We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: International Day of Peace

For those who might not be familiar, September 21st is a special day that we totally heart: International Day of Peace. This day is not only about the Utopian ideals of peace between races, nations, and cultural groups, but also about the peoples of the world moving together as a whole towards a brighter future.

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Topics of focus set forth by the UN Secretary General for this year’s peace day observances include sustainable development via resource management, alternative sourcing, and sociopolitical sobriety. This same topic was discussed at length earlier this year during the Rio+20 Conference, which was the largest UN conference ever organized. In a resulting document entitled “The Future We Want,” delegates outlined their nations’ common visions for a sustainable future.

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Major points included:

1. The eradication of poverty worldwide

2. The promotion of sustainable patterns of production and consumption of goods and services

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3. The progression of national and global economic growth and creation of further opportunity and inclusion for persons of all social and economic backgrounds

4. The continued advancement of justice, equality, and social development

5. The strengthening of international cooperation moving toward the common goal of a greener future

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