White After Labor Day: No Rules Alternative Fashion

no-rules alternative fashion trends

“You know you can’t wear white after Labor Day!” Well, we all know that rules are made to be broken. This former fashion faux pas is now to be laughed at. Don’t you know not to take your mom’s fashion advice when it comes to body jewelry?

White is the new black in the modern accessory world. Black accessories used to be a right of passage for alternative youth fashion. Perhaps it’s because every generation gives their own take on what is “rebellious” and fresh (generally going completely the opposite of the generation before them). Hence, today’s alternative trends are all about white.

White plugs, tongue rings, belly rings, nose rings, and more are trending like crazy right now. This white hot fashion statement looks fantastic in many different incarnations. White jewelry looks great if you’re pale or have a darker complexion, blonde or brunette, and with any color outfit. I was not shocked to see that there are many groups dedicated to white body jewelry and plugs on Tumblr and Pinterest. Runway designers have also been heavily participating in this trend; it’s a sign that it’s time to lighten up your style. Give up some of the black for a bright, pristine new look.

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fun examples of the white fashion trend

In fashion and art the color white is clean and crisp; it symbolizes purity. This is why white garments are traditionally used for religious ceremonies and worn by brides. You can get this same visually cleansing effect in your everyday style. Throwing in a splash of white can brighten up any outfit. It can also give you a dark but girly look, as even gothic fashion has taken white into its arsenal. Pastel hair and white accessories have taken the place of pitch black everything. I have always been a firm believer in black nail polish; it’s my classic, basic, go-to style. Now that white nail polish is the bold staple statement color of the current youth trends, I may have to convert. Even white tattoo ink is delicate and sweet, perfect for the girl who wants subtle body art.

White accentuates your brights and makes everything look just a little more brilliant. I love how stark white plugs and white jewelry in facial piercings looks with the color pop and pastel hair look that’s so huge right now. Edgy white spiked bracelets, shoes, bags, and clothing are a more feminine and modern take on the grungy silver punk spikes and pyramids. Pile on the skulls! Bone white skulls are a classic rebellious icon. White pearls are a chic old Hollywood staple when it comes to all forms of jewelry. White stripes give that fun nautical look that everyone loves. White dangling belly rings look absolutely fantastic against tan summer skin, and are also cute with bright crop tops and jeans.

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awesome white body jewelry

The moral of the story is that you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. No age old fashion fable can dictate how you dress. There is no playbook that states we must wear certain color uniforms during certain seasons. White is simple, sweet, and elegant for any occasion and season. Dress it up or go basic, there’s no wrong way to wear it. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be perfect.

How do you wear your whites? Tell us in the comments below.