Video: Natori’s Tragus Piercing – Up Close and Personal

First, the piercer uses cue tips to thoroughly cleanse the tragus area of the ear. Next, he marks a dot to show where the piercing will be positioned and has Natori check in the mirror and give the okay. A hollow needle receiving tube in placed at the opening of the ear canal directly under the tragus, to protect any other parts of the ear from accidentally getting poked. Then our piercee is instructed to take a deep breath, and the needle is pushed through. Jewelry is inserted, the ear cleaned up once more, and Natori is ready to walk away with her fun new piercing.

tragus getting pierced

Tragus piercings require similar aftercare to other ear cartilage piercings, and initial heal is often quick. They’re a very versatile piercing that can hold numerous different types of body jewelry including BCRs, small barbells, horseshoes, and studs. Tragus surface piercings and vertical tragus piercings can also be performed on most individuals, and are growing in popularity as alternatives to the standard.

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beautiful new tragus ear piercing

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