Video: Tara’s Nose Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Watch as beautiful BodyCandy friend Tara gets her nostril pierced by veteran piercer James.

After cleaning her nose thoroughly and marking the exact point he wants to pierce, James gets the hollow needle receiving tube ready, and gently double checks the placement with his finger. Tara is told to take a deep breath, and as she exhales, the needle goes through. Corking the pointed end for safety and ease, the piercer then presses the needle the rest of the way through, chasing it with a beautiful new nose ring. The area is cleaned once more, and Tara is ready to walk away with her new piercing.

Getting a Nose Piercing

The nostril is one of the most common piercing sites on the planet, second only to the human ear. Because this part of the nose is primarily composed of cartilaginous tissue, nostril piercings tend to heal fairly quickly. They require the same type of aftercare as other cartilage piercings, usually consisting of gentle cleanses and/or sea salt soaks.

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Tara’s piercing is a beautiful addition to her other preexisting mods, and completes a fun and youthful look.

the final look

In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the nostril of a woman is pierced for much more than fashion. It’s believed that nose piercings performed in certain spots can lessen the pain of cramps, improve overall feminine health, and even aid in successful childbirth.