents the astrological sign of Leo.

For many Christians, the Lion is a religiously significant animal since it represents both Jesus Christ and Saint Mark.

Getting a lion tattooed on your body is a great way to express your bold and courageous side to the world. The images that you choose will significantly impact the meaning of your tattoo as well as make a strong statement about the things that are most important to you.

The best thing about lion tattoo ideas is that they can be incorporated with myriads of other elements, including flowers, skulls, crowns, and so on.

You can choose to have a simple lion tattoo etched on your body or opt for an intricate lion tattoo design. Make sure to choose your lion tattoo design wisely. Never make a hasty decision when it comes to having a lion tattoo design.

Instead, spend some time deciding your tattoo design, talk to your tattoo artist, and get inspiration from the internet. Only when you are sure that the design you have chosen is the one that you have been looking for, get it etched. Also, it is crucial to find a reputable tattoo artist for your lion tattoo design.

Let’s now see where all you can place a lion tattoo…

Best Placement For A Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoo placement varies based on its size. For instance, if you want to get a large lion tattoo, then your chest, back, thigh, and arms are a good location. Whereas, if you choose to get a small-sized lion tattoo, then your finger, wrist, ankle, neck, nape, etc., are wonderful locations.

The placement of your lion tattoo is crucial, so give some thought to it. The proper placement of a tattoo can have a profound effect on onlookers. A lion tattoo might catch the eye of someone you have been planning to propose to for quite a long time.

Let’s now move to the list of lion tattoo designs…

Top 40 Lion Tattoo Designs

1. Lion Face Tattoo

A lion face tattoo gives off an air of majesty and experience. If you adore animals or are interested in getting tattoos that are rendered in a photorealistic style, the design is perfect for you.

Lion Face Tattoo for Men

Lion Face Tattoo

The face of a lion reveals a more intriguing and calm side of the creature. You can get your lion face tattoo on your forearm, chest, or back. These are the best places to get intricate tattoo designs like these. You can get this tattoo etched either in small size or medium size. The lion face tattoo looks excellent.

2. Lion Tattoo With Crown

The Lion’s reputation as a powerful and noble animal is reflected in the tattoo of a lion wearing a crown . This tattoo design is best for those who are authoritative. It demonstrates that you are powerful, autonomous, and in command of the situation.

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Lion Tattoo With Crown for Men

Lion Tattoo With Crown

This Lion tattoo also has a religious significance. In the Bible, Jesus is described as both a king and a lion. So, if you believe you have these characteristics, then there is doubt this is the design for you. You can get it etched either on your chest or back. It will look awesome in a big size.

3. Small Lion Tattoo

If you don’t want to go overboard with your tattoo design, then a small lion tattoo is for you. Even a small lion tattoo can make a big impression. Lion tattoos look spectacular and cool, irrespective of their size and placement.

Small Lion Tattoo for men

Small Lion Tattoo for Women

Make sure to pick the right tattoo artist for your lion tattoo design. A professional tattoo artist will be able to add the details required to make your tattoo STAND OUT!

A miniature lion tattoo looks great on the fingers and hands, the forearm, the neck, or the area behind the ear. Aside from that, you can also get it etched on your ankle in a small size.

4. Tribal Lion Tattoo

When it comes to selecting a tribal lion tattoo, you have a few different alternatives to choose from.

If you come from a tribal background, a lion tattoo done in the traditional art style of your tribe might be a remarkable choice for you.

Tribal Lion Tattoo for Men

Tribal Lion Tattoo for Women

Typically, vivid black ink and geometric shapes are used in the creation of African tribal art.

The traditional tribal tattoo style, on the other hand, features more curved lines, which would provide your lion image with an air of vitality and motion.

In either case, a tribal lion tattoo is a striking and uncommon body art choice.

5. Lion Tattoo Women

Like a lion, the lioness is also a wild animal. Lioness makes for perfect lion tattoo women. These tattoo designs make for very meaningful tattoo choices for women. A lioness tattoo is an excellent choice for a tattoo that serves as a homage to the powerful women in life.

Lion Tattoo Women

Lion Tattoo Women

6. Lion Hand Tattoo

A Lion hand tattoo is an ideal placement for a powerful masculine design. Moreover, a hand tattoo is easily visible. A lion tattoo on hand can make for a head-turning tattoo design.

If you have no problem with having a tattoo that is visible most of the time, then your hand is perfect. It will give you the impression that you’re stronger and more powerful.

Lion Hand Tattoo for Men

Lion Hand Tattoo for Women

You can choose to commemorate your accomplishment by having a lion tattooed on your hand. These tattoos are the ideal symbol of self-discipline and victory. So, if you think you are self-disciplined and have come over obstructions in your life, get it etched on your body.

7. Lion Tattoo Chest

Lion tattoos etched on the chest look mesmerizing. The best thing about the lion tattoo chest is that it provides the artist with a larger canvas to work with. The chest is an ideal location to have larger and more intricate tattoo designs.

