We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Retro Rock Revival

It’s a little bit gothic, a little bit glam, with an über dose of too-tough, and the perfect dash of edge. And when the recipe is followed correctly, the results are too awesome to keep to ourselves. We heart retro rock! Gothic rock style is always sweet and simple, and these hot retro crosses are the perfect pick.

retro goth rock St. Peters Crosses

We heart heavy metal, in more ways than one! Biker rings along with oodles of chains, leather and spikes make our fashion day, and with cool retro skull designs and oversize chunkiness the stage is set for an old school runway rumble.

high polish heavy metal style skull rings

The best of both worlds: girly glam and edgy detailing.

awesome glam rock crystal jewelry

Thirsty for a neo-retro style cocktail? Then visit our Pinterest page for all the fab rockstar fashion we can muster.

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