Turning Over a New Leaf for Fall: Leaf Jewelry Makes a Statement

From home decor, to brilliant jewelry, to stunning kimono-inspired designer fashion awash in leaf motifs, it seems that everyone is turning over a new leaf this Fall. Let’s break it down:

The feminine and airy kimono offerings for Fall from Mathew Williamson and John Galliano (amongst several others) are a major fashion do. Kimono shapes featuring wide sleeves, wrap necklines, and cinched waists create an ideal hourglass figure by tricking the eye. A way to spice up this already stunning shape? For wrap and plunge tops with deep or open necklines, a y- necklace is the perfect statement accessory. Longer Y’s visually balance the shape of the garment and lengthen your torso.

For higher necked styles and those with shorter sleeve lengths like the one here, a single piece of unique jewelry is the way to go. A large ring helps slim the hand and fingers with its visual weight, and multi-strand bracelets lengthen the arm and create the look of a petite wrist.

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As the floral motif earring trend continues into Fall and melds with popular urban princess and pastoral romance stylings, the leaf can also make an appearance here, adding Autumnal flare to simpler seasonal ensembles.

And for those areas of the globe where Fall still spells warmer temperatures, a bare belly switch to more fall worthy colors and patterns can transition your style to meet the season.

Some of the most popular colors in league with the leaf trend: sea foam, peridot , ivy, copper, amber, coral, and salmon .