Men Lion Tattoo on Chest

lion tattoo for women chest

If you have chosen a detailed lion tattoo, get it etched on your chest. The lion tattoo chest represents bravery and courage. So, if you believe you have these traits, get a lion tattoo etched on your chest.

8. Geometric Lion Tattoo

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind lion tattoo design, then try getting a geometric tattoo instead. It’s a great way to give a unique twist to your tattoo design.

This art is perfect for those looking for more abstract and non-traditional tattoo designs. When it comes to getting a tattoo of a geometric lion, you have a lot of different alternatives to choose from.

Geometric Lion Tattoo for Men

Geometric Lion Tattoo for Women

Ask your tattoo artist to use some shaded patterns; it will lend the design depth and complexity, which will make your tattoo stands out.

9. Roaring Lion Tattoo

A roaring lion tattoo is a symbol of power and pride. It conveys the idea that the wearer is unstoppable to others around them. The roar of a lion is instantly recognizable, which serves as a territorial marking for the animal. A roaring lion tattoo gives off an intimidating vibe.

Roaring Lion Tattoo for Men

Roaring Lion Tattoo for Women

A roaring lion tattoo looks great in large size. Therefore, it is crucial to get it etched on your back, thighs, or chest. Your tattoo artist will get enough space to etch a wonderful lion tattoo design on your body.

10. Lion Tattoo Forearm

The forearm is among the most common and popular sites for tattoos among men, especially sportsmen, bikers, and artists. The best thing about forearm tattoos is that you do not need a mirror in order to view them.

Lion Tattoo Forearm for men on hand

Lion Tattoo Forearm for Women

A lion tattoo forearm is for both males and females. You can flaunt your tattoo as and when you want. Moreover, it is one of the regions of the body where getting a tattoo is the least painful. That’s the reason more, and more people opt for forearm tattoo designs.

If you want to show off a larger design, you could get a tattoo on the outside of your forearm, while the inside of your arm would look amazing with a smaller lion design.

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11. Lion Tattoo Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are another common location for permanent body artwork. Getting ink on the arm is considered to be a highly manly practice and a classic location for tattoos. A shoulder tattoo typically covers the bicep, but the design can go all the way up to the collarbone or all the way down to the chest.

Lion Tattoo Shoulder for men

Lion Tattoo Shoulder for wome

Due to the fact that both the Lion and the shoulder placement are connected with strength, a lion tattoo is an excellent choice for the shoulder. If you are looking for a tattoo that represents strength, get a lion tattoo shoulder.

12. Lion Sleeve Tattoo

When it comes to a lion sleeve tattoo, you have the option to get a full-sleeve or half-sleeve tattoo design. A full sleeve tattoo covers the entire arm, from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. In comparison, the half-sleeve will be etched from shoulder to elbow.

Lion Sleeve Tattoo for women

Lion Sleeve Tattoo for men

Sleeve tattoos typically consist of a collection of individual tattoos that work together to depict a narrative or a particular setting. These tattoos look amazing with either black ink or full color. A giant lion tattoo is an excellent choice for the sleeve.

In addition, it goes nicely with a wide variety of other tattoos that have symbolic meanings, such as roses, skulls, crowns, etc.

13. Lion King Tattoo

Lion king is a very popular Disney character. And if you are fond of Disney characters, especially the lion king, then this is the tattoo design for you. A lion king tattoo is a wonderful way to reminisce about your childhood memories.

Lion King Tattoo for men

Lion King Tattoo for Women

The lion king is a favorite character of a lot of people. Depending on the images that you use, your design might convey a variety of messages to the viewer. You can choose to have a tattoo of Simba and Nala for a tattoo that represents love. In comparison, a tattoo of Simba alone is for those looking for artwork that signifies growth, strength, and maturity.

Other characters from the film include Timon and Pumba. These characters are for those who want to commemorate their friendship.

There are a lot of ways you can get a lion king etched, from a silhouette to an intricate tattoo design. Whatever design you choose, it looks great! Adding color to your ink will make it stand out!

14. Lion Tattoo With Flower

Flowers are a lovely accent to any tattoo, and they frequently lend a sense of gentleness to the overall design. They can be utilized as fillers for a larger piece. Adding flowers to a giant lion tattoo will just add to the tattoo design and make it look awesome.

Lion Tattoo With Flower for Women

Lion Tattoo With Flower for Men

You can either incorporate a flower with the lion tattoo or get a design with half a lion face and half a flower. Blooms, in general, are connected with attributes such as beauty, growth, and life. At the same time, lions signify strength, courage, and bravery. A lion tattoo with a flower will make for a subtle tattoo design.

When you choose this design, the first question that comes into your mind is which flower to use.

Of course, there are a wide variety of flowers to select from, each of which has its own significance. Hence, it is suggested to pick the one that perfectly suits your ideology and goes well with a lion tattoo.

15. Lion Head Tattoo

Lion head tattoos are ideal for those who want to stay moderate with their tattoo design. A lion head tattoo signifies bravery and fortitude.

