We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Getting Down and Nerdy

Ready for a little chit chat? We heart a super vocabulary boost, complete with all of those nerdy words.

custom acrylic belly rings

Do you heart plaid as much as we do? This school year, geek chic is ready to blow up larger than life, and fun and funky tartan is the ultimate nerdy right hand man.

sweet nerdy plaids

Whether or not you ditched your glasses for contacts, there’s sure to be a little fashion geek left underneath the surface that pines like we do for a pair of signature prescription shades.

heart nerds belly ringwe heart nerds treelucite eyeglass necklaces

Going to a con (or ten, or twenty) this year? Then you’ll heart these hot name tag belt buckles as much as we do. Don’t want the world to know the real you? Then just flash the nickname of your comic book alter-ego.

geek chic name tag belt buckles

Not enough to get your fix? Check out more of all the style, piercings, and jewelry that we really heart on our Pinterest page.

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