Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Have a Heart

heart-centric gifts for Valentine

Want something sweet for that special someone? Then it’s time to follow your heart.

Make sure that she gives a hoot about your gift by imparting a little owl-like wisdom. These fun and friendly lovebirds are just what girls need, with a hefty dose of punchy pink gems and a mile high cute-factor that’ll leave her wanting more. Pile on the hearts, or go for some girly bling; the style is up to you. Just be prepared for the onslaught of kisses that are sure to follow a gift this pretty and pink.

sweet owl themed Valentine

Whether or not you’ve given her your heart, there’s still time to make sure she gets a few extra. From organic wood, to silicone, acrylic, and more, every girl deserves the tunnel of love. And for ladies who are trendy or fashion forward, go the extra mile with a pair of tunnel hoop earrings, specifically made to be worn through her favorite pairs of tunnel plugs. With so many combinations to choose from and a whole array of different looks, it’s the accessory gift that keeps on giving.

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sweet heart shaped tunnel plugs

And finally, if you’re looking to tell her how you feel but can’t quite seem to find the words, a little touch of love could be just what the doctor ordered. Choose from a variety of colors, sayings, and sizes, for a fun unique gift that’s sure to make her crack a smile. It’s like a cute conversation heart that doesn’t disappear quickly or leave behind any chalky residue. Be your Valentine? With a love note this sweet, how could she resist?