What’s New: BodyCandy Glams it Up with Downton Abbey

retro British glam

By now we’re probably all familiar with the breakaway British hit Downton Abbey. But did you know that the show is loosely based on a real life set of circumstances? Join us for the truth behind the tale as we welcome some beautiful and brilliant costume jewelry from the officially licensed Downton Abbey line.

The series is actually filmed at the stately Highclere Castle in Newbury, Britain, which is currently retained by a living Lord and Lady. Although the infamous Crawley clan from the teleplay is entirely fictional, there are some connections to the true history of Highclere that can certainly be drawn. Within the series a portion of the abbey is converted into a hospital for World War I soldiers, which is historically true of Highclere under the management of the countess Almina during that era. And other real life dramas are covered in Downton as well, including the sinking of the Titanic, and the early 20th century epidemic of Spanish influenza.

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the sinking of the RMS Titanic

The best part of any costume drama though, has to be the actual costumes themselves, especially as applicable to the luxe, high-society 20s fashions of Downton’s aristocratic characters. From dark heritage designs, to ornate golden adornments, the fashion jewelry inspired by the critically acclaimed period masterpiece is brimming with depth and personality.

glamorous Downton Abbey retro jewelry

And what would a collection of costume pieces be without a variety of unique, decorative embellishments? Included in the illustrious Downton offerings: a selection of opera necklaces, brooches, and brilliant hairpins.

beautiful decorative hair jewelry

Some come and get your British retro fashion fix, and tune into the fifth season of Downton Abbey this January on PBS.