Lion Head Tattoo for Men

Lion Head Tattoo for Women

You can use it to demonstrate that you respect the characteristics that the Lion stands for. You can even use it as a means to remind yourself to maintain your fortitude and resiliency in difficult circumstances.

It is possible to design a lion head in a number of different ways, including a realistic portrayal or by inserting a geometric element. You can get a lion head tattoo etched on your arm or thigh for the best placement.

16. Lion Tattoo Arm

Arm tattoos are pretty popular among males. Arm tattoos can be etched all over your sleeves or just on a particular region of your arm. The placement of your arm tattoo will depend on the size of your tattoo.

Lion Tattoo Arm

Lion Tattoo Arm for Women

This part of the body is perfect for those who are scared of the pain that comes with body artwork. It is because of the fact that this area is less painful due to the thick skin, muscle, and fat there.

17. Lion Leg Tattoo

Tattoos on the legs are becoming increasingly fashionable among both men and women.

The leg is a popular location for tattoos because of its visibility, which makes it simple to display your design and allows you to hide it whenever you wish to. This is one of the main draws of getting a leg tattoo.

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Lion Leg Tattoo for Men

Lion Leg Tattoo for Women

Moreover, the leg is large enough to give you some leeway in terms of the design you decide to go with. You can have your entire leg covered with a tattoo design or choose something that will just look good on your calf or thigh region.

The coolest thing about leg tattoos is the level of pain is too less. This is because the thick skin, muscle, and fat all work together to give a cushioning effect. So if you are worried about pain, don’t be! A calf region is a great area, and you’ll have too little pain there.

18. Simple Lion Tattoo

An impressive tattoo design need not be intricate or too large. Even a simple lion tattoo is enough to have an eye-catching tattoo.

Simple tattoos look cute, elegant, and classy. With a few gradations of shading and contrast between different elements, you can make your simple lion tattoo look gorgeous.

Simple Lion Tattoo for men

Simple Lion Tattoo for Women

Make sure to choose the right lion tattoo idea for yourself. It is because the significance of a lion tattoo transcends the aesthetics of the design. Simple lion tattoos make for an excellent choice for those who have a minimalist approach toward everything.

You can get a simple lion tattoo etched on your arm, wrist, shoulder, or neck. All of these places are great for having a simple tattoo design.

19. Realistic Lion Tattoo

Do you love realistic tattoo designs? If yes, then get a realistic lion tattoo etched on your arm or anywhere you want. Realistic tattoo designs look stunning!

Tattoos that look just like photographs are known as realistic tattoos. Realistic tattoos are not easy to make. Hence, it is critical to pick the right tattoo artist for a realistic tattoo design. Make sure to choose an artist who has experience in creating realistic tattoo designs.

Realistic Lion Tattoo for Men

Realistic tattoo designs are pretty expensive pieces because of the amount of work that goes into creating these pieces. Additionally, depending on the size of your tattoo, it may require more than one session to complete.

20. African Lion Tattoo

Last on our list is the African lion tattoo . African lion tattoos are very popular among males. These tattoos represent courage, bravery, and strength.

African Lion Tattoo for Men

For someone who places high importance on their independence and personal liberty, this could be an ideal option. An African lion tattoo will serve as a constant reminder that you are the most significant individual in your own life. Also, it will help you express your contentment in life.

Wrapping it up…

So, there you have it: the top 40 lion tattoo ideas. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you and will help you get some inspiration for your next tattoo design.

Aside from the designs mentioned above, there are various other ways you can get a stunning lion tattoo design etched on your body. All you have to make sure of is to be a little creative. Also, it is vital to pick the right tattoo artist for your lion tattoo design. Only a professional artist will be able to give you the piece of your dream.

Lion Tattoos FAQs

  1. What Does A Lion Tattoo Represent?

The Lion is a symbol of power, bravery, fearlessness, and wisdom, regardless of whether it is depicted in a realistic or stylized manner. The lion is a symbol with religious and secular importance in many civilizations since it appears in both sacred and secular texts from those traditions.

The Lion is also a symbol of a person’s inner strength, which can be interpreted as the ability to have dominion over one’s feelings and behaviors.

The cost of your lion tattoo design will vary based on the size and level of intricacy of the design. On average, you may expect to pay anything from $80 to $200 for a lion tattoo design.

Some tattoo studios even charge on an hourly basis. So, make sure to speak to your tattoo artist about the prices in advance. Also, be open about your tattoo design so that you leave no stone unturned to get the best lion tattoo design.

  1. What Shall I Do To Keep My Lion Tattoo Vibrant Always?

Make sure to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your tattoo artist so that your lion tattoo continues to look as vibrant as it did when it was first done.

It is of the utmost importance to adhere to the aftercare routine religiously. Your tattoo will heal far more quickly as a result. In addition to this, it will ensure that your tattoo always looks fantastic.

It is possible that you will have an infection or some other problem with your tattoo if you do not follow the instructions.