Toe Jewelry: Ring Sizing, Fashion, and Style

Sizing is something that most people don’t think about when purchasing a toe ring, however, it is important. There are toe rings that are adjustable (not a closed single piece) so you can change the size just by squeezing them together. For all the other toe rings, you may be wondering how you are supposed to know what size to order. It has been said that the measurement of a ring for your toe is almost the exact same size as a ring for your pinky finger, but here’s some tips to help find that perfectly comfortable and fitted toe ring.

First you must decide which toe you want to wear the jewelry on. You can wear a toe ring on any toe but the second or third toe is most common. There are many ways to find out your toe size; the easiest and most accurate would be to stop by your local jeweler where they will be able to measure it for you. If you don’t feel like leaving your house, there’s an alternatively simple way to measure your toe size. Use a piece of dental floss or thin string and wrap it about the part of your toe where you would like the ring to sit. Next, cut the string exactly where the ends meet, making a circle around your toe. Now that you have the exact circumference of your toe, you can lay the floss out next to a ruler and measure it in millimeters.

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Standard Number Size Circumference in Millimeters Circumference in Inches
1 39 1.539
1.5 40 1.589
2 42 1.639
2.5 43 1.689
3 44 1.740
3.5 46 1.790
4 47 1.840
4.5 48 1.890
5 49 1.941
5.5 51 1.991
6 52 2.041
6.5 53 2.091
7 54 2.141
7.5 56 2.192
8 57 2.242

Using this number, you can order the exact size of toe ring you desire. Remember, the fit should be snug and not to loose (or it may fall off!) Usually women are between a size three to five and men are between sizes five to seven. Yes, guys can wear toe rings too. I bet if you took a look at a bunch of guys walking down the beach, you would be surprised how many of them are sporting this trend. The diversity of types and designs available is partially responsible for the toe ring’s crossover into unisex accessories.

Invisible band toe rings for instance, offer a clean, comfortable fit by using a clear plastic slip-on design. They create the illusion that there is no band holding that beautiful gem or charm on your toe. These toe rings are usually one-size-fits-all unless your toes are smaller than a size three. You don’t have to worry about them getting caught on anything because the thin band sits tightly against your skin, and best of all they’re stretchable.

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Other styles include 14 kt gold as well as sterling silver, which is popular because of its durability, shine, and affordability. Quality 14kt or 10kt gold toe rings are crafted to perfection with a high polished finish, and made with genuine precious gems, cubic zirconia, or Austrian crystal. New styles and designs of toe rings for men and women are constantly changing and updating so figure out your toe size and find that toe ring that is perfect for you!