21 Exquisite Angelina Jolie Tattoos with Meanings (2023) From Old Designs to the New Cover ups

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Angelina Jolie tattoos are discussed as much as the actress herself. It is mainly because the actress is so fond of body art that she has made it a part of her overall persona.

Angelina Jolie needs no introduction. She is often called the first female actress who achieved global superstardom. A Symbol of exotic beauty, Angelina is active in Hollywood since the 80s. She even won an academy award for best supporting actress for her performance in the 1999 drama film Girl, Interrupted. However, it was her personal life and her highly discussed affairs that made her a global sensation.

Angelina fell into love with body art during the 90s. She got inked with a lot of tattoos that she got modified later on. Each tattoo tells about her relationships with her lovers from Johnny lee Miller to Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt. Here we have listed all the tattoos of Angelina Jolie.

1. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Eazm Al Irada (Arabic) on Right Forearm

Arabic Angelina Jolie Tattoo

This is one of the first tattoos that Angelina modified after her breakup with Billy Bob Thornton. Earlier it was a ‘Nailed Bed’ tattoo but she modified it to Arabic script. She got the word Eazm al Irada inked over it which roughly translates to Determination of Will.

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2. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Bengal Tiger Tattoo on Her Lower Back

Bengal Tiger Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina loves animal tattoo designs. She has multiple dragons inked on her body. She had a Tribal dragon tattoo on her lower back but after a re-consideration she got it covered up with a Bengal tiger tattoo.

A Bengal tiger represents courage and power. Also, Tigers are endangered species. Angelina is well aware of her superstardom so she chose a Bengal tiger tattoo to convey a message that we should preserve this beautiful beast.

3. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Billy Bob with a Dragon on Left Bicep

Billy Bob Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina’s infamous relationship with Billy bob was discussed by almost every print and media publication. She even admitted that the couple used to wear each other’s blood vial necklace. It was not a surprise when she got tattooed with Billy bob name on her left bicep. The name was accompanied by a dragon tattoo which indicates that she respect Billy’s machoism.

She did get it covered up later on but still, it is one of the most famous tattoos that she ever had.

4. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Brad Pitt Name on Deep lower Back

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Tattoo

During the shooting of the 2008 hit film Wanted, Angelina got inked with many temporary tattoos. She played around with the designs and thought of clever pranks. She got inked with her then-fiancé Brad Pitt’s name inked on her lower back. However, the tattoo was mixed up with the tigers and Chinese manuscript designs. It was hard to spot. Later on, Angelina commented in an interview that it was only for Brad to see as it was way below the Tiger tattoos.

5. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Buddhist Swirls on Left Forearm

Buddhist Swirls Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina has often shown faith in Buddhism and Hinduism. She often quotes Buddhism mantras in her interviews. Her faith in Buddha is even more evident from her left forearm tattoos. She has a Buddhist Swirls tattoo which is to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

6. Coordinates Tattoo over her Billy Bob Design

Coordinates Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina covered up her Billy bob tattoo on her left bicep with a geographical coordinate tattoo. There are 6 geographical coordinates inked on her bicep. The 6 coordinates represent the birth location of her 6 Kids. Angelina has 6 children of which 3 were adopted and 3 were biologically conceived with Brad Pitt.

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7. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Cross Design Below her Navel

Cross Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Jolie got inked with multiple designs on her navel throughout the years. It ranges from dragons to quotes to tigers. After years of doing and undoing tattoos on her navel, she finally stopped at the dark cross tattoo. It represents her faith in Christianity.

8. Diamond Armour tattoo on Angelina Jolie Back

Diamond Armor Angelina Jolie Tattoo

During the 2000s, Angelina traveled to many Asian countries and learned from their cultures. It was during this time that she was introduced to Thai culture. Inspired by it, she got her back inked with Diamond armor. This design is very common in Thai temples and it represents faith and hope.

9. Energy Waves tattoo on Waistline

Energy Waves Navel Angelina Jolie Tattoo

In an interview with David Letterman, Angelina admitted that she has few tattoos on private parts that she cannot show to the world. One design that she agreed was an energy wave tattoo below her navel, on the waistline.

She commented that it gives her positive vibes.

10. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Letter H on her Right Wrist

H Angelina Jolie Tattoo

The Voight family shares a close relationship. Even though Angelina has dissed his father Jon Voight on various occasions but she agrees that despite the differences the family sticks together. The Letter H symbolizes family, Angelina stated in an interview.

11. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Japanese Courage Symbol on the Lower back

Japanese Courage Tattoo Angelina Jolie

She has a Japanese tribal tattoo on her lower back. It is inspired by the Samurai culture of Japan and represents courage.

12. Angelina Jolie Tattoo in Khmer Language

Khmer Script Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Khmer is the Official Language of Cambodia. Angelina has a special place in their heart for the nation of Cambodia. Her first adopted kid is Cambodian by nationality. She got a tattoo in the Khmer language in 2001 when she adopted her first child (Maddox). It was a prayer in the Khmer language. She dedicated the tattoo to Maddox.

13. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Know Your Rights on back of the Neck

Know Your Right Angelina Jolie Tattoo

She has actively railed for several democratic candidates over the years. She tries to keep her political views private but Angelina does agree that every citizen should know their rights and powers in a democratic country. She got the word ‘Know Your Rights’ inked during the 2008 election campaign.

Know Your Rights

14. Angelina Jolie M Tattoo on Left Hand

M Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Her mother Marcheline Bertrand died in 2007. Angelina was close to her. She dedicates her letter M tattoo to her late mother.

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15. Angelina Jolie Tattoo – Rumi’s Poem in the Persian Language

Persian Angelina Jolie Tattoo

She is an avid book reader too. Over the years, Angelina has read many spiritual and religious books. She is inspired by Buddhist teachings along with some beautiful teachings from the Middle east too. Rumi is her favorite poet. She got his famous ‘I will Meet you’ inked on her hand.

16. Angelina Jolie Prayer Tattoo on Left hand

Prayer Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Many Hollywood insiders have reported that Angelina is a superstitious person. This is the reason why she has so many ‘magical’ symbols inked on her body. She has multiple prayers too inked on her body. One such prayer tattoo is on her left hand which reads – A Prayer for the Wild at heart Kept in Cages.

17. Angelina Jolie Tattoo in Latin Language Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

Quod Me Angelina Jolie Tattoo

She has confessed on multiple occasions that she already knows how her relationships would end but she still falls for the guys just to get destroyed beautifully. This is her philosophy and she even has it inked in Latin below her navel – Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit (What Nourishes me, Destroys Me).

18. Angelina Jolie Tattoo The Number 13 in Roman Numeral

Roman Numerals Angelina Jolie Tattoo

If you are a superstitious person then you would surely stay away from the unlucky number 13. Interestingly Angelina has got this number inked on her left forearm. The roman numeral was inked in 2009.

19. Native American Pattern on the Lower back

Tribal Pattern On Lower Back

Angie became fond of native American culture during her shoot of the 1997 miniseries True women. The Native American tattoo on her lower back dates back to the early 2000s. She has often supported the rights of native Americans during several political campaigns.

20. Angelina Jolie Tattoo Whiskey Bravo Word on thighs

Whiskey Bravo Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Another interesting piece of tattoo is on her thighs. She has the word Whiskey Bravo inked on her right thigh. Upon inquiry, she commented that the tattoo is dedicated to Brad Pitt’s aviation name William Bradley Pitt. The power couple became a licensed pilot in the late 2000s.

21. Yant Vihan Tattoo on back

Yant Vihan Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Inspired by the Buddhist culture, Angelina got inked with another mysterious piece in 2011. It was unique Buddhist design which is said to be tattooed by a Buddhist monk. It adds up to her superstitions.


The Hollywood A Lister has many hidden tattoos too. Help us find all her tattoos and don’t forget to share this post.