Tragus Piercings

piercings of the tragus ear cartilage

The tragus is the fibrous nub of flesh that protrudes from the side of the head, shielding the opening of the ear canal. Because this area is primarily cartilaginous, and highly visible when the hair is swept up or brushed behind the ear, it’s a perfect place to pierce. Like many of the other common ear piercings, this one is named after the actual part of the ear anatomy it corresponds to, and is called simply “tragus piercing.”

piercing names and ear anatomy

The jewelry used for tragus piercings can vary greatly depending upon individual anatomy, the needle size used for the piercing, and personal style. Both barbells and circulars can be worn, as well as flat-backed stud type items, and occasionally curved or spiral-shaped barbells.

tragus piercing ear jewelry

As with most cartilage piercings, the tragus tends to heal relatively quickly, but must be kept healthy with proper aftercare. During the initial healing phases, avoidance of heavy hair products and not sleeping on your newly pierced side are often recommended, as these and other factors can contribute to irritation or lengthen the time it takes to mend.

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