What’s That Called?: Nose Piercing Index

names and locations of nose piercings

Erl: the bridge piercing is also called an Erl (sometimes spelled as “Earl”), after the man who popularized it, character actor Erl Van Aiken.

Austin Bar: a horizontal piercing of the nose tip can be simply called “nose tip piercing,” but is often referred to by its other name, the Austin Bar.

Rhino: similar to its horizontal cousin, the vertical nose tip piercing has earned a popular name as well. The moniker “rhino” is a clear reference to the appearance of the piercing itself, mimicking the look of a rhinoceros tusk.

Third Eye: the vertical version of the Erl piercing is a bit less popular, but with a name like “third eye piercing,” it’s bound to gain a few spiritualist fans.

Septum: although it’s called a septum piercing, this piercing generally doesn’t actually go through the nasal septum, but rather the tissue below it, known as “the sweet spot.”

Septril: for those who have stretched their septum piercing, the septril makes a unique new accessory. This piercing goes from inside the stretched fistula of tissue around the septum and emerges on (or under) the tip of the nose.

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Nostril: the nostril piercing has become so widespread that it’s often referred to simply as “nose piercing” instead. The nostril is actually one of the most popular piercing locations worldwide, second only to piercings of the ear lobe.

Nasallang: a rare and interesting contemporary piercing, the nasallang actually combines multiple piercings into one by connecting them with a single barbell, much like the industrial ear piercing we know and love. The jewelry in this case enters through one nostril, passes through the nasal septum, and exits through the other nostril.

High Nostril: a high nostril piercing is differentiated from a standard one because of the interesting look it provides being further up the nose, rather than resting in the indentation of the nostril.

Always wondered what my piercing was called. Now I can tell people it’s a Nasallang piercing. Thanks!¡!