Video: Jazman’s Snake Bites – Up Close and Personal

All of you lip piercing fans out there, get ready for our friend Jazman to make your day, with a short but sweet insider look at her snake bites.

lip pierced twice with piercing needle

Although she got her lip piercings one at a time, this fabulous set of snake bites was definitely worth the wait.

steps of lip piercing

First, the piercer makes a couple of little reference marks, to be sure that both piercings will be evenly placed. Then the clamps come out to hold the lip in place for optimum stability. And finally, the needle goes through quick and easy, and Jazman’s new lip jewelry is pushed into place. Just a quick adjustment with the jewelry pliers, and her captive bead ring is ready to go.

finished set of snake bite lip piercings

Wanna see more awesome up close vids of piercings as they happen? Then be sure to pay a visit to our pierc-a-riffic YouTube Channel, and stay tuned for more modification fun as we get up close and personal.